How to Make Passive Income Online [23 Great Chapters]

If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.

Warren Buffet

Warren Buffett


And the money that you can make while you sleep or while you don’t work at all is called passive income.


Many of you’re interested in making passive income because you’re seeking a lot of freedom.


This is an epic course on passive income which will surely guide you how to generate an income stream that doesn’t require you to work all the time.


Have a look at all the chapters of the course –

Chapter 1: What is Passive Income?

If you have a passive income source, you can keep making money even when you’re in deep sleep!


So, what’s passive income?

Well, passive income is a type of income where one can make money being inactive.

Money is being paid

You’re being paid even though you’re NOT active!

To make you clear, I can share with you one day to day life example.


Suppose that you started building a house last year. This year, you’ve accomplished the task of building the whole house.


Now is the time to fix a”TO LET” sign in front of your house. Within a very short time, you’re likely to get tenants who’ll start living in your house.


Yes, I’m talking about house rental.


House rental is one type of passive income. People live in your house and they pay their rental fees. You don’t have to do anything to generate the money comes from your house rental.


This is one great passive income source.


There are many passive income sources available around us (both online and offline).


Making a passive income source online is much more hassle-free than making it offline.


Let’ say if you need to start a passive income business offline, you’ll need to invest a lot of money.


What about the house building example? It requires a lot of time, right?


On the other hand, to create passive income business online, you can do it by investing as much as you wish.


The awesomeness of passive income is that you just set up the business and promote it.


Later on, you get paid even though you’re not active for the business all the time.


Since passive income source isn’t directly related to your daily effort once it’s set up, most people consider this as a great income generating system.


So, you can take passive income business seriously.


Chapter 2: Passive Income Examples

There are many passive income systems available, but not all systems are smooth enough.


There are some passive income businesses that need a whopping amount of fund to start them. Many passive income businesses need a lot of hard work in order to see income streams.


In this chapter of passive income course, I’ll show you some of the examples of passive income businesses that require a very little amount of money to start.


In addition, you could work in pajamas to start these types of businesses.


Passive Income Examples

Firstly, I wanna show you my business model. What do I do for a living?


Well, I’m an affiliate marketer and I’m very happy with it. I don’t need to create any products of my own. I just promote others quality products.


Companies pay me commissions because I promote their products. They pay me because I bring more sales from my end.


But, how do I promote other products? Don’t I need to be active while I’m getting paid?


No, I don’t have to be in a queue in order to see that my promoted products are being sold.


First of all, I create valuable content for my audience. Every now and then, we need to use different tools to generate more profits for our businesses, but most of us don’t know which products are great and which aren’t.


I recommend those products that I’ve already tested and found good results from them. So, my recommendations become reliable and at the same time very much helpful for my audience.


I also show real ROI of using a product. This ensures that the recommended product of mine is likely to bring more profits than the investment in coming days.


When I recommend different products (in fact, I recommend only 10 – 12 products because I really tested them), I use my affiliate links. I get paid when my audience purchases through my affiliate links.


So, I don’t have to be there when my audience buys one or more of my recommended products and you’ll be surprised to know that most of my affiliate sales come while I sleep!!!


This is amazing, right?


I really enjoy this business model and wanna help other people to start the same business that I do.


So, this is one great (I guess the greatest) business model that generates real passive income.


The second passive income example might be making money from AdSense.


Yes, pay per click (PPC) ad like AdSense can offer you a nice passive income business model. Do you know Amit Agarwal, the founder of Labnol, makes tons of money from AdSense?


So, how does AdSense work? AdSense is the ad network of Google and you can sign up for AdSense and after the approval, you could start showing AdSense ads on your web content. For every click on the ads, you’ll get paid according to the keyword’s CPC.


Making money with AdSense is a type of passive income source because it can generate money for you wherever you stay.


The third passive income example that I wanna show is selling own digital products.


You can also make money online by creating and selling your own digital products. You can write an eBook and sell it on different platforms.


So, these are the passive income examples.


Chapter 3: Why Start Generating Passive Income?

Now, I’ll show you why you should start generating passive income.


In the list below, I’m giving some reasons behind choosing passive income –

  • To create a passive, you just need to work hard for a certain period of time (Not all the time). This is the building up period of the business. During the time, you’ll have to spend money (very little is enough for implementing my business ideas), time, and your labor.
  • To earn money from a passive income source, you won’t have to engage in your business.
  • You’ll get the ultimate freedom of time, money, and location once you can set up a business properly.
  • You can be your own boss because no boss is there to control you.
  • You can make your own schedule.


