Case Study: How My Client Got 4006 ORGANIC TRAFFIC in Just 6 Months

Who doesn’t wanna drive organic traffic to his/her blog? Organic traffic is the most important thing for a blog. Without generating this type of traffic, no bloggers can expect to make their blogs that much profitable unless they go for paid ads.

organic traffic generation

So I’m gonna share one of my client’s amazing organic traffic generation incident. I hope that this will teach you a lot of things about organic traffic generation.


This is a real-life story that happened to a blog of one of my clients. As I’ve been working as a freelance writer side by side of my blogging for many years, I had to (still working) work with a lot of clients.


Not every client shares his/her website’s link with freelance writers. But this time, I had to write blog posts for my client directly on his WordPress blog. So generally I knew about his blog’s name.


Due to the privacy of my client, I won’t disclose the client’s as well as the name of his blog to you, but I must show you the screenshots of that blog’s traffic so that you can analyze the whole thing well. So let’s go to see what happened to my client’s blog!


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How He Generated 4006 Organic Traffic?

Now I’ll inform you about this matter.


The initial background

I met this client on Upwork. He was a Vietnamese client. Seeing one of his job posters on Upwork, I applied for that. I can recall that I had applied for the job in the morning. Then around at noon of the same day, I got a message on Upwork from the client.


It was the incidence of late 2015, most probably late of November.


The client wanted to see some of my previously written samples & I showed him some live articles of mine that were published on different platforms. After checking my work, he then hired me on Upwork. It was a big project as he wanted to give me the whole writing task of one of his blogs.


The blog was all about painting. So there were product reviews for different materials & how to type articles for letting readers know how to paint this or that. However, I was getting much interest to see his blogging niche. So I  accepted his offer & was hired.


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I was assigned with posts’ writing tasks

Just after being hired by the client, I was sent a Google Sheers file. The file was full of keywords. First of all, seeing thousands of keywords in the file, I became terrified thinking that how much hard work I would need to do to write blog posts on all the keywords.


I saw that the clients didn’t miss any keyword regarding painting. He didn’t also care about the keyword competitiveness. I think that he wanted to make an authority blog on painting.


Remember: To make an authority blog, you should go for a niche & then write thousands of blog posts on that niche. You see what this client did. He also got a great result which you’ll see soon in this post.


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I got some instructions

It’s very common to get guidelines from clients so that the task meets with their requirements. Similarly, this client had given me several instructions for his task. He actually sent a doc file having 15 – 20 points of dos & don’ts.


There were some instructions that I already followed that time. Also, some of the instructions were new to me.


He told me to write with short sentences & paragraphs which I always follow. There must be no plagiarism which is a common writing warning from clients. And I’m always an honest guy, so I didn’t try plagiarism. In fact, I didn’t even use any spinning software in my entire life till now (And of course, I won’t touch any in the future).


The most interesting thing of his guidelines was that he instructed me to write blog posts naturally. So just choosing a keyword from his file, I would have to write a natural blog post. This would be followed by every post.


So I wouldn’t have to maintain any specific keyword density as well as keyword prominence. I just had to write on keywords.


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I followed the instructions

Then I became committed & told myself that I would maintain all the rules & regulations that my client had given me. I checked the file that had the guidelines several times to make sure that nothing goes wrong with my work.


Finally, I got the WordPress credentials of the blog from the client. I logged in & saw that the blog was almost empty. There were a few posts & pages on the blog which were written by other writers.


I started writing and publishing posts

All the previous things that I’ve mentioned so far happened on the first day of my hiring. I started writing for my client from the next day.


Title-making was one of my tasks, so I had to create irresistible headlines using the keywords given by my client. That means the whole of his blog’s writing task was on my shoulder. It was huge pressure though I managed to overcome everything.


In the first day of my writing for the client, I wrote 2 articles. I was told to publish at least 5 blog posts per week. So I was aware of that. I would write 5 articles within 4 to 5 days of every week so that I don’t miss the deadline. This was continuously happening & I was doing well.


Working like this, I passed a few months. During that time, my client didn’t get any decent amount of traffic & no organic traffic for sure. But the good thing of the client was that he wouldn’t become hopeless. So he ordered me to write more & more posts.


