Payoneer Review ~ How I Became a Successful Ontrepreneur Using it

This is an in-depth Payoneer review.


The people who know me well know that I wanted to do something online that would provide me a decent amount of money for living.


In case you’re new here and don’t know much about me, here in this post, you’ll get to know me well.


Also, it’ll reveal many secrets to making money online which are quite helpful in building an online business for sure.


Payoneer Review

PayPal wasn’t supported in my country though I knew…

This was the most shocking news in my online business career. I knew that most people transfer their fund online using PayPal, but I didn’t know that the payment method wasn’t available in my country.

i was tensed

The old man in the picture isn’t me though he’s expressing how tensed I was

So, after learning a lot of things on how to make money online, when I stepped forward to starting my online business, a real horror came to me and surrounded me from every side of my life.

i became a fool

I became dumbfound like this clown

The scenario was that I could start working for an online business, but when it would come to withdrawing my fund, I would need a PayPal account.


I became disappointed and didn’t know what to do next. It’s felt like I wasted my valuable time for learning something that would give me no value.

my situation

I was dying….

However, being a strong man and having a strong mentality, I’m not a person who leaves things without checking the final stage.


So, I started learning more intensively so that I could find out a way by which I could withdraw my fund living in my country.


Soon, an idea came to my mind. I knew that many professionals who work online were making a decent amount of money from my country. So, that time, the first quest of mine was to find out some of them and ask them how to bring fund here.


So, I started searching for online professionals

From the next day, I started asking my known people about any of their recognized people who works online. Some of them responded positively and handed me their contact numbers over.


I became very happy to see the numbers. I considered those numbers as precious as the diamond.


So, the next mission was to contact them and make an appointment so that I could meet them in person. I phoned some of them and a few of them agreed to meet me.


In the evening of the same day, I met two online professionals who claimed to be a decent money maker by doing online businesses.

met with two professionals

I was with them talking about my concerns

So, when I told them everything clearly, they showed me some paths. The first method of getting paid was PayPal.


But how come as the payment method wasn’t available here in my country!


Well, they used some PayPal accounts of others who’re living abroad. I asked them “isn’t it a risky procedure to bring your fund?” and both of them replied – YES.


I also didn’t love to embrace the way as I never wanna do something unethical.


By the way, what are the other ways, bro?


Well, they continued…….and finally, I came to know 3 of the other payment methods which are the following –

  • Wire transfer
  • Skrill
  • Payoneer

So, I was seeing some light of hope in my online business as there were several options for withdrawing the fund that I would make online.


The wire transfer was for the AdSense publishers because AdSense offered that for Bangladeshi publishers (the name of my country is Bangladesh).


So, I became interested in making money by displaying AdSense ads on my blog. In fact, I didn’t have any blog at that time. I desired to have one in the next month.


I also learned about Skrill and Payoneer. As they were very busy at the time of our talk, I had to make my conversation short and for that, I couldn’t learn about all the payment methods in details.


However, I was happy to learn about so many payment methods that could bring my fund in my hand. So, I was again becoming hopeful about making money online.


By coming home, I started searching for the payment methods online so that I could garner everything in details about them.


AdSense was considered very hard to make a decent amount of money

When I learned about AdSense, I came to know that it would need tons of traffic to my blog to make a decent amount of money from it.


So, the dream of making money using AdSense was dying slowly. At one point, I decided not to go for AdSense. So, the option, wire transfer, wouldn’t work for me as I became disinterested in AdSense.


Other than AdSense, affiliate marketing was another consideration.


Now, I would have to check which payment method could be used for affiliate marketing.


So, what are the next payment options?


Skrill and Payoneer.


Though Skrill was supported in my country and many people were withdrawing fund using it, I found that a few of the affiliate platforms support the payment method.


So, I also turned down using it for my online business. You can see that now I had only one option and what was that?




Related – what is Payoneer?


My heart was racing with fear whether it would work or not!


Initially, a great confusion was building in me because I wasn’t finding any platform that would accept Payoneer as their payout method for the affiliate marketers.


But I was lucky to see that a few of my liked affiliate platforms would accept Payoneer.


Hurrah! it was a happy moment in my life that I can’t express well in words. You could have realized my happiness if you had seen me that time.


Hurrah! Payoneer is accepted by many platforms

For your kind information, here are some platforms that support Payoneer –

So, I wanted to win my online money making battle by leveraging the products of these platforms.


It was very challenging and at the same time, very adventurous too.


So, I signed up for a Payoneer account without any confusion

Here are some of the reasons why I signed up for an account on Payoneer –

  • First of all, I could receive my affiliate commission on my Payoneer account.
  • I could buy anything on the internet using my Payoneer MasterCard (note that Payoneer provides an International MasterCard).
  • Also, I could withdraw my funds from any nearby ATM using the MasterCard (yes, this is an exciting feature of Payoneer).

Though these were the initial reasons for the sign-up, later I discovered that having a Payoneer account helped me in many other ways,


Hey, you may be interested in knowing how to sign up for a Payoneer account, right?


