Why Nobody Reads Your Blog: 16 Reasons and 17 Solutions

There’s a common complaint that I hear from many bloggers is that – NOBODY READS MY BLOG!


This complaint is made both at the initial or middle stage of blogging. Some bloggers are too hasty to see tons of readers just after creating their blogs. On the other hand, many bloggers start worrying when they see that they’re not getting a large number of readers after months of blogging.


If the same thing is happening to your blog, then what do you think, why nobody reads your blog?


Well, in this blog post, I’m gonna bring many of the probable reasons that might affect your blog negatively and for that, you’re not getting as many readers as you’d expected before.


So read on and I’ll be also there to show you the viable solutions to not getting enough readers.


Why No one reads your blog?

From my thorough research, I’ve found that there are 16 major reasons that are guilty of bringing fewer readers than that of your expectation.


Don’t worry as I’ll also come up with 16+1 = 17 solutions to make you happy. Please smile now.


Reason# 1. Nobody knows about it

Initially, you can’t treat your blog like sweet and your readers like ants. So there’s no room for expecting readers to visit your blog unless you let them know that your blog’s dealing with exciting things that must be beneficial to them.


Solution# 1. Let people know

So start letting people know that you’ve started a blog and it’s worthy of reading it. Leverage different social media channels, known people’s email addresses, word of mouth to promote your blog. The more you’ll say about your blog, the more people, most of which might be your regular readers, will visit your blog.


Reason# 2. The featured images are dull

People tend to watch an image before they read a title. So if you can engage your potential readers with good-looking pictures, then you can get more readers to your blog.


Solution# 2. Use eye-catching & relevant images

So you should use relevant and eye-catching images to your content so that your readers get much attention to reading it. You can check tons of free images on Pixabay or premium images on Shutterstock.


Reason# 3. The titles are boring

The first attention grabber is, of course, your post’s featured image, but if you fail to make a magnetic title for it, then a few people will click on it even though many have already been liked the eye-catching image of the post.


Solution# 3. Make irresistible titles

So you must try to write attractive headlines for your blog posts. Learn how to write good tiles if you think that you’re not good at it.


Reason# 4. None of your posts hasn’t ranked yet on top of SERPs

If you’re blogging for a few days or months, then it’s very likely that your blog’s not ranking well on SERPs. In this case, you shouldn’t expect many readers to your blog from search results.


Solution# 4. Do the following things

There are many things that you can do to rank your blog on top of SERPs. Please read the ultimate SEO guide for having in-depth knowledge about SEO and rankings.


Reason# 5. Your blog isn’t speedy enough

Getting a few readers might be quite likely if your blog runs like a snail. You don’t even know how many of your potential readers flee during the loading time of your blog if it doesn’t run at a good pace.


Solution# 5. Make it speedy (all the web pages)

So first of all, check the current speed of your blog.


Then go for improving the speed of your blog if it takes too much time to load.


Reason# 6. Your blog isn’t responsive

Like the speed of your blog, responsiveness plays an important role in keeping your readers attracted to it. So check whether your blog is adaptive with mobile, tab or different sized screens.


Solution# 6. Make it fully responsive

If there’s any lack of responsiveness, you should make that correct. You can use a decent responsive theme for your blog to be risk-free.


Reason# 7. The pages are messy

It’s not uncommon to see that there are many web pages that come up with messy texts. So if your text looks too much congested, try to make it okay if you really wanna have more people to read your blog.


Solution# 7. Make the pages neat & clean

I don’t wanna say anything about it again here. You’d better read this blog post –

Shorten these 3 things in order to make your blog posts super easy to read!


Reason# 8. You can’t create value

This might be one of the reasons that you’re experiencing fewer readers on your blog. You should always put your readers first. So write those posts that can help your readers.


Your readers are busy like most busy people. So pay value to their time & let not their time waste reading valueless posts.


Solution# 8. Start adding value

So from now on, whatever you write on your blog, make sure that it’ll somehow help your readers.


Reason# 9. You’re not getting targeted traffic

If you talk about baby related things on your blog & most of your blog’s visitors come with the intention of learning about how to make money online, then it’ll be ignored by most of your visitors. This means that you’re not getting targeted traffic to your blog.


