Namecheap Hosting Review: Budget-Friendly Hosting

Starting a blog has become a common trait among many people as blogging has taken the place of passion and making money online.


To start a blog, the initial sought-after thing is a domain name and then a reliable hosting pack. Earlier, people would need to buy their domains and hosting packs from separate companies, but with the advent of convenient web hosting services, people can now buy both a domain and a hosting pack from (the same place) the same company.


Most people check two things when they go for buying the domain and the hosting for their blog which are –

  1. Quality and
  2. Price

Namecheap is such a nice domain registrar and hosting company that offers the both when it comes to buying a domain and host that on its server.


Yes, Namecheap has become very popular because of its low-cost services for both the domain purchase and the hosting packages.


Note that the blog that you’re staying right now has proudly been hosted on Namecheap. I became a fan of this hosting company since I became familiar with it.


I hope that you’ll also feel like the same as Namecheap doesn’t compromise the quality of its services at any cost. As a solid proof of this claim, please browse different pages of my blog and check the blazing fast speed of them.


Namecheap Hosting Review

Namecheap is an industry-leading web hosting company. It’s renowned for providing cheap web hosting services all over the world.


The company started its journey back in 2000 and since then, they’ve proudly served more than 800K clients. In the era of online security, SSL certificates have attracted many website owners attention.


Namecheap offers SSL certificates at the lowest price along with the different cheap hosting packs. Though the prices of different hosting packs are quite reasonable, they don’t come up with any compromisation when it comes to quality hosting.


Apart from all these, Namecheap’s customer support team is very responsible and do respond to their customers on a timely basis.


Benefits of Namecheap

The first benefit that Namecheap gives you is that you can have your own self-hosted WordPress blog using any of its hosting packs along with a domain name.


And you know that having a blog of your own means that you can do a lot of things with that. You can spread your words using your blog, you can make money, and you can do limitless awesome things because of having a blog of your own.


When you start your blog, if you choose Namecheap as the domain registrar and hosting company, then you could save a lot of money as the Value pack of Naemcheap’s shared hosting offers the hosting pack at a price less than the price of a domain.


Also, if your hosting service provider is Namecheap, then you have made your blog a safe place for your visitors just by paying a few dollars. Why? Because Namecheap provides SSL certificates at a cheap rate.


Moreover, your blog’s visitors must love to stay on your blog and visit one page to another of it since Namecheap guarantees a blazing fast speed for any of its hosting packs. You’ll be amazed to see the fast server response time with Namecheap.


And you’ll hardly see any downtime if your blog is hosted on Namecheap. The reason is that the company wants to provide a great standard service for its customers at an affordable price.


All these facilities will help you easily rank your posts on top of SERPs as a decent speed and security are beneficial to do so. The ranking of your posts implies that your blog will soon receive tons of organic traffic.


Not only is that since the speed of your blog is decent, many of your blog’s visitors will love it and be its fan over time. So, the surge in traffic will make your blog a successful one.


That’s the reason for using Namecheap as it can undoubtedly help you succeed in blogging or any online business needing a website.


Features of different Namecheap services

Namecheap features almost all the exciting things needed for starting and running a blog smoothly. Now, I’ll show all the features of different Namecheap services one by one.


Domain registration

Namecheap mainly emerged as a reliable domain registrar though, later on, it included the web hosting services. So, you can expect to have a great experience buying your domain name (s) from this awesome domain registrar.


Namecheap Security

Note that Namecheap not only sells your domain name (s) but also supports a lot with other additional features for protecting the domain name (s). It provides SSL certificate, WhoisGuard, and PremiumDNS to give the ultimate protection to your domain (s).


Hosting packs

When it comes to hosting your site on Namecheap, the company will take care of this by offering all sorts of hosting like shared, VPS, dedicated, reseller, and email hosting.


The shared hosting of Namecheap has 4 different packs which are the following –

Then, the VPS hosting also 4 different packs like this –

  • VPS Lite – Xen
  • VPS 1 – Xen
  • VPS 2 – Xen
  • VPS 3 – Xen

The Namecheap Reseller hosting comes with 3 hosting packs –

  • Nebula
  • Galaxy Expert
  • Universe Pro

The dedicated hosting has dozens of packs which I’ll discuss later in this post.


Note that Namecheap has recently come with an amazingly cheap WordPress hosting named Namecheap EasyWP which costs only $8.88 for the first year.


All the hosting packs of Namecheap (except the WP hosting pack) supports multiple domain hosting.


Read: Namecheap renewal price



Apart from selling the domain and the hosting services, Namecheap also offers several tools to make your website building and running even easier than before. Here are the tools that the web hosting company offers:

  • Symantec Swap
  • Google Apps for Work
  • SiteBooster
  • Canvas
  • Namecheap Uptime Monitoring
  • Weebly
  • Namecheap Legal
  • nimbusec
  • Strikingly
  • MarketGoo
  • Bablic


Customer support

Namecheap’s customer support team is too smart to handle all the queries of their customers in a timely manner. They know the importance of time and for this reason, they’re always beside you to take care of your queries and problems.


On the site of Namecheap, you’ll find the following button –

namecheap customer support

This is the option to contact a person of the company to hear your concerns regarding their services.


Hit the “Chat with a Live Person” and start chatting with a dedicated customer support member shortly. You can also submit a ticket for any of your problems regarding their services.


Here’s the list of support features:

namecheap support list

Use any of the given support options for your problem (s).

visit namecheap

Pros and cons


  • The uptime is awesome
  • Even the shared hosting’s speed is very satisfactory
  • There are many cheap and reliable hosting packs and other features available
  • You can buy both the domain and the hosting from the same company
  • It provides cheap SSL certificates.
  • There’s a responsive customer support team


  • The shared hosting plan doesn’t offer any free domain which is unlike many other hosting companies
  • Top domain price isn’t so cheap


My experience with Namecheap

First of all, I should tell you that this blog of mine is hosted on Namecheap that you may have already known. I’ve been using this web hosting company since 2016 and till now I’m more than happy with their professional services.


When I created this blog on a Namecheap shared hosting pack, I was very skeptical whether I would get a decent service or not. I had reasonable reasons for having that doubt because the shared hosting price along with other features was very cheap that hardly anyone can imagine.


I was in confusion for the first few months and when I saw that I was getting a professional service from the company, my confusion was disappearing soon.


Now, I’ve no doubt about the quality services of this company and for this, I can recommend anyone to check their services.



Namecheap came in the industry of domain registration back in 2000. Later on, they have stretched their hands to provide some awesome hosting packages at a reasonable price.


They’ve already passed quality 16 years which is a long time to determine whether a company is successful or not. From the age to the quality products and services of the company, Namecheap has shown a promising result.


The company, Namecheap, was able to attract the hearts of their thousands of customers which is really a great notion of telling you that the company is recommended to anyone who wants to buy a domain and/or a hosting pack along with some other features like PremiumDNS, SSL certificate, and WhoisGuard.


Your decision

After the long discussion on Namecheap’s different services now is the time to take your wise decision. It’s you who can determine whether to use Namecheap or not, but as a real-life user of the web hosting company, I can recommend Namecheap to you for buying your domain name and/or hosting your blog or taking any other service from the company.


You can be assured that my recommendation is based on a neutral observation of the services of Namecheap. So, what are you waiting for?


It’s time to celebrate with your brand new website and to run your website, Namecheap might be your reliable companion.

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