Well, I’m gonna show you that right now – How to sign up for a Payoneer account?


After signing up for a Payoneer account, you’ll need to activate it. I’m also showing you it here –

How to activate Payoneer account?


After the activation of your Payoneer account, you can now start receiving money in it. Learn about it here –

How to receive money on Payoneer?


This money is received on your Payoneer account and from there, you’ll need to add the money to your Payoneer MasterCard which has been discussed here –

How to add funds to Payoneer MasterCard?


I started freelancing to make some quick bucks

As you can see that I needed to deposit my Payoneer account with some fund, I had to do something that would provide me some quick cash.


During the time, I was blogging in the hope of making money by affiliate marketing. But it seemed a bit lengthy process to me as I was excited to see that I’m using my Payoneer MasterCard.


So, I decided to start freelance writing on different freelancing platforms.


As there’s a long list of freelancing platforms that would accept Payoneer at the time of paying their freelancers, I didn’t have to worry about getting paid.

companies pay using payoneer

So, I registered on Upwork, PeoplePerHour, Freelancer, Guru, and Fiverr for selling my freelance writing gigs. Within a very short time, I was hired by a few clients on Upwork.


It was another happy moment in my life.


So, I was working for my clients and getting paid time to time on my freelancing platform’s account. In the meantime, I also managed some clients on PeoplePerHour, Guru, and Freelancer.


Started affiliate marketing and was getting paid on Payoneer

After many years of freelance writing, I again wanted to do affiliate marketing. I’ve shared the whole story in the following blog post –

The story of how affiliate marketing changed my life!


I hope that you’ll enjoy the post and learn a lot of things.


An awesome incident happened with Payoneer

Using Payoneer, I’m too happy to lead my life. I can visit anywhere in the world with my MasterCard as withdrawal of money using it isn’t a problem for me.


Last year, a nice incident happened where Payoneer helped me a lot. I along with my family members went to our capital city for attending a wedding party.


Our tour was for around 7-day long, but due to meeting a lot of other people, we had to extend it to whopping 26 days. The fund I initially took with me was about to be spent on the 10th day of our tour.


I was lucky because I took the Payoneer MasterCard with me. So, I loaded my card and withdrew some fund for meeting our further expenses.


In fact, there are so many occasions like this where Payoneer behaved like a real friend of mine, but this one was noticeable.


Payoneer is paying me itself and you can be paid too!

Payoneer has an affiliate program named as the “Refer a Friend” which can provide you $25 per sign-up through your affiliate link.


To go with this, first of all, long into your Payoneer account. Then, you’ll see the following image there –

payoneer refer a friend

Click on the image which will show the following option –

refer a friend process

Here, you have different ways of inviting other people to join on Payoneer. The first button is sending emails and the next three buttons are for inviting on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Also, you can see that there’s a link which is the affiliate link that I can use as my Payoneer affiliate link. Copy the link and paste it into your blog posts or anywhere else where you think that some people will visit it.


If someone signs up for a Payoneer account whom you have invited in of the mentioned ways, then both of you can make $25/$50 each.


To get the fund, the person who signed up should load his/her account with at least $100. None of you will receive any bonus if the $1000 is loaded from another Payoneer card. This is to avoid any sort of fraud in the affiliate system.


Now, I’ve the full control over my hard earned money

freedom of money

Payoneer has given me the complete freedom of using my $$$

Yes! it’s. Now, I can move my fund in any direction as because Payoneer is there. I’ve already told that I can load my MasterCard with some fund and use it at anywhere in the world, now I’ll show you how can I transfer fund to a local bank account.


To do so, Click on the following button –

withdraw button

Doing this, the following page will come –

fund transfer to bank account

Now press the “+ ADD NEW” button to add your bank account information so you can take your fund from Payoneer to your bank account.


Not only is that, I can also transfer fund from my MasterCard to another Payoneer MasterCard. Here are the steps to doing that –

On your account, go to the following button –


Hovering over the button, you’ll see “Make a Payment”. Then, after hitting this, you’ll see the following page –

make a payment

Fill up the form and hit the “NEXT” button. That’s it, the recipient will receive the fund shortly.


On the other hand, I can also receive some fund from another Payoneer account. To do that, follow this button –

It’ll show you “Request a Payment” option. Hit that and the following page will open up –

make a payment

Fill up the form and then click on the “Send” button. The money sender will receive your payment request soon.


You can also receive payment through the Payoneer Global Payment service too. In this case, you’ll get a bank account of the US or the UK.


If someone deposits some fund on your US or UK bank account, then you’ll receive the fund on your Payoneer. Commission Junction and Amazon Associates actually pay their affiliate marketers using the Global Payment Service.


In addition to this, you can also receive fund on your Payoneer from other credit cards.


So, this is the story of my online money making where Payoneer has directly helped me in sending my money to my pocket. Without the help of Payoneer, it would be really tough to receive my fund.


I wanna thank Payoneer for its awesome supports.

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