Namecheap Vs DreamHost

When it comes to cost-effectiveness in hosting, Namecheap comes quite often to our minds. And DreamHost is also a good hosting company that serves different types of hosting packs.


So, I wanna show you a comparison between Namecheap and DreamHost.


Namecheap Vs DreamHost

Here are the features that will be discussed in order to compare the hosting companies.


First of all, let’s compare the speed of both the companies’ servers. Here’s the speed testing result of DreamHost (using the PICKUPHOST server speed testing tool) –

speed of dreamhost

The speed of DreamHost

The speed score, 40 ms, is a great speed indeed. So, DreamHost has a blazingly fast server.


What about the server speed of Namecheap? Let’s check it with the server speed checker of Bitcatcha.


Here’s the speed testing result of Namecheap’s server –


Server type

Namecheap has only the Linux-based server for their hosting plans. So, the hosting company may disappoint you if you love to host your site on a Windows-based server.


You can’t consider DreamHost as the winner in this part because the hosting company also provides only the Linux-based server.



When it comes to the pricing of Namecheap, you’ll be happy because all the prices of the products of the company are quite reasonable. If you check the Value Hosting pack of the company, then you’ll be amazed to see that the price is amazingly cheap.


Disk space and bandwidth

None of the hosting packs of Namecheap provides unlimited storage, though the provided space with the hosting packs is well enough. And all the hosting packs of Namecheap come with unmetered bandwidth.


On the other hand, DreamHost comes with an unlimited amount of bandwidth and disk space in each of its hosting packs.


So, we can announce DreamHost as the winner in this part.


Free domain

Namecheap doesn’t offer any free domain with its hosting packs. This seems a disappointing feature of the hosting company though if you look at the cheap prices of the hosting packs, you’ll feel happy.


Control panel

Namecheap provides the cPanel as the control panel for controlling your website.


1-Click installer

In this part, Namecheap won’t disappoint you too. This is because the hosting company provides Softaculous for installing different scripts as per your need.

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