MochaHost Review

This is the MochaHost review to learn about the hosting company well.


Do you believe that your website’s hosting company should have some decent features so that you can run the site smoothly?

mochahost review

I think that you do. Yes, the hosting pack where you’re gonna host your site should be a good one and for this here’s Mochahost that can be a good fit for your site.


Let’s check it out…


MochaHost Review

MochaHost is a great web hosting company that provides almost all types of hosting plans. Yes, it’s a complete hosting company that has all the features that a website owner may desire.


Other than the common hosting such as shared, VPS, dedicated etc, MochaHost also has Java/Tomcat, application, and ASP.NET hosting.


The long 180 money-back guarantee given by the hosting company is really unbelievable and there are many free essential features included with all the hosting packs of MochaHost.


MochaHost is very bold to offer an uptime guarantee of 100%. Their fabulous guarantee proves that the company is a very robust one.


Let’s see how the actual performance of the web hosting company is. To know all the things in details, read the complete review.


Features and benefits

Here are the features of MochaHost –

Dedicated IP address. The Mocha hosting pack of MochaHost provides a free dedicated IP address which is a great addition to the hosting pack.


Discount. The discount of MochaHost’s hosting packs is quite attractive because you’ll get almost 50 – 60% discount on the hosting packs. Also, the discount comes for the lifetime. So, there’s no price hiking at the time of renewing your hosting pack.


Guaranteed uptime. MochaHost must catch your attention in this regard because it gives a 100% guarantee of its uptime.


I’ll show you the actual uptime of the hosting server so that you can come to know the actual uptime. This will help you determine whether the guaranteed uptime is true or not.


Storage. MochaHost has the feature of unlimited disk space. This means that you won’t have to worry about the space that you’re using.


Bandwidth. The hosting packs of MochaHost come with the unlimited monthly traffic which means that you can transfer an unlimited number of data.


Free domain. Except the Soho hosting pack, other hosting packs come up with a free domain for the lifetime. This means that you won’t have to buy the domain anymore.


This is a unique feature that most hosting companies don’t offer.


The number of domain hosting. All the hosting packs except one of Mochahost are capable of hosting an unlimited number of domains on them. The Soho shared hosting pack is the exception.


Domain registration. The “Domains” section of MochaHost is for registering a domain name. So, if you wanna buy your required domain separately from the hosting company, you can do so by not looking for any other domain registrar.


MySQL databases. The MySQL databases provided with the hosting packs of MochaHost are unlimited.


Control panel. Good news for you! Yes, all the hosting packs are bundled with a cPanel. Since cPanel is the best control panel for website management, you should be happy hearing the news, huh?


Website builder. MochaHost also gives a free website builder using which you can easily design your site within a short period of time. The Soho hosting pack lacks this exciting tool though.


Website transfer. The website migration of MochaHost is totally free which is worth around $100.


SSL certificate. The Soho shared hosting pack provides a free shared SSL certificate, though all the other hosting packs come with a free private SSL certificate. So, it’s a wise decision to purchase any of the hosting packs of MochaHost other than the Soho pack.


Support. MochaHost is very responsive when it comes to supporting their customers. There’s the live chatting option which is the quick response.


Also, there’s the support ticket option for making any query.


Money-back guarantee. You’ll be amazed to know that MochaHost provides an unusually long period for the money back option. Yes, it provides 180 days for this which is undoubtedly the longest money-back guarantee period in the hosting industry.


Hosting plans and pricing

As said before that MochaHost has a lot of hosting plans, here in this part, I’ll talk about them.


Here are the shared hosting packs of MochaHost –

shared hosting plans

You can see that the renewal price is also same as the starting price. This is because MochaHost offers the lifetime discount that I mentioned in the discount part.


MochaHost has some WordPress hosting packs too which are shown here –

wordpress hosting plans

The VPS hosting packs of MochaHost are the following ones –

vps hosting plans

And here are the dedicated hosting packs –

dedicated hosting plans

Other than all these hosting plans, MochaHost also has some ASP.NET, JAVA, reseller, and application hosting plans.

visit mochahost


Though MochaHost is committed to providing quality hosting services, we should check a few things ourselves. Checking the speed of a hosting company’s server is one of the key things.


So, I’m gonna show you the speed test of MochaHost. For doing so, I’ve used PICKUHOST’s speed tester.


Here, you can see that I’ve selected MochaHost as the host and the USA as the server location –

mochahost as the host

Then, by tapping on the “Speed Test”, I have got the speed score of MochaHost –

speed of mochahost

This is a blazing fast speed. So, the server of MochaHost is very speedy enough.


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Pros and cons


  • Wide range of available hosting plans
  • 100% uptime
  • Long 180 days of money-back guarantee
  • Free private SSL certificates
  • cPanel or Plesk control panel


  • Sometimes, the domain transfer may take a long time


Verdict and your decision

Now, I’ll rate the hosting company by analyzing its services. So far, you have seen that I’ve completely reviewed the services of the hosting company.


The performance, the pros, and the cons parts of the review can easily reveal the rating of the hosting company. However, here’s the rating based on this neutral review –



Yes, MochaHost deserves at least 4-star rating. By the way, you should check the services of the hosting company yourself.


So, test the hosting company yourself and then decide whether you can use it or not.

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