Namecheap Email Hosting Review ~ Available 3 Pro Options

There are many types of hosting plans available in the hosting company.


You’ll be glad to know that the company also provides the private email hosting plan.


Yes, there are several email hosting packs ready to host only your email accounts.


This post is all about the email hosting of Namecheap.


Namecheap Email Hosting

There are 3 email hosting packs available under the email hosting plan of Namecheap. Here are the hosting packs –

  1. Private
  2. Business
  3. Business Office

Note that you can test all the Namecheap email hosting packs for free for 2 months.


You’ll see that there are 3 periods available for purchasing the hosting packs.


The periods are 2 months, 1 year, and 2 years. The 2-month purchase actually comes with the free trial.

free email hosting

So, you can try the email hosting of Namecheap by following the mentioned option.


Now, I’ll elaborate my talk about all the email hosting packs.


Namecheap Private Email Hosting

Pricing. This email hosting pack can be bought at a discount if you buy it for two years. The regular price is $9.88 for a year.


On the other hand, the yearly price becomes $8.88 when the pack is bought for two years.


Email storage. 3 GB email storage is provided with this email hosting pack.


File storage. You can store up to 1 GB of files on this hosting pack of Namecheap.


Anti-spam protection. Anti-spam protection is given to the starter email hosting of Namecheap.


OX drive provided. Yes


Namecheap Business Email Hosting

Pricing. The Business email hosting is the best-valued pack. The regular price of the pack is $28.88 per year.


You can save $3 on a yearly basis if you buy the email hosting pack for two years. This is because Namecheap offers a discount for buying the hosting pack for multiple years.


Email storage. This email hosting pack provides 10 GB space for storing your emails. This is huge for storing a lot of emails, indeed.


File storage. The hosting pack provides the same amount of space for both emails and files. That means you’ll also get 10 GB of storage for storing your files.


Mobile support. The awesomeness of this hosting pack is that it offers complete mobile support.


Namecheap Business Office Email Hosting

Pricing. The yearly price of the best email hosting named Namecheap Business Office is only $49.88. Like the other two email hosting packs, this pack also gives a slight discount if you buy it for two years at a time. That time, the annual price comes at $45.88


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