Paper Rater Review: Purify Your Writing With This Tool

This is an in-depth Paper Rater review where I’ll review the grammar and plagiarism checker in details.


So read the review carefully in order to learn about the tool well.

paper rater

Paper Rater Review

Now, I’ll be reviewing the tool from all the possbile angles.


PaperRater’s Benefits

PaperRater is a tool like Grammarly. This powerful multi-tasking tool can give you the pleasure of having properly checked and corrected text.


Not only is that you can easily come to know whether your text has a plagiarism issue or not because it’s an online plagiarism checker too.


You can use the tool quite easily because of its file uploading feature.


So if you just use a tool like this, then you can worry-free whether your content is okay or not.



One good feature that I wanna tell you about this tool is that the tool has the uploading facility with the common text pasting option.


This is a very good addition as sometimes it may be very inconvenient to copy text and then paste that into the box for grammar and punctuation checking.


In most other punctuation checkers, you need to copy the text from the word or HTML file, but you can just upload the file that you need to go for punctuation check online with PaperRater.


To get the facility of file uploading, you need to use the paid version of the tool.


Another great thing about this tool is that you can submit multiple files at a time. The number of pages depends on the free or paid version of the tool.


Both the free and the paid versions offer grammar, spelling, and plagiarism check of your writing.


Writing suggestion and automatic scoring are two of the great features of the tool that can be found both in the free and the paid versions of PaperRater.


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How to Use Paper Rater?

PaperRater is very easy to use tool which can let you check your text with a few clicks.


Here are the simple steps to using the tool:

Step 1. Visit PaperRater

First of all, visit the site and then land on the homepage of the tool. The homepage of the tool is quite neat and clean, but one problem is the ads.


Yes, since PaperRater shows AdSense ads on the homepage, it seems like an option of the tool itself.


By the way, follow the next step.


Step 2. Click on the Use Now FREE button

Hit the button Use Now FREE on the homepage. The same button is found several times on the page, so hitting any of them will take you to the same destination.


Step 3. You’ll find a blank box

You’ll see a new page with a blank box after hitting the button. This is the box for checking your text.


The irritating part of this page is that there’s an ad!


Step 4. Drop your content in the box

Now you’ve three options for dropping your text in the box. You can either upload a doc or paste the text or write your required text on the site.


You have the options for selecting your target audience’s educational level and the type of your paper before having the report of your text. These are some unique features of this tool which are absent in many other similar tools.


So drop your content in the box and after that, select the options as per your requirements.


Step 5. Click on the Get Report button

After putting your content in the box, hit the ‘Get Report’ button which will take you to a news page with the report. Seeing the report, you could take the necessary steps to correct your grammatical, spelling and other types of flaws in your writing. There’s another option for Advanced Check which is the affiliate link of Grammarly.


If you want to use Grammarly’s advanced check, follow the banner below:

visit grammarly

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My Experience with PaperRater

Now I’ll share with you my experience with the tool. I’ve tried the tool sometimes and the experience was amazing. After checking my text, I found the following categories to check –

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Word choice
  • Style
  • Vocabulary words
  • Grade

So you see that the tool actually analyzed my text in a lot of segments and I can proudly say that my text passed without any mistakes.


Telling you my experience with the tool isn’t all because I’ll show you a real test using the tool too.


Real test with PaperRater

To give you a clear understanding of how well the tool works, I’ve taken this test while I was writing this review.


To do this, I’ve copied some portions from this content and dropped that into the blank box of Paper Rater.


After that, I hit the Get Report button. Soon after that, it started processing its check. It took some time to bring the report.


Note that I’ve selected my audience as 5th grade and my content as article/blog from the options. I didn’t use the plagiarism checking option.


When the report was ready, I found my content with a list of buttons on the right side of it:

paperrater report

You can see that the first three options are showing (1) each beside them. Nothing wrong was detected in my content regarding the three things.


But in the fourth button, you see that there’s (5). Yes, my writing had some style related problems.


So what are the things that the tool has shown negatively?


Well, the tool was suggesting me to use some transitional phrases because of bringing a good flow in it.


The fact is that I tested with a small portion of content and there, it was not logical to use transitional phrases.


After that, I’ve also passed in the vocabulary usage part. The vocabulary score was 73.35% which was much more than their qualifying score of 56%.


The grading was empty because of selecting 5th grader as my audience. They give some grades for the audience of upper 5th graders.


The E-Submission option is really a nice addition to students because they can send their reports to their teachers using it.


And the Advanced feature is to check with the Grammarly’s premium version.


The Human Proofreader option is there to take you to to have a human proofreader who’ll proofread your content manually.


And the last option is for taking you to some knowledgebase articles of the site.


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Pros and Cons


  • Very easy to use
  • Online checker, so no download required
  • Very fast and reliable result providing
  • Can also check plagiarism
  • Grading system


  • The annoying ads are on the free version
  • A lot of limitations in the free version


Pricing of Paper Rater

PaperRater has two versions – free and paid. In the free version, you can use the tool with some limitations and the paid version is for limitless facilities at the time of grammar and spelling checking.


The paid version of PaperRater costs $95.40 per year, so you’ll need to spend only $7.95 per month for the great tool. You can also buy the paid version on a monthly basis which will cost $14.95 per month. So it’s wise to buy the paid version for a whole year so that you can save around 50% of the cost.


The displaying of ads is always a bothering thing which you can’t avoid in the free version of the tool. You can remove ads if you go for the premium version of PaperRater.


Though the initial plagiarism check is available in the free version, you can expect enhanced plagiarism check in the paid version of it. Also, the paid version of PaperRater is way too faster than the free version of the tool.


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When I started writing online for my clients that mean for my freelance writing profession, I wasn’t aware of using any tool for checking my writing. At one time, my clients started making complaints about my writing’s flaws.


I was such confident about the writing that I ignored most of their complaints, but later on, I realized that I often make mistakes though I can’t detect them.


So, it was the time, I needed a nice tool badly for checking my writing. That time I found PaperRater. It was able to detect my flaws and made my writing career a pleasure.

– Tia Tanaka


PaperRater, Grammarly, and Ginger – all of these tools are my favorite ones. Highly recommended.

– Taylor Swift


I’m a native English speaker, but still, I need to use a grammar checker tool to check my content. This is because I often type very fast and when I go to proofread my text, I see that there are many flaws that I made mistakenly. Using a tool like PaperRater saves a lot of my time for proofreading my content scrupulously. Thanks, PaperRater.

– Robert


Wrap Up

PaperRater is a decent tool for grammar and punctuation check.


The tool can easily be included in the top list of tools for checking content for different issues.


So you can also consider this tool for writing error-free posts.

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