NetFirms Website Builder Review ~ You Can Build Your Site

In this post, I’ll discuss the NetFirms website builder.


When you go to start your site, you may desire for designing it as per your wish.


But it’s not very easy to design your site unless you know how to code well or hire a decent coder to do the task.

netfirms website builder

Here comes the importance of a website builder.


Yes, the good news is that there are different website builders that can give you the room for designing your site as per your choice without the need of knowing any coding.


Different hosting companies provide different website builders to make your designing task super easy.


NetFirms is a great hosting company (read NetFirms review) that also offers a nice website builder.


NetFirms website builder

There are three plans of the website builder of NetFirms and the best part is that you can use one plan of the nice tool for free.


Yes, there’s a free plan for the website builder available and this plan is included with all the hosting plans of NetFirms.


Here are the three plans for the website builder –

website builder plans

So, the first plan is the free plan and you’ll get it with any of NetFirms’ web hosting plans.


First of all, I wanna let you know about the different prices of the Professional and the Business plan of the website builder.


You can see that the monthly fee for the Professional and the Business plan is $6.99 and $15.99 respectively. But this amount is for the bulk purchase of 3 years.


If you wanna buy any of the 2 plans for less than 3 years, then the monthly charge will be increased.


Now, I’ll talk about the exciting features of the website builder.


Features of the website builder

Here are the awesome features come with the NetFirms website builder –

Mobile friendly themes. All the plans of the website builder have more than 100 mobile-friendly templates. So, you can use any of the themes to make your site as responsive as you desire.


Drag and drop facility. Most website builders have the drag & drop facility that means you can design your site just by dragging an element of your site and dropping that at your desired place.

drag and drop site builder

This feature is available with the all the plans. So, no need to be worried if you wish to use the free plan.


The number of pages that can be built. The free plan offers only 6 pages to be designed. If you wanna build more pages, then you’ll have to use the other 2 plans which have the unlimited page building feature.


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Previously designed layout. Some of the common layouts are previously built so that you don’t need to create them again and again.


SEO friendliness. There is the keyword inserting and other SEO-friendly features available in the website builder that are very helpful to make your site visible to search engines. The good news is that this feature is also available in all the plans of the site builder.


Social media icons. Attaching your social media icons on your site makes your site more connected and the site builder has the great option of doing so.

social media integration

Royalty-free images. When you use the NetFirms website builder, you won’t have to worry about finding royalty-free images. Yes, there are tons of royalty-free images available in all the plans of the tool.

site building features

Integrated payment method (PayPal and others). Your site visitors can pay using their PayPal account easily because the website builder has the PayPal integration feature with it.


Up to this, all the features are available in all the plans that mean you’ll get the mentioned features in the Free, the Professional, and the Business plans of the tool.


The features that are being discussed now aren’t available in the Free plan –

Video embedding capability. You can embed any video on your site from YouTube. So, this feature can easily make your site more attractive.


Integrated Facebook sales. You can build your site with the website builder in such a way that there remains a direct Facebook selling option.


Discount offer options. Giving discounts help us attract more customers, thus sell more of our products. To offer a discount, providing coupon is a great way of attracting people.


Both the Professional and the Business plans of the website builder allow you to use coupons to be inserted as to get different discounts set by you.


History revision. This feature is available in all the plans except the Free plan. This will help you see the revisions.


Favicon selection. A good-looking favicon helps make a site more brandable. Good news is that the website builder has the favicon selection feature. Any of the 2 premium plans of the tool can make you do so.


Integrated Google Analytics. It’s very convenient to see how much traffic your site’s receiving and what’s their behavior directly from your site.


The website builder has this feature to add your Google Analytics account to your site. By doing this, you could check your Google Analytics reports real-time from your site.


The features that I’m gonna mention now are only available in the Business plan –

E-commerce features. You may also need to sell products on your site. That means if your need is to make an E-commerce site, then the website builder’s Business plan can help you do so.

e-commerce features

Added shopping cart. An e-commerce site can’t be built without having the option of a shopping cart. No need to worry about this since there’s the shopping cart addition feature with the builder.


Inventory tracking. You need to track your inventory management so that you can come to know how’s the performance of your site. To do so, the Business plan has an inventory tracking option.


So, these are the awesome features that the website builder offers. The Business plan has limitless facilities and the Free plan can do the simple tasks.


Now, it’s up to you which plan of the website builder you need to use.


Visit NetFirms now and check the website builder

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