Namecheap EasyWP Review: First Ever WP Pack of Namecheap

Namecheap EasyWP is the WordPress hosting pack of Namecheap.


Yes. The hosting company has recently launched its first WordPress hosting pack which is named as EasyWP.


Update! Now the hosting company has introduced two more WP hosting packs for their customers.


In this post, I’ll review all the three hosting packs in details.


Namecheap EasyWP Review

First, let me introduce you with all the WP hosting packs of Namecheap.


Here are the packs –

  • EasyWP Starter
  • EasyWP Turbo and
  • EasyWP Supersonic


Now let’s check it out how good the hosting packs are.

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Very very cheap!

The first positive side of Namecheap EasyWP packs is that those are very cheap and the first year’s price of the packs becomes much lesser than the regular price of the packs.


Here are the price tags of the packs for the first year –

easywp hosting price tags

Have you astonished to see this?


I think so because it’s unbelievably cheap.


So the normal price of the first WordPress hosting pack of Namecheap is $29.88 per year, but when it comes to buying the pack in the first year, you get a whopping discount (50% flat discount!), thus the price becomes $14.88.


Monthly buying option

Namecheap has recently started offering this option. Yes, you can buy any of your desired hosting packs on a monthly basis.


Blazing fast setup

Knowing the setting up time of a website on any of the EasyWP hosting packs will surely amaze you.


Yes. Namecheap claims that it takes less than 30 seconds to accomplish the setup of a site and here’s a proof from a real user of the hosting pack –

max's comment on EasyWP

Max’s Comment

Mr.Max made this comment on a post related to EasyWP and here you can see that he actually experienced the same time to set up his site.


Fully-managed WordPress plan

The WordPress hosting plan of Namecheap is completely managed, so you won’t have to worry about it.


Enough storage

Though Namecheap had allocated only 1 GB for this hosting pack when it was initially launched, now the storage capacity is 19 GB.


Unmetered bandwidth

Since the bandwidth of this hosting pack is unmetered, you can receive any number of traffic to your site if it’s hosted on the pack.


Truth be told, Namecheap has now specified that the three hosting packs are capable of handling 50K, 200K, and 5000K traffic respectively.


Secured enough

Namecheap is always concerned to ensure their customers’ security and when it comes to using this plan, their security measure is all the same.


Well-responsive support

They’re guaranteeing a 24/7 support for any of the users of the EasyWP hosting pack.

visit namecheap now


Still no option to upgrade

You should know that Namecheap has just one WordPress hosting pack and it’s expected that they’ll soon launch more upgraded WordPress plans.


But, until they do it, you’ll have to be within the limited web hosting features.


Not good for big website

The starter WP hosting pack is targeted for small websites that’ll run on WordPress.


So if your plan is to make a big site within a very short time, then this hosting pack isn’t suitable for you.


Update! Since Namecheap has already launched two other upgraded hosting packs, you can remain worry-free at the time of upgrading your hosting plan as well as growing for a big web presence.


No free domain (actually, not possible)

Many will claim that Namecheap EasyWP doesn’t come with a free domain, but you should use your brain because the starting price of the pack comes at $14.88 and that’s why it’s never possible to offer a free domain with it.


To buy your desired domain, visit Namecheap domain registration.


Can host one site only

The web hosting pack is capable of running one site only. This means that if your intention is to run multiple sites on a single WP hosting pack, then this isn’t possible.


Note that one hosting pack should host one site only because running more than one site on a hosting pack needs much technical knowledge.


If you’re not good at handling multiple sites on a single hosting pack, then you may mess up all of your sites (warning! this is very likely).


So, it’s recommended that you host one site on a single hosting pack. In this regard, the Namecheap WordPress hosting pack won’t cause any problem.


Learn many more things about Namecheap here –

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So you’ve just seen that the hosting packs come with amazingly cheap price tags while offering a lot of unbelievable benefits.


Just by paying some bucks, you’re getting a fully-managed WordPress hosting along with unmetered bandwidth and enough storage.


The security and the support will also be on the positive side.


The only drawback that you can pinpoint is not having the option of upgrading. But, you can be assured that the company will bring (they have already done it. Great!) some more WordPress packs with upgraded features so that you can use their WP plans while gradually growing your site.


And, you shouldn’t worry about the capacity to host a single site because I’ve already mentioned it.


Finally, by analyzing all the pros and cons of Namecheap WordPress hosting pack, I can easily throw a 4.5-star (if not 5-star) rating to it.


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