Manifestation Miracle Review: Recharge Yourself with LOA

So what Manifestation Miracle is!


This is a book that deals with the power of the law of attraction. The writer of this book, Heather Matthews, elaborated every ingredient of the theory in this book. To get the book, you’ll have to visit this link.


After that, you’ll see a long video on the homepage of the site which you shouldn’t ignore. Watch the video and decide whether to buy the book or not.


And if you want my honest opinion, then I should say that you’ll have to master on maintaining the law of attraction and this book can work really well on that.


Manifestation Miracle Review

Now you might wanna know the secret of the law of attraction or the manifestation miracle. Yes, it has some secrets that can work like a magic in our lives.


We’re a combination of two things – body and soul. The body is physical which you can see and touch. On the other hand, the soul is invisible to us and we can’t touch it.


Most of the time, we forget that our soul has great power. We believe the power of physical strength that our body can produce. We often forget that we have a powerful soul that can do everything for us.


Remember that our body is perishable, but our soul is eternal. In this life, our soul lives inside our body, so we become limited to do so many things.


In your dream, you can see that you’re moving from one place to another very fast and you can do a lot of things. When you dream, you actually see your soul’s movements, your soul’s power.


By the way, when the soul enters into a body, it becomes obedient to your body. Why I’m saying that?


Well, your soul can see, talk, walk better than your physical body, but when the soul enters into your body, its power becomes limited.


In the life hereafter, the people of the heaven could have the things that they’ll desire to have. Why’ll this happen to them? This will happen because of their souls’ power.


God never does partiality, so He mustn’t give anything great to anybody without any reason. We call our god Allah and He tells us that we’ll see or get Him like the way we think about Him. So what’s the meaning of this?


Well, I’m discussing that in the next paragraph.


Suppose that you’re believing that Allah won’t give you anything because of such and such things, then you’ll possibly not get those things.


On the other hand, if you believe that, yes Allah is very generous and He must give you this and this thing, then surely you’ll be provided with those things.


Here you can see that your thinking which comes from your soul is very important. If you can desire something from your soul, then you’ll obviously get that.


Sometimes, you’ll see that some of your friends are wanting something, but they’re not getting the thing only because of not wanting from the core of their hearts.


The core of your heart is your soul. So first of all, positive thinking is quite essential. Without positive thinking, you can’t imagine having great things. And if you fail to do this, then you won’t get anything good.


If you visit any poor man who begs for alms and you ask him, do you believe that you’ll be the owner of such and such things, then he’ll reply with a big no. Or he may start smiling with a great disbelief that he could have such wonderful things.


So the ultimate secret is that our soul has the ability to work like our body. But the problem is that we can see our body’s actions directly and we can’t see our soul’s actions in the same way.


Real-life Example

I’ve started my online business a few years back and do you know that it was in my dream from my childhood?


Yes, when I was too young, I always wanted to meet with foreigners, do business with them. From my this desire, once I wanted to live abroad. But I wasn’t supported by family members due to several reasons.


So the dream of living in abroad was just a dream. At one time, I also didn’t wanna fulfill my that desire. So, it was just a mere dream.


After that, I’d engaged with so many offline businesses and doing those businesses, I was becoming disappointed. The main reason for my disappointment was because the businesses weren’t giving me any room for meeting and doing business with foreigners.


So, I again started dreaming. But this time, it was different. The internet showed me a great way to fulfill my desire. How is that?


Well, the first thought was to start freelancing because this would allow me to connect with foreign clients. I was so determined that I closed all my previous businesses to start freelancing.


The initial few months were very daunting as I wasn’t seeing any traction. By the way, I was very adamant and it was my regular visualization to see that I’m making a huge amount of money by doing online businesses.


One interesting thing happened when I applied for the first job on Upwork. It was a writing job. Soon after applying for the job, I got a message from the first ever client. He was an American. Since the job was related to adult stuff, I had to turn down the request of that client.


As a result, I didn’t get the job even though it made me mad about getting further jobs. I became very inspired by getting the message.


So it was my regular habit to apply for prospective jobs. The next month, I created my first ever blog. After launching my first blog, I engaged with writing and publishing more and more amateur posts on that.


I almost forgot to make money because I was so mad about working online. However, at one point, I realized that I wasn’t able to make any money.


That time, I again started applying for freelance writing jobs. This time, I had succeeded. I got my first ever freelance writing job.


It was an awesome feeling that I can’t share with you in words. After that, I became engaged with writing for my client. It was a Vietnamese client and I completely obeyed him.


Though the payment was very low, I was really enjoying my work. I took the first work to gather experiences and 5-star feedback on my profile.


Since then, I got so many freelance writing jobs that I wasn’t able to deliver all the tasks on time. So, later on, I started thinking that I would do something better.


In fact, I wasn’t making my desired amount of money from freelance writing career though I had to work for a long time on a regular basis.


So I decided to start blogging well. After that, there were a lot of ups and downs though I didn’t give up as I had always the hope to overcome all the bad times.


It happened really as I could run one of my blogs very successfully though there were still some mistakes. Then, I decided to open another blog so that I can share valuable things by avoiding the previous mistakes.


Currently, I write only for my blogs and I’m pretty happy with this. Blogging has given me the chance of interacting with so many national and international friends. At the same time, I can make a decent amount of money. It’s totally a relax business that I was always dreaming for.


I can still say that today’s career was in my dream in the past and when I desired the thing strongly, my God (Allah) awarded it to me.


From different religious scriptures, this thing can also be revealed which I’ve already shared with you that God gives you what you want.


So you actually get what you want. Sometimes, you may see that people are wanting a thing so much, but they’re not getting. The reason behind this is that they’re not asking for their desired things from their heart.


If you can make a strong desire, then you’re stepping one step ahead in achieving that thing.


Final Words

So you can see that your thinking constructs the thing that you want. If you can craft the thinking, then you can achieve whatever you want.


God is always with us and He wants to provide us with what we want. We just need to think differently. We can’t realize our God’s love for us.


If you ask for something to your elder brother that he has, then will you be skeptical whether he’ll give it to you or not?


And if you can communicate with God who has everything and who can give you anything you want, then why will you become skeptical whether He’ll give you the thing that you want?


You’ll just have to think positively and then work accordingly. Everything will work like a magic.


Learn the code of this universe that has been set by our God and then work accordingly. You could catch your dream with the shortest possible time. To learn this, it’s not mandatory to read the Manifestation Miracle though it can help your learning far better.

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