My Freelance Writing Success Story [$1600 Freelancing Project]

This is the story of my first blog that I started many years back.


The blog wasn’t a successful one, but I got a lot of benefits from it for sure.


By the way, I won’t go for detailing all the benefits of my first blog. I’ll just share one of the key achievements that I had by starting my first blog.


Today’s this short blog post is telling you that and I hope that by reading this post, you could learn a valuable thing again – Nothing is Valueless!


Yes, nothing in this world is valueless though we sometimes, feel it that this and this thing is valueless to our life.


So, let’s start the story….

You all know that I started my first blog after learning a little about blogging. So, it’s unlikely to see a great success with the blog.


And it’s more likely to be failed at the first attempt of blogging.


The end result was expected, yes, I failed in that project.


But the failed blog helped me to get $1600 freelancing writing project which should be considered as a partial success of the blog.


So, how it happened? 


For a dozen of reasons, I had to start freelance writing. Initially, I thought that I could carry on both the things – freelancing and blogging, but later on, it seemed very hard to prove my thought right.


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So, I had to only choose freelance writing for my living.


But it was very difficult to attract any client because my freelancing profile had no experience and no feedback. At that time, I was becoming disappointed due to thinking that I wouldn’t be able to get any freelancing writing project.


All the clients who were messaging me used to ask some samples of my work that I had so that they could judge my writing.


At one point, a great idea came to my mind and it made me very happy suddenly.


It was nothing but showcasing my blog posts to some of my potential clients.


Yes, from the next day, I started referring my blog to check my previously written posts on that.


Though I thought that I started my blog for good for nothing, it actually started paying me in a different way.


In fact, I got the first freelance writing project by showing my blog to the respective client. The client was from Thailand and he asked for my previous sample work.


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Then, I gave the link to my first blog and within a few minutes from then, he assigned the project. The client was praising me for the content that I crafted for my blog.


It was a decent project of $1000 and I was very happy to get that. At that time, it was like a dream.


And within a few days after getting the first freelance writing job, I got my second and the third jobs in a row. All the three projects were for $1600 in total.


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From this incident of my life, I did realize that nothing is valueless.


Though the blog itself was a failed attempt, it helped me to land my first couple of successful freelance writing projects.


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