Namecheap Reseller Hosting Plan Review [3 Nice Plans]

If you visit the site of Namecheap, you’ll see that the hosting company has a load of different hosting plans.


The reseller hosting plan is one of the hosting collections of the company.


In this blog post, I’ll talk about the reseller hosting plan of Namecheap.


So, keep in touch with the post in order learn about the hosting plan well.


Namecheap Reseller Hosting Plan

Having the reseller hosting plan in a hosting company is a great way of doing business with the plan.


Yes, you can resell your hosting plan in many smaller parts to your clients if the hosting plan is a reseller-bannered one.


You’ll be glad to know that Namecheap has three reseller hosting packs and they’ve named them from Nebula to Universe Pro.

namecheap reseller hosting plans

Common features of the hosting packs

All the reseller hosting packs are purchasable for 1 month to two years.


You’ll get an adjusted discount on the hosting packs by buying them for a longer period of time.


In addition, you can select the data center of your hosting from the options of US or UK. In fact, Namecheap offers this option for most of its hosting packs.


There’s an uptime guarantee for all the hosting packs which is 99.9%. So, you can boldly offer your clients this promising uptime.


An unlimited number of websites can be hosted on any of the hosting packs. That means your clients could run multiple sites just by buying hosting from you. They could also create an unlimited number of subdomains.


You’re happy to get the cPanel/WHM.


None of the hosting pack comes with a dedicated IP, though you can buy one just by paying $24 for a year.


Note that all the hosting packs come with an unlimited amount of bandwidth.


Now, I’ll discuss each of the hosting packs separately.

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namecheap nebula

This is the starter reseller hosting pack of Namecheap which costs only $16.95 per month. The cost will be even lower when you buy it for multiple months and years.


This pack allows you to allocate the resources to 25 accounts. That means you can sell the whole reseller hosting pack up to 25 people if they buy one account each.


The total storage of the pack is 30 GB, that means you can allocate more than 1 GB per user if the resources are divided into 25 parts.


The bandwidth of this hosting pack is unmetered.


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Galaxy Expert

namecheap galaxy expert

The second reseller hosting pack of Namecheap is named as Galaxy Expert. It also comes with an amazing price tag.


You can sell as many resold accounts as you want if you go for this reseller hosting pack.


The pack provides 90 GB storage. The free cPanel along with unlimited bandwidth have made this hosting pack a nice one for sure.


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Universe Pro

namecheap universe pro

This is the best reseller hosting pack of Namecheap, so you can expect a lot of amazing services from the pack.


It comes with unlimited resold hosting accounts. This means that you can distribute this hosting pack among as many users as you wish for.


The total space that the hosting pack provides is 150 GB.


And the bandwidth is given on an unlimited basis.


So, these are the three amazing reseller hosting packs of Namecheap. You can use one from the plans as per your requirements.


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