What is WhoisGuard with Namecheap : Protect Info Leaks

You know that Namecheap is one of the best domain registrars. It provides many services with its domain registration like WhoisGuard, PremiumDNS, SSL certificate etc.


In this short post, I’ll talk about the Namecheap WhoisGuard which is the best thing to protect your domain’s privacy. But before I start talking about this, I wanna give you a brief idea about WhoisGuard.



WhoisGuard is used for protecting the privacy of any domain. Typically, a domain contains a lot of information about its owner. This information is used by spammers as these kinds of people are too bad to utilize public info unethically.


Photo credit: WhoisGuard.com


Here’s a comparison between a WhoisGuard domain with a domain that hasn’t the WhoisGuard –

whoisguard domain privacy

Photo credit: WhoisGuard.com


You can see that the domain without the WhoisGuard leaks all its purchaser’s information whereas the information of the domain that is protected with WhoisGuard is locked, this hidden.


If any spammer wants to send you an email, then he/she will need to send it to WhoisGuard server. If any email is important, then that will be sent to you from WhoisGuard.

how whoisguard works

Photo credit: WhoisGuard.com


So, you remain fully protected from any sort of spamming due to your domain’s information leak. Since WhoisGuard has a great importance in protecting your domain’s information, you shouldn’t miss to using this awesome service.



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Namecheap WhoisGuard

So, WhoisGuard isn’t a product of Namecheap though you can purchase the service from Namecheap at a cheap price.


As you know that Namecheap provides domain and hosting related services at a cheap rate, you can expect cheap WhoisGuard service from the company too.


Here’s the price of the WhoisGuard –

whoisguard price

Photo credit: Namecheap.com


So, the price is only $2.88 per year which is very cheap indeed. Note that you’ll get the WhoisGuard for free for the first year with the purchase of your domain from Namecheap. So, if you intend to buy a domain, then you can do that right now so that you can get the WhoisGuard service for free in the first year.
Visit Namecheap (*Affiliate link) and buy your WhoisGuard or domain for having the WhoisGuard for free.


To buy the WhoisGuard, you’ll have to land the site of Namecheap and then visit Security > WhoisGuard. It’ll show the following option –

whoisguard price
Now, click on “Add to Cart” and it’ll tell you to buy a new domain or use an existing one –

buy or use an existing domain namecheap

So, select any of the two options and proceed further. You can also transfer a domain to Namecheap by following the option below –

transfer a domain to namecheap

So, follow any of the options and buy the WhoisGuard for the domain. Now, your domain’s information will remain safe as it won’t be leaked to any spammer.


Here’s a list of domains that don’t support WhoisGuard, so if you’re intending to buy any of the following domain extensions, then you couldn’t use WhoisGuard –

whoisguard doesn't work with...

Photo credit: Namecheap.com


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So, you have learned about the crucial role of WhoisGuard and for this reason, you should buy it for sure for keeping your domain safe from spammers.


Buy Your WhoisGuard Now from Namecheap (*Affiliate link)


To learn more about Namecheap, read Namecheap review now.

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