So, to establish a passive income business, you need to do only the initial work. Once the business is well set up, it’ll automatically generate money for you. Isn’t it a great source of income?


Since you don’t have to be one place to run a passive income business, you can have complete location freedom. Time freedom is also there because you don’t have to be with your business all the time.


And what about money freedom?


Well, if you can build up a passive income business properly, you won’t have to think about money.


Finally, you can see that there’s no boss to dictate you to run your business. You’re the supreme leader of your business who can set a flexible schedule as per your requirement.


Chapter 4: Select a Business that Can Create Passive Income

Now, you’ll have to choose a business that can offer you passive income.


In this chapter, I’ll give you three awesome online business ideas that can be your reliable passive income sources.


Here are the online business ideas –

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. AdSense
  3. Selling own digital products


Now, I’ll discuss all the three business ideas so that you can learn more about them.


Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the number one choice when it comes to having a business that can generate passive income.


Affiliate marketing is a performance-based business where you need to promote other companies’ products and with every sale, you get a certain amount of commission.


Now, most companies have an affiliate program because they want more sales.


The true awesomeness of affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to take the hassle of creating products. There are many digital and physical products that you can start promoting.


If you promote a physical product, then you don’t have to think about the shipment of that product when someone buys from your affiliate link.


Now, the question is can you make a living affiliate marketing.


Of course, many people have made a flexible career just by affiliate marketing.


I’m an affiliate marketer and most of my passive income comes from affiliate marketing.


Making money with affiliate marketing is a matter of fun because you’ll be surprised to know that many companies pay more than $100 for per sale.



The ad network of Google can be used to generate your passive income.


Create a website or YouTube channel.


After that, create content for the platforms and bring traffic. Use your AdSense codes in your content. This will show AdSense ads on your website or YouTube videos.


When your traffic will hit your shown ads, you’ll get paid. You see that you don’t have to be with your traffic while you’re getting paid.


So, this is a nice passive income source.


Selling own digital products

Why only sell others products?


You can create and sell your own digital products too.


You can create eBook, plugins, themes or whatever digital you can.


After creating your products, you can start selling them.


Chapter 5: How to Make Passive Income?

I think that this is the most sought quest for you now!


Well, I’ll show you how to start making passive income.


In the previous some chapters, I’ve given you some ideas about passive income so that you can learn about it well.


So, how to make passive income?

First of all, choose your preferred business model. Then, select a suitable niche for your business.


After that, give a nice name to your business and create a website for your business.


Set up your site and design it as per your choice. Once your site is ready, start creating amazing content.


This content will attract your target audience. Don’t just sit relax with great content, reach out to your target audience and drive more and more targeted traffic to your site.


Apply any/all of the three (affiliate marketing, AdSense, digital products) business models that I’ve shown before.


You’ll see that you can make money without any hustles.


For having all the information about how to make passive income, check the following chapters.


Chapter 6: Select a Suitable Business Model

Now, you have to choose your preferred business model.


So, which business have you chosen?


I’ve given three business ideas such as affiliate marketing, AdSense, own digital products selling as passive income sources.


You can select one or more of the business model (s) to start generating passive income.


Starting with affiliate marketing is the easiest way because it requires very little effort. This is because you don’t have to pay for joining different affiliate programs.


Not only is that affiliate approval process is quite easy and you can have a lot of affiliate programs’ links within a very short time.


By the way, don’t start applying for different affiliate programs right now when you’ve just started out. Wait for some months and during the time create and publish decent amount of content on your site.


This will ensure that most of your affiliate applications will be approved. I’ll show you how to apply for different affiliate programs later, so don’t worry about it.


Joining AdSense is quite tough these days because Google is now very strict while giving AdSense approval. So, you should comply with all the terms and conditions of Google AdSense.


In addition, ensure a decent amount of traffic to your site. Once you get a lot of traffic to your site, your AdSense application is likely to be accepted. I’ll show you how to apply for an AdSense account in a chapter of this course, so no worries.


The third passive income source is creating own digital products. What’s your thinking about your own digital products’ creation?


Are you able to create any products? If you can, then don’t wait.


So, pick your preferred business models.


If you’re confused about which business model to choose, then I’d say start with affiliate marketing because it’ll pay you well in the long-run.


If you start with affiliate marketing, you’ll always be open with AdSense and digital product creation, so this is not a big deal.


Chapter 7: Choose Your Preferred Niche

So, you’ve selected your preferred type of business from the previous list!


Have you chosen the first, the second, the third, or all the three business ideas?


By the way, now is the time to choose your business niche. Every business should have a specific niche. This is because you can’t do well if you work on a lot of niches.


