How Did Pat Flynn ( Make $151,137.88 Last Month

I’ve decorated today’s make money online episode with the achievements of a pro blogger, Pat Flynn. As you’re an aspiring future or current online business owner, you may have heard the name of Pat Flynn!

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It’s likely to hear his name because the blog,  Smart Passive Income (SPI), is very famous on the internet and the founder of this blog is Mr. Pat.


However, in case you don’t know anything about this guy, I wanna tell you a brief about him right now –


Who’s Pat Flynn?

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Pat Flynn is the husband of April, father of two children – Keoni and Kailani. Ha ha. Yes, Pat’s wife is April and two children (one boy and one girl) are Kailani and Keoni. This is his familial identity. Now go to his business identity –


Pat Flynn is a successful ontrepreneur. With a graduation degree in architecture, he had started his career as an architect like thousands of other 9 to 5 professionals. He loved the 9 to 5 job very much and there was no boredom in that. He was going very well and planning to marry soon.


But there are ups and downs in our life which we can’t control. It was in 2008, Pat lost his job. It was so frustrating because the time was just a few days back of his wedding. It’s our life that when something goes, another thing comes. The same thing happened in Pat’s life!


Yes, during his architectural job, he had started a blog named which started paying him at that time. As he was jobless, he became very much interested in online business seeing the little success of that blog.


Though the achievement from the blog wasn’t so big at that time, Pat was hopeful to take that to the next level. So, he started working for it. The initial monetization method for his blog was AdSense and later on, he moved to selling ad space.


Both monetization methods weren’t adequate to support his life well. However, he didn’t give up. When you don’t give up at anything, soon you could discover great success. The same thing happened to Pat when he wrote an eBook in PDF format. That eBook made him whopping $7008.55 in the first month of its launch.


After that, he didn’t have to look back. Then he went for making an audio version of the eBook which was also sold well.


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Smart Passive Income, a Solid Platform of Make Money Online!

It all happened with Smart Passive Income (SPI) blog. Now the blog is the stable income source of Pat. A lot of valuable resources are there on the blog. So, thousands of people are benefited with SPI. Now the blog has three different parts such as blogging, podcasting, and SPI TV. Just by visiting the site, you’ll see a whopping number $151,137.88 which is the latest month’s earning of Pat Flynn.


So, How Did He Make $151,137.88 Last Month?

One thing that you should know is that Pat made this amount of money not only in the last month but also in a series of months. So, making this huge amount isn’t unusual to him.


Here are the probable reasons of making such amount of money in a month –

  1. Pat wanted to end his blog several times in the beginning of his blogging career though he eventually didn’t leave blogging. This is the first secret sauce to success. So, never give up.
  2. He wrote so many SEO blog posts which drove tons of traffic to his blog from search engines.
  3. He offered a lot of free content which he could have even sold at much money. Free resources are very effective in engaging more and more people. These people then easily turn to be the loyal readers which eventually lead to huge traction.
  4. Pat always shared proven strategies with his readers. He tried to clearly show everything that had given him success and failure. Seeing both the turns, his readers can take better decisions. All of his efforts in blogging created huge value to his readers.


So, the ultimate success comes with real people who will take part in some actions on your blog. First of all, arrange your blog with valuable content and then drive traffic to your blog. If you can convince your readers that you’re an authority on a specific topic, then they will treat you like a hot cake. That will bring the ultimate success, thus a huge amount of money.


SEO training is necessary to build an awesome blog like Pat.


Now, this is your turn. Don’t wait, start your own blog today and catch your dream.

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