How to Make Money with Google AdSense

Making money with your blog is very charming.


And Google AdSense can be a great source of money for your blog. In fact, Google’s advertising network, AdSense, is the main income source for many bloggers. But do you know how to earn money with AdSense?


Well, I’m gonna discuss how to make money using AdSense. So keep in touch with this blog post and learn about this.


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How to Use AdSense?

To make money with AdSense, first of all, you’ll need to sign up for AdSense. Remember that, signing up is not the only thing for using AdSense. Google will then take time to approve your blog. You may or may not approve depending on your blog’s quality.


If your blog is written with quality content without any touch of black hat SEO, then it’s likely that AdSense will approve your blog.


Once your blog gets approved on AdSense, then you’ll be given AdSense code to use on your blog.


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Now you’ll have to use the code on your blog which is the starting of making money with AdSense. So how will you get paid? That’s very simple. The ads that will be shown on your blog are from different advertisers from all over the world. Those advertisers pay Google for showing their business ads on different blogs.


Google then pays a portion of the advertisers’ payment to its publishers. Google pays AdSense on the basis of CPC (Cost Per Click). So if a reader of your blog hits on AdSense ads, then you’ll be paid. But you must never click on those ad units because Google will then remove your AdSense account for illegal use.


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In addition, you must not also tell people to click on the AdSense ads because this may show an abnormal (more than the usual clicks) CTR (Click Through Rate) which is also bad for your AdSense account. So you may get banned because of the abnormal CTR.


CPC rate differs from advertisement to advertisement. So you can see income variation for the same number of clicks at different times.


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So this is the way of monetizing your blog with Google AdSense. You can feel blessed by opting in for AdSense as this advertising network may make you wealthy.

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