Now is The Time to Give Some Time to Your Family

Hi dear readers,

I wanna inform you one important thing in this post. This is all about time.


Since the beginning of my online writing career, I’ve been struggling to manage my time properly. I planned a lot to end with a nice schedule that will keep enough time for my work and my recreation.


At the end of the day, nothing good came to me. However, this week, I was able to make a nice schedule for my work. Today’s blog post is on this.


Here’s a screenshot of my schedule that I made on ONE NOTE –

my latest schedule

My latest schedule

Since I’m a blogger, freelance writer, and e-book writer, I believe that my schedule will help many of you, writers.


Earlier, I wasn’t aware of time. So, there was no hard and fast routine for my business work and other tasks. For this, I’ve set a specific time for my work so that I can manage enough time for doing other things.


The time that I set for my work is 8 hours. So, I’m dedicated to spending one-third my daily total time. Now is the time to allot this 8 hours.


Lemme know how many words do I write daily. I usually write 5000- 10000 words on a daily basis, but from now on, I’ve decided to write 8000 words at best.


So, here the calculation is quite easy. Eight hundred words to write in 8 hours, right? So, I’ll have to write 1000 words per hour.


Let’s count how many words do I need to write per minute! It’s only 16.67 words/min (1000/60). Since my WPM is 30 – 40, I can feel comfortable writing this number of words fairly easily.


So, my schedule is manageable. Hurray! I’ve done it.


Now, let’s talk about the rest of the two-thirds of my time. I’m very fond of sleep, so I’ll surely allow up to 8 hours to sleep myself.


And what about the 8 hours? Well, I’ll do all the other things such as praying, exercising, shopping, eating etc during this time.


Now, I’m very happy to see that all my work is done on time.

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