Keep in mind: It’s not good to expect huge traffic within a month of your blog’s creation. Be patient & keep your blog fresh by publishing more & more quality content.


Got new year

After passing a few months, I  hit 2016. In January, I had a long tour to another city of our country. So I could write a fewer number of blog posts in the month than other months.


However, late in January, I wrote many blog posts & published those on my client’s blog. My client told me that the late publishing of posts had lessened the blog’s indexing frequency. Apologized for that & promised that I would be regularly publishing blog posts on your blog from now on.


He was convinced with my promise & I started again at the same pace that I initially had in the project.


I checked the traffic

It was in April, I was bored with writing the same thing again & again. So I let my client know, ‘please bring some variation to your blog by thinking out of the box.’ Initially he responded positively, but later on he became reluctant to listen to my suggestion.


The reason for not accepting my request was that he was getting decent traffic that time. He wasn’t sure whether my suggestion would work or not. However, I didn’t pressurize him much & told him that I would quit soon. The reason behind my decision was, I thought that someone new would get interested in writing on the topic because the topic would be new to him/her.


I was lucky because the client gave me a nice feedback shown below –

5-star feedback

However, from my curiosity, I wanted to check the blog’s traffic. I visited SEMrush & searched with the blog’s URL. I became astonished to see the result like this –

organic traffic generation


It was 4006 in April 2016. Amazing, right? The organic traffic was 4006 which was doubled in a month. You can see that the traffic rose dramatically within a short span of time. The traffic was steady & growing gradually.


Here’s the screenshot of the ranked keywords in groups –

ranked keywords in groups

You see more than 250 keywords could rank between under 10 of SERPs results. This was also a great achievement.


Here are the individual keyword’s monthly search volume –

keywords search volume 1

keyword search volume 2

A lot of keywords ranked in the first position of search results.

keywords search volume 3

Then I also checked the backlinks which can be seen from the screenshot given below –


Most of the backlinks are do follow. Only 6 are nofollow. This means that the content of this blog was of high quality. As no black hat SEO was practiced for generating backlinks, most of the backlinks were got naturally.

dofollow and nofollow backlinks

Also, most traffic was from the USA which was my client’s first priority.

keywords countries

What I’ve learned!

Working for the client’s blog for a long time, I had a great experience on traffic generation. I could closely analyze it how blog posts rank on top of search engines. It gave me invaluable knowledge about driving organic traffic to a blog.


So what I’ve learned from this? Yes, I could come to know that for ranking a blog post on top of SERPs, you don’t always need to use your targeted keywords again & again in your the post. If you can write naturally with great care, your post will surely rank well.


Also, the length of posts matters a lot. Most of the posts of the blog were more than 1000 words. So I hardly wrote any slim post for the blog. There were also many blog posts that were of more than 2000 words.


Moreover, I didn’t do any bad practice like plagiarism or anything else which was another key factor in getting much organic traffic within a very short time.


In addition, publishing blog posts on a regular basis was another great attribution for that achievement.


The lessons for you!

So you can garner a great lesson from this case study. I’m gonna show that in points –


  1. You must write your blog posts on targeted keywords.
  2. Then you should write naturally without keyword stuffing.
  3. Write lengthy posts.
  4. Publish blog posts regularly.
  5. Don’t plagiarize.
  6. Write your blog posts within the same niche.


Further learning from the blog’s traffic!

After quitting the project of this client, I didn’t check the traffic of the blog for a few months. Then from my curiosity to know how the blog was doing, I checked the traffic again today. It just shocked me because of the decreasing traffic.

decrease of organic traffic

The current traffic of the blog is 3657.

current organic traffic

I tried to see what’s going wrong with the blog that’s resulting in a decrease of its traffic every month! I revealed that the client hired a writer who’s a bad person. That writer produced all crap posts (even plagiarized) after I quit the project.


Another thing that I came to know is that the frequency of blog post’s publishing has been decreased. Now the blog gets hardly a few new posts per month on it.


So success in blogging needs consistency. If your blog grows a lot & then you just neglect to work for it, it’ll surely show you negative results. This is in fact, true for any task out there in the world. Everything needs continuous nurturing, so does your blog.


Write quality blog posts for your blog on a regular basis and be consistent in doing this. You could see the great result soon. Good luck and happy blogging.

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