Omnis Web Hosting Review ~ Complete Review on the Host

This is the complete Omnis Hosting review.


If you know a little bit about Omnis Network, then you know that this company provides different types of services required for an online presence.

omnis hosting

Yes, Omnis provides several hosting packs along with domain registration facility. Not only are these the company also offers content delivery, website designing, and site-building services.


So, I’ve picked up this powerful company to review thoroughly. You’ll get to know all the services of the company well just by reading this post.


What is Omnis Network?

Omnis is an aged web hosting company that emerged as a powerful hosting company in the hosting industry back in 1999. Since the last century till now, the hosting company has been proudly used by more than 400K users.


This company is CNET-certified, so you can expect a smooth service from the company. Since the birth of this company, it’s BBB perfect rated.


Being an ICANN accredited registrar, you can register your domain (s) from Omnis without having any hesitation. The company claims that they’re McAfee secured. Also, it’s secured with the GeoTrust SSL.


Let’s explore so many exciting features and benefits of the company.


Features and benefits

I think that this part will make you happy because the features of Omnis are really exciting enough to be happy.


Let’s explore all the awesome features of the hosting company now –

Dedicated IP address. This is another web hosting company that comes with optional IP address with its different hosting packs. So, if you need to use a unique IP for your site, then this option is really helpful for you.


Free domain. All the hosting packs of Omnis come with a free domain. You can use the domain for free in the first year.


Domain registration. As said before that Omnis is a domain registrar too, you can use the “Domains” button to search and buy your required domain (s).


Storage. Omnis knows the great usability of the storage of a hosting pack, thus they provide an unlimited disk space capacity.


Bandwidth. The bandwidth is also unmetered.


Guaranteed uptime. Omnis does give a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%. This is a bold guarantee and we should welcome this. Also, never check the performance part as to know the exact uptime of the server.


Discount. There’s no obvious discount offer seen in the hosting company though you can enjoy some discount offers by buying their hosting plan for a longer period of time.


Server type. Omnis offers both the Linux and the Windows-based hosting systems, so you don’t have to worry about the type of hosting that you prefer.


The number of domain hosting. You can host as many domains as you wish on any hosting packs of Omnis Network.


Email accounts. This is also unlimited, so you won’t have to count how many email accounts you have already created on your hosting pack.


Control panel. Here’s shocking news for you because Omnis Network doesn’t provide any cPanel for the ultimate management of your website. It provides a proprietary control panel called Account Manager.

account manager

This control panel looks great indeed, but the management system isn’t as nice as cPanel or Plesk (in the case of Windows).


Website builder. Omnis Network comes with a premium website builder which has a free version too along with some limited features.


There are 2 premium versions of the site builder which you can use as per your choice.


1-Click installer. The Easy Scripts can complete the task of your installation super easy.


SSL certificate (shared and private). There’s the option of getting a shared SSL certificate with your hosting pack for free. You can also buy a private SSL certificate for your site as per your wish.


Support. The support team of Omnis Network is very responsive, thus smart. You can call them or contact them through live chat instantly.


Money-back guarantee. You can start your website using Omnis without thinking much about its actual services because you have the room for getting your spent money back during a period of 30 days.


Hosting plans and pricing

There are different types of hosting plans available in Omnis Network. There are the shared, the VPS, and dedicated hosting plans and I’m now gonna talk about them.


Shared hosting plans

There are 2 shared hosting plans of shared hosting called the Linux Cloud and the Windows Cloud. Both the web hosting plans are bundled with a load of features.


The Linux Cloud costs only $5.95 per month and there’s an option for some discounts if you buy the hosting plan on a yearly basis.


The Windows Cloud costs more than the Linux Cloud which is $7.95 monthly. Here, you can also enjoy some discounts by buying the hosting pack for a long period.


By the way, one important thing is that the shared hosting plans of Omnis Network are actually cloud-based.


VPS hosting plans

Omnis has 3 VPS hosting plans which are also available on Windows server. The names of the VPS hosting plans are Basic, Plus, and Premium.


All the VPS hosting packs of Omnis Network are praise-worthy since they provide so many required services with them.


Dedicated hosting plans

There are also several dedicated hosting plans in Omnis Network. The names of the main types of dedicated hosting plans are the following ones –

  • In-Stock Servers
  • Premium Servers
  • Clearance Overstock


All the plans have dozens of different hosting packs. Check the hosting packs by visiting Omnis.


Visit Omnis Network now



Before using a web hosting company, you should learn about its performance. This part will let you know the performance of Omnis Network.


First of all, let’s check the server speed of the hosting company.


To do that, I’ve used the PICKUPHOST speed testing tool that you can see here –

omnis as the host

The speed of Omnis was this –

speed of omnis

The speed is based on the location of the USA. You can see that the speed is 80 ms which is a good speed indeed.


Monitoring the uptime is another great way of checking the performance of a web hosting company. So, here are the uptime records of Omnis in the past couple of months –

December 2016: 99.8%

January 2017: 99.9%

February 2017: 99.9%

March 2017: 99.7%


You can see that the uptime records are quite promising and they prove the claim of uptime guarantee of 99.9%.


Pros and cons


  • The speed is good enough
  • Uptime is promising
  • Lot of services with unlimited features



  • No cPanel
  • No obvious discount


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Verdict and your decision

Now is the time to let you know how good the web hosting company, Omnis, is. You have come to know about most of the features and services of the hosting company.


I guess that you could determine the performance of the company. Well, the web hosting company deserves a 3-star rating and the rating is out of 5.


That means the company has been rated as a good hosting company. Now it’s time to explore the services of the company by yourself.

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