Solution# 9. Get targeted traffic

So you should go for getting targeted traffic. For this reason, you should always pay heed to keep inside your niche.


If you start commenting on a blog that’s not related to your blogging niche, then the visitors who’ll visit the blog won’t be targeted traffic. So always focus on your target audience.


Reason# 10. You’re boring your readers

Check whether you’re boring or attracting your readers. If you bore your readers with your blog posts, then why will they read your blog?


If you do the same that’s done by thousands of others, then there’s no point of grabbing your writing like hot cakes.


Read: What to blog about and how often should you blog?


Solution# 10. Give them excitement

So it’s your duty to make them happy with your blog. Offer them great & exciting reads.


Read: Are you blogging in a writer responsive or reader responsible way?


Reason# 11. Your posts are too salesy

If you just learned to write copy a few days back & now practicing it in your blog post by using calls to action here & there in it, then you’re seeming to be a senseless salesman.


Use your sense of humor & try to make your readers take your desired action (s) with soft touches. Always treat your readers like fragile substance. If you wanna force them, they’ll refuse you.


Solution# 11. Pay much attention to your readers’ core benefits

So instead of going to sell your products &/or services, you should provide beneficial things to your readers. Always do it honestly, then you’ll see that your readers are doing the thing that you want them to do.


Believe me. Human nature is this. Most of us wanna show our gratitude by helping those people who’ve helped us before.


Reason# 12. You’re not consistent in blogging

The best readers of your blog are those who come to your blog on a regular basis. These types of readers most likely to visit a blog for reading new things. So if you write a post today & then give a break for months, then you’ll lose your regular readers.


Solution# 12. Start publishing posts a regular basis

So always try to keep your blog fresh with updated content in it. To avoid the risk of inconsistent publishing at different times, you can keep some posts ready in your draft section of your blog. You can publish the drafted posts when you struggle to write new posts.


Reason# 13. It’s just about YOU

There are some bloggers who just talk about themselves. They don’t pay heed to their readers. These type of bloggers don’t weigh their readers. They often write sentences like I, myself, my family blah blah…..


You can be sure that nobody loves to care about others. So if you don’t or can’t connect with the visitors of your blog, then you’ll surely complain, “nobody reads my blog.”


Solution# 13. Talk to your readers

So write most of your sentences with YOU, YOUR, YOURSELF. Using these pronouns & adjectives will connect your readers. They won’t feel that you’re not paying heed to them. This way, you can eventually get more readers engaged with your blog.


Reason# 14. Pop-up ads are here & there

You web pages aren’t messy only with congested text, it might be because of using many pop-up ads on your blog. Remember that your readers aren’t visiting your blog for watching your profitable ads. The sole purpose of their action in your blog is getting an insightful thing in it.


Solution# 14. Make your blog reader-friendly

So try to keep your blog neat & clean. Of course, you should use some ads on your blog, but make sure that the number of ads on your blog is adaptable to our eyes.


Reason# 15. You’re not collecting email addresses

Getting email addresses is a great notion that you could make a rapport with the email givers. So you should take the acts of collecting emails seriously.


Solution# 15. Start building lists from now on

So convince your blog’s visitors to drop their email addresses. But never overdo it. Then it’ll also be a disappointing thing for your readers.


Reason# 16. Your content isn’t good enough

Finally, you should double check your content whether it’s okay or not. If you produce crap at the end of the day, then who’ll come to irritate their eyes & minds?


Also, take care of your content’s grammar and to do so, you should use a great grammar checker. You can use Grammarly to check your writing.


Solution# 16. Write quality content

So you should always pay much attention to creating quality content. Make sure that there are no silly mistakes in your content, so you can use a decent punctuation corrector for proofreading your text.


Solution# 17. Always keep exploring…..

This is the most important advice that I should give to my fellow bloggers. This is related to exploring. If you invest your time finding a way out to get more readers, then you could obviously get some great ideas to do so.


So these might be the reasons for not getting many people to read your blog. I hope that you could be aware of the reasons so that more people come to read your blog posts over time.

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