NetFirms Advantage Plan Review ~ Starter Shared Hosting

The starter shared hosting pack of NetFirms is named as The Advantage Plan. 


This post is all about this hosting pack.


I’ll review it thoroughly so that you get everything about the pack in front of you when you wanna host your site on it.


NetFirms Advantage Plan

You can see that there are three options (1, 2, and 3 years) for the period of your purchase.


The longer the period of your purchase is, the lower the cost of the hosting pack will be.


You’ll have to pay the hosting bill at a time and you can see the total bill under the monthly price tag.


Features of Advantage Plan

Here are all the notable features of the hosting packs –

Storage and bandwidth. The hosting plan comes with unlimited storage as well as bandwidth.


Free domains. I think that NetFirms Advantage Plan is far smarter than other hosting companies when it comes to providing free domains.


This is because the hosting pack provides two domains for free. Usually, most hosting packs offer one free domain.


Website builder. Yes. You won’t have to worry about having a nice website builder to build your site. You’ll get a drag and drop site builder that can design your site as per your wish shortly.


1-Click installer. Using a 1-click installer, you can easily install your required scrips. Suppose that you wanna install WordPress on your hosting pack.


You won’t have to do it manually because the provided 1-click installer can do the job lot sooner than you would it do it alone.


The number of websites. An unlimited number of websites can be hosted on the Advantage hosting plan.


Support. Different types of support facilities are provided with the starter shared hosting pack of NetFirms.


Shared SSL certificate. It’s good to know that the hosting pack provides a free shared SSL certificate for your site which means you won’t have to pay a penny for securing the privacy of your site’s visitors.

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