Niche means the area or the topic of your business. Let’s say I talk about how one can create passive income through different ways on this blog. This means that this business of mine, SMNPOST, is in the niche of make a living through passive income.


You can start your business on a specific product which will then be your niche. If you like to talk about gadgets like cellphones, then you can start a business that will review different mobile phones. That means that time you’ll be in a mobile phone niche.


Chapter 8: Give a Nice and Relevant Name to Your Business

After selecting your business niche, it’ll be much easier to name your business.


Why is that?


Well, once you’re clear about your business niche, you now can give a relevant name to your business according to the niche.


Suppose that you’ve thought about creating a business on mobile phone reviews, then you can name your business like All Top Mobile Phone Reviews, All Android Review, Honest Android Phone Reviews etc.


Chapter 9: Buy a Domain in Your Business Name

After giving your business a relevant and nice name, you’ve to buy a domain in your business name now.


You’ll have to do it promptly because domain name of a business is very sensitive. If someone buys a domain of your business name before you do it, then you won’t be likely to buy it for your business.


A domain costs only around $10 – $12, so why not secure your business domain right now?


To buy your domain, you can consider Namecheap or GoDaddy


To make your site more trusted to your audience, don’t forget to buy an SSL that can be bought from Namecheap too.


Note: Please don’t buy your business domain now because, in the next chapter, you’ll come to know that you can have a domain for free while hosting your site on a hosting pack.


Chapter 10: Create Your Business Website

Now, you’ll have to create your business website. This is a very easy task, so don’t be afraid of it.


Note that you can have a free domain (for the first year only) with the hosting packs of any of the following web hosting companies –




If you think that creating a website is difficult for you, then you can check the following two guidelines on how to create a business website –

How to create a website with Bluehost?

How to create a website with iPage?


So, create your website following the guideline and then, go to the next chapter.


Chapter 11: Set Up Your Business Website

Now, you have to set up your website.


Setting up a site with WordPress isn’t that difficult.


First of all, login to your WordPress dashboard following the steps below –

  1. Type in the URL section of your browser. Here, xyz is the name of your website.
  2. Then, you’ll find a WordPress login page like this – WP login.
  3. Use your login credentials and hit the Log In button.


After logging in, you’ll land the dashboard of your website.


On the left side of a WordPress dashboard, there are many buttons available.


The dashboard buttons look like this –

WP buttons

These are the buttons using which you can set up your website.


First of all, delete the sample posts and pages by going to the Posts and the Pages sections of your WordPress dashboard.


Using the Appearance – Theme section, you can select a theme for your site. Note that you should use a premium theme that will be discussed in the next chapter.


After that, go to the Plugins section and install all the necessary plugins.


Here’s a list of plugins that are quite essential to run a WordPress site –

WP plugins 1

WP plugins 2

WP plugins 3

So, install and activate all the plugins one by one.


Some plugins need to be configured properly while activating. Do it by reading the manuals.


After activating all the plugins listed above, go to the Users section. Here, you can update your profile information.


From the Settings section, set up different things as per your requirement.


So, these are some settings of a WordPress website that you should do once your site becomes live.


Chapter 12: Use a Premium Theme or Develop a Custom One

While setting up your site, you see that there are thousands of free WordPress themes available.


Many of you’ll be happy to use one free theme for your site from the list, but the problem of using a free theme is that it comes with a lot of flaws which hurt a site’s SEO a lot.


I know it very well because I was a victim of using a free WordPress theme.


Later on, I checked a lot of premium WordPress themes after hearing the advice of experts.


Now, I use an awesome theme on this site named Schema. This is a nice SEO friendly theme and I could rank a lot of valuable content on the first page of Google using this fabulous theme.


I like Schema very much because of the following couple of reasons –

  • Very fast
  • Lightweight
  • Neat and clean coding
  • SEO friendly
  • Schema markup optimized


The creator of Schema theme is MyThemeShop. Visit MyThemeShop and choose your preferred SEO friendly WordPress theme under $60.


Chapter 13: Create Some Crucial Pages for Your Website

Wow! You’ve just set up your website.


Now, you’ll have to create some important pages for your website.


Here is a list of some crucial pages of a site –

  • About us
  • Contact us
  • Privacy policy
  • Disclaimer etc


Among different types of pages, the About Us page is the most important because your audience will likely to land the page in order to know well about you and your business.


So, make sure that your website’s about us page is quite okay to read. If you can do it yourself, then fine.


If you think that you’re not good at crafting a nice about us page, then you can hire a good writer to handle the task.


You can visit Fiverr where you’ll get thousands of writers who’re willing to craft a persuasive about us page for your website just for $5.


