7 Misconceptions About Blogging!

There are some misconceptions that we all have before starting a blog. The misconceptions actually distract us from opening a blog.

Here are the misconceptions –

It takes too much time!

You may also think that having a new blog of your own, you’ll need to spend a huge amount of time. But the truth is that you can get your blog by spending at best 10 minutes! Great, right?


Yes, the starting of a blog needs very little time, but you should invest some time to learn about how to do it in order to make your blog without any problem. And this blog post will obviously help you understand everything about starting your blog.


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To start a blog, one needs to learn how to code!

I actually started this blog post with this matter. Yes, I was so afraid of coding because I don’t have any idea about it. So whenever I intended to open my blog for the first time, the first thing that scared me was coding.


I even phoned a couple of coders of my local area & asked their opinions. I hate to tell you this that those coders were very dishonest & wanted to get the blog opening job in exchange for high fees.


To persuade me to deliver my blog’s starting job to them, they started making me fool by telling me that blog opening needs coding. I was terrified to hear that & truth be told, at one point of my great intention to be a blogger, my dream of becoming a blogger was almost dying.


By the way, I was lucky because I took help of Google. I searched for knowing the processes of making a blog & found a lot of resources. Though most of the resources were half-done, I had to struggle a lot to exactly know how to create a blog without coding.


After a couple of weeks research, I became fully knowledgeable about starting a blog & then went for creating my first blog.


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It’s very tough to open a blog!

It was also another concern of mine. But in reality, I learned that making a blog needs a few things to do. This is as easy as creating a Facebook profile. In fact, I think that opening a blog is much easier than creating a social media profile.


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Starting a blog costs a lot!

I knew that there are many free blog creating platforms. But I also knew that free platforms wouldn’t do anything great if I go for professional blogging.


So here comes the matter of paying for opening my blog. It’s true that you can start your blog yourself, you still need to pay for a reliable paid hosting of it. I used to think that the hosting would cost hundreds of dollars per month, but the truth is that you can get a lot of reliable hosting packs for $100 dollars or so for the whole year.


Yes, most reliable shared hosting will cost between $50 – $200 per year (I’ll show you a $67/year solution). So the exact costing of starting a blog is very low. Anybody can afford the cost of running a blog for a whole year.


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Opening a blog is a matter of hassle!

When I had no blog of my own, I thought that a blog would need me to do a lot of things. But after creating my first blog, I learned the hassle-free processes of blogging. In fact, a reliable hosting company will do everything for the betterment of your blog.


I made every complex thing off my blog clear by chatting with customer service operators. I’m talking about iPage’s customer support which is offering great support for me.


It needs a good website developer to create a blog!

As I was thinking that coding would be required for opening my blog, I thought that a good website developer would need to be hired at the time of starting my blog.


So I was very worried about this matter & you know that some coders wanted to make me fool. As a result, I almost started thinking that without a good developer, I couldn’t be able to make my blog.


Finally, I came to know that I would need neither coding nor a website developer to start my blog. It was an adventurous experience at the initial stage of my blogging career. It took me much time to learn everything about starting my blog, but I could actually learn great things about it.


Now, here in this post, I wanna tell you the simplest way of making a blog. You’re lucky because you won’t need to struggle a lot starting your blog.


It’s almost impossible to make money with a blog!

Those people who say this actually didn’t even try blogging and making money with it. Another group of unsuccessful bloggers also spread this message. Making money with a blog isn’t a daydream and you can make it possible by working consistently.


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Consistency in work is not only applicable for making money with blogging, but also for becoming successful at anything that you do. However, I don’t wanna tell you to solely believe my words, rather see some examples of bloggers who have already become established with their blogs in the following post –

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