Namecheap Professional Hosting Plan Review (Really Pro)

Namecheap Professional Hosting plan is the most popular shared hosting pack of the company.


There are several reasons why it’s the most popular shared hosting pack of Namecheap and this post is all about exploring them.


So, let’s check the review of Professional Hosting Plan of Namecheap.


Namecheap Professional Hosting Plan

Pricing. Namecheap’s pricing is always cheap and the first year’s of purchase cost is even cheaper. The discounted first-year price of the hosting pack is only $19.88. This means that the price of Namecheap Professional hosting pack is a bit more than that of Namecheap Value hosting.

professional hosting plan of namecheap

The regular price of the hosting pack is $78.88. That means you’ll have to pay the regular price at the time of renewing your hosting pack on a yearly basis.


Learn more about Namecheap renewal price here.


Storage. The Professional hosting pack of Namecheap provides 50 GB of space. This amount is huge because a new site never needs such amount of space.


Bandwidth. The hosting pack offers unmetered bandwidth since all the shared hosting packs come with the same offer.


The number of sites’ hosting. Up to 10 sites can be hosted on this powerful shared hosting pack.


Uptime. An amazing uptime guarantee that Namecheap offers in all of its hosting packs. Yes. the company claims that the uptime will be 100%.


This means that you won’t have to see your website unavailable for a single second.


Parked domains. You can keep an unlimited number of parked domains in the Namecheap Professional hosting pack.


Subdomains. Good to know that you can create up to 100 subdomains using this hosting pack.


Backup frequency. The hosting pack comes with a weekly backup facility. Don’t think that the backup will occur once per week.


Namecheap offers two times of backups on a weekly basis.


Control panel. Namecheap provides cPanel with all of its shared hosting packs. This has surely removed your confusion whether you should use this hosting pack or not.


This is because cPanel is preferred by most of you.


The number of free apps. Namecheap Professional hosting pack comes with more than 100 free apps. Yes. All the shared hosting packs of Namecheap is ready with Softaculous marketplace which means you’ll get hundreds of apps totally for free.


Money back guarantee. In this part, you might be disappointed! This is because you’ll get only 14 days as the money-back period.


Note that it’s likely that you won’t have to ask for your money back because the hosting service of Namecheap is promising enough.


In addition to this, the first year’s price is less than mere $20. So, you’re not going through a great risk if you don’t like their hosting service.


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So, I can say that Namecheap Professional hosting pack is a powerful hosting pack though it sells at a reasonable price.

buy namecheap stellar plus

One claim that you do for this hosting pack maybe the lack of a free domain for the first year!


Since the price is too cheap for the first year, you shouldn’t expect a free domain with it.


Furthermore, you can buy a domain at around $10 from Namecheap domain registration with WhoisGuard (saves from info leak) without any hassle.


Finally, Namecheap Professional hosting plan is easily worth a 4-star (if not 5) rating.


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