Chapter 14: Learn SEO

At this stage, you’ll need to learn SEO because you need to create SEO content on your site.


Why is that? Well, if you can optimize your content with major search engines, you can rank high on them with your content.


To learn SEO well, follow these posts –

What does SEO stand for?

The ultimate guide to SEO

Stop doing these SEO mistakes

Avoid these black hat SEO techniques

SEO analysis

SEO content creation guide

Yoast SEO review 


Chapter 15: Research and Collect Keywords

I hope that you’ve already learned about keywords!


Now, you’ll have to research keywords and collect all the suitable keywords.


This will help you create content for new keywords.


To research keywords, here are some important posts for you –

How to target suitable keywords?

Somethings to consider while targeting keywords!

How to find low competition keywords using SEMrush?

How to use Google AdWords keyword tool?

SEMrush review 


So, from the above guides, collect all your niche related keywords using the mentioned keyword research tools.


You should save all the keywords in an Excel sheet.


Chapter 16: Learn How to Create Great Content

So, you’ve collected all your suitable keywords, right?


Now is the time to learn how to create amazing content for your audience so that they can be attracted to that.


Here are several posts on creating great content –

What to blog about?

How to create killer content?

Shorten these 3 things to make your blog posts super easy to read!

Which 2 things are the most important for your blog posts?


Chapter 17: Start Creating Valuable Content

Now, I’m gonna talk about an important part.


You’ve heard that content is king and now, you’ll have to create content for your website.


The content of your site should be valuable. Creating valuable content doesn’t mean that you’ll have to be strict in maintaining grammar, but some basic rules of grammar should be followed.


To make sure that you’re avoiding many silly mistakes in your writing, use Grammarly or Pro Writing Aid.


While creating your content, you should follow some basic on-page SEO rules. The first thing of SEO is that you’re writing your content on a nice, niche related keyword.


Find out all the nice keywords of your niche. To find out keywords, you can use some tools.


SEMrush is one of the great tools that can bring hundreds of good keywords in front of you. Since you’ve activated Yoast SEO on your site, you can leverage it to maintain several on-page SEO factors.


If you want to leave all your content creation tasks on other people, then you can also do that. Visit Fiverr and find out one SEO content writer from thousands of options.


By the way, from the very beginning, don’t try to monetize your website. First, publish a lot of valuable posts on your website. Once the number of posts on your site is well enough, you can go for monetizing it.


The next chapters are related to monetizing your site.


Chapter 18: Select Your Affiliate Products

So, you have already published a lot of content on your site!


Now, you can apply all your monetization methods.


The first monetization method might be affiliate marketing. So, choose those products that are related to your niche.


It’s good to pick famous products because of getting more sales without working that hard.


While promoting your affiliate products, don’t select any products that aren’t familiar to you. This means that you should bring only those products that you have personally tested and found good results.


Now, you select the products that can be fit with your business niche.


Make a list of your desired affiliate products and then, apply for them one by one. The next chapter will teach you how to apply for affiliate programs.


Chapter 19: Apply for Affiliate Programs

Now, you’ll have to apply for all your preferred affiliate products. To do this, you’ll need to learn how to do this.


Here’s a post that will disclose the process of applying for affiliate programs.


In the above post, you’ll find two types of application processes. Yes, you can apply for individual products or you can join affiliate marketplace.


Affiliate marketplace holds a lot of products in a single place whereas single product affiliate program provides the affiliate resources for one single product.


Chapter 20: Apply for AdSense

After promoting affiliate products, you can also use AdSense to monetize your website.


Many people have a common confusion whether they can promote affiliate products and use AdSense ads.


Yes, you can leverage both the things in order to generate passive income.


By the way, let’s learn how to apply for an AdSense account.


To apply for AdSense follow the steps below –

  1. Go to this link 
  2. It will take you to the homepage of AdSense application
  3. Apply for an AdSense account
  4. AdSense will review your application
  5. Once your application is accepted, you’ll be notified within two to three days.
  6. If your application is rejected, you’ll also get an email from AdSense stating that your application has been approved.

Here are some posts related to Google AdSense –

What is Google AdSense and how does it work?

How to make money with Google AdSense?

The only difference between Google AdSense and Google AdWords!


Chapter 21: Create Your Own Digital Products


Chapter 22: Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Website

Creating and publishing amazing content on your website isn’t everything. You’ll have to let your audience know about your content.


There are many ways you can do this. Here’s one post that will show you how to get traffic to a website. Read the post and learn about it.


Chapter 23: Convert More and More Traffic [This is Passive Income]

This is an Auto Process


(Sell More and More Products)




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