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This is the Medium (.com) review where you’ll come to know about it well. Review

Medium is an online publishing platform which is commonly known as a host of blog posts.


Twitter co-founder, William Evans developed the site back in 2012.


The main purpose of creating the platform was to create posts longer than those of Twitter’s.


Since Twitter supports 140 characters at best per tweet, people may need to create thoughtful posts which often need more words. With this thinking, the platform was founded.


The website address is and the homepage comes with several exciting blog posts.


Anyone of you can create an account for you to share your thoughts if you’ve something to say to the World.


Creating an account on Medium is totally free and you can do it within a few minutes by following the Sign Up commonly situated on the right-top of the site of Medium.


Note that you can also use a premium account on the platform by upgrading your membership plan. The premium membership costs only $5 per month and you can save 17% by purchasing your membership for a year.


So, what are the benefits of having a premium account?


Well, you can read exclusive stories from the top writers of the platform if you’ve a premium Medium account.


You can also listen to the audio versions of different popular stories.


And, you can reward your favorite writers only when you’ve a premium account.


Once you create an account there, you can start writing and publishing your blog posts for the community of thousands of people.


There are options for following and to be followed. So, you can attract many people to follow you by posting engaging blog posts.


At the same time, you can follow your like-minded people on the platform.


There’s a notification bar which notifies you of all the latest news and events.


Medium offers a nice layout which looks great when you read blog posts on it.


Every blog post on the platform comes with a minute-based reading system so that you can know how long a post is.


All the published blog posts of Medium comes with the voting feature.

clapping voting

Yes, you can vote a blog post by hitting the “Clapping” button if you like it. The more clappings a post gets, the stronger signal it sends to the Medium community about its popularity.


In the above example of a clapping button, you can see that there’s 12K which indicates that the post has already been voted by 12ooo people.


So, when you write a post, make sure that your audience will like it.


Though thousands of blog posts are published in Medium on a regular basis, a post is called as a story.


So, you can see all your published articles under the “Stories” section of your Medium profile.


All the stories have two sharing options – Facebook and Twitter.

sharing buttons on

Just hitting the buttons, you can simply share any stories.


In addition to the sharing feature, there’s the bookmark feature available for every story.

bookmarking option

The above button is for bookmarking if you wanna do so.


Note that now you’ve the option to make money writing stories on Medium. Yes, Medium has recently introduced a revenue-sharing system on their blog posts.


The system isn’t same as other revenue-sharing sites like HubPages.


You’ll need to lock your stories for your desired members. If they find your content valuable to them, then they can pay for that. This way, you can make money writing stories on


Now, come to the feature of how comfortable it’s to write on Medium.


You’ll be glad to know that writing on Medium is as easy as writing on WordPress.


The writing panel comes with many editing features. You can select heading tags, quotation mark, anchor text etc while writing on the platform.


Once your writing and editing of your post are complete, you can simply hit the Publish button to publish it.


Finally, I can say that is a boon for online publishers who wanna engage more and more people by creating amazing content.


It opened a great door for showcasing (and monetizing) your amazing work.


So, you should start an account there without making any delays.

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