Namecheap WordPress Hosting ~ Wow! What a Cheap WP Hosting

If you visit the site of Namecheap and don’t find a WordPress hosting pack, then don’t worry about it. This is because Namecheap has recently added a new hosting pack which is solely for WordPress website hosting.


Without further ado, first of all, I wanna dazzle you with the price tag of the Namecheap WordPress hosting plan. Here it’s –

namecheap wordpress hosting

Is it unbelievable? Maybe because you can hardly imagine a WordPress hosting pack at such a low price. The awesomeness of the hosting pack is not only its amazingly cheap price.


Now, let’s dig deep into the WordPress hosting plan of Namecheap in order to learn about its many exciting features.


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Namecheap WordPress

The name of the hosting pack. Namecheap has given its WP hosting pack a nice name – EasyWP Starter (possibly, there’ll be more EasyWP hosting packs in future). The name tells us that the key concern of the hosting pack is to make the WordPress website building much easier than before. In fact, we’ll check it whether the WP hosting pack is easy to use or not later in this review.

namecheap easywp

Regular pricing of the pack. The EasyWP pack sells on a yearly basis, so there’s no room for buying it on a monthly basis. The yearly regular pricing of the hosting pack is also very cheap which is $29.88 only.


Discounted price. Because of a whopping discount, the price of the Namecheap WordPress hosting plan comes to $8.88 for the first year. You can see that the price is even less than that of a top-level domain name!


Get 70% Discount on Namecheap EasyWP WordPress Hosting Plan!


Renewal price for the following years. The regular price that means $29.88 per year is the renewal price of the hosting plan from the following years. This is also very cheap indeed.


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Money-back guarantee. Namecheap doesn’t mention any money-back guarantee on this hosting plan, so I’m not sure whether they provide any such offer for their customers. I’ll contact the Namecheap support in order to clarify this for sure.


Features of Namecheap WordPress Hosting

Storage and bandwidth. Namecheap allows 5 GB of SSD (earlier it was only 1 GB) storage in the EasyWP hosting plan. This size of storage is well-enough for a beginner.


And there’s no clear announcement for the allocated bandwidth for this hosting pack, so I’m hopeful that it’s unmetered like the Namecheap Value Hosting pack. Update! Yes, Namecheap has recently stated that there is no pageview limits. 


Control panel. The web hosting pack doesn’t come with cPanel, but don’t be disappointed with this because they use an easy-to-use dashboard to control your WordPress site. This way, you get the full control on your website.


1-Click installer. With the EasyWP, you won’t have to worry about a 1-click installer since Namecheap ensures that you could start your WordPress website in less than 30 seconds (NOT 30 minutes!). Can you perceive this claim? This means that from the installation to getting a live WordPress website, you’ll just have to spend some seconds.


Normally, Namecheap provides Softaculous and for installing different scripts.


Free domain. How come? You can’t expect this feature because the price of the hosting for the first year is less than a domain’s price. You’ll have to buy a domain in order to host that on the EasyWP hosting pack.


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The number of websites. You can host 1 WordPress site only. Advice. Note that running multiple sites on the same hosting pack isn’t an ideal act because of a lot of drawbacks.


Security. Namecheap has given much value to the security of your content. For this reason, they provide Easy backup with the EasyWP WordPress hosting pack. This will keep the backup of your valuable content.


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Support. Namecheap has said a lot about their awesome customer support here –

namecheap support

So, you shouldn’t be worried about it. Also, from my own experience, I always get better customer support from Namecheap than many other hosting companies. Namecheap also mentions that they have the 24/7/365 support available for their WordPress hosting plan.


Final thoughts

This is a fully-managed WordPress hosting built by Namecheap, so you can be ensured that the quality of the hosting services will be promising enough.


There are many reasons for using the Namecheap WordPress hosting pack. Here are some of the main reasons –

  • Namecheap EasyWP ensures an easy-to-start procedure for starting a WordPress website
  • It takes very little time to do so which is less than 30 seconds
  • The maintenance of the WP site hosted on the pack is super easy
  • The price is quite affordable
  • In addition, there’s a big discount on the hosting pack


Again, you can’t overlook the limitations of this hosting pack because now, the hosting pack comes with very limited configurations. In addition, there’s no room for upgrading your pack or configuration. So, if you require better configurations for your hosting plan than those provided by the EasyWP of Namecheap, then you’ll be disappointed for sure. 


Finally, note that this is the beta version of the WordPress hosting of Namecheap. So, they’re checking the performance of their launch in order to go for the further big release. Namecheap promises to add more features to this hosting pack over time.


And I can rate it with a 4-star rating without being biased.


So, no matter what, you can use the EasyWP hosting pack of Namecheap without having any hesitation.


Over to you

Now is time to check the hosting plan again by yourself. Once you find it promising for running your WordPress website, only then, you can use it. I always suggest you to double check everything before using it.


The review of Namecheap WordPress hosting is based on my own experience and inspection. The company, Namecheap is renowned for providing domain and hosting related services for around 2 decades. So, anybody can rely on them.


Also, when it comes to the pricing of the hosting packs (especially the WordPress hosting pack), then you must be attracted to it. This is because the price is unbelievably cheap.


Now, it’s your turn to decide whether to use it or not.


Don’t forget to let us know about your experience with the EasyWP hosting pack of Namecheap if you’re an existing user of it. Wish you all the best.


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