Namecheap Renewal Price ~ 400% Increase on the Discounted Packs

Learn about Namecheap renewal price on different services from this post.


You know that Namecheap provides different types of domain and hosting related services. All the services are sold at a huge discount for the first year of purchase.


So, you may wanna know what the price will be when you go to renew any of their services. This post will show you the renewal prices of all the services of Namecheap.


Namecheap renewal price

Here are the products that come with a huge discount –

  • Shared hosting packs
  • Some SSL certificates

Here are the first year prices (after a huge discount) of different shared hosting packs of Namecheap –

Value Hosting: $9.88/Year

Professional Hosting: $19.88/Year

Ultimate Hosting: $29.88/Year


But you’ll have to spend more at the time of renewing any of the hosting packs. Here are the renewal prices of the hosting packs –

Value Hosting: $38.88/Year

Professional Hosting: $78.88/Year

Ultimate Hosting: $129.88/Year


That means all the mentioned hosting packs need around 400% more money when you go to renew them. This is because Namecheap offers a whopping discount on these hosting packs.


The Business SSD shared hosting pack of Namecheap offers a monthly fee which doesn’t come with any discount though you can get a little discount if you buy the pack on a half yearly or yearly basis.


Namecheap provides different types of SSL certificates and you can save some money by buying them for more than 1 year.


But 2 of the SSL certificates are selling at a huge discount.


EV Multi-Domain SSL normally costs $247 per year, it’s now priced at $168.88 per year. That means the renewal price of this SSL certificate is $247/Year.


Another SSL certificate EV SSL’s discounted price is $88.88 per year and the renewal price of this product will be the usual price, $145 per year.


Namecheap WhoisGuard sells at a flat rate and you can learn more about Namecheap by reading the Namecheap review.


Visit Namecheap and buy your desired product (s) from the company since you’re getting a huge discount on several hosting related products. 

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