15 Ways to Make Your Blog Popular (Even Though You’re Nobody in the Blogosphere)

The word popular is very easy to pronounce (pɒpjʊlə).


The word popular is very easy to spell (p-o-p-u-l-a-r) too.


But being popular is one of the toughest jobs in the world.


And if you don’t know how to make a thing popular, then it’s much harder.


Again being popular is a trivial matter if you know how to be popular.


Today I’ll discuss some of such effective ways through which you could (easily and quickly) make your blog popular.



Remember that only one or two ways will work and that’s enough to make your blog popular.


So if you don’t see any traction from most of the mentioned techniques, never give up applying all of them.


How to Make Your Blog Popular?

Now I’ll be telling you all the 15 ways so that you can make a popular blog lot sooner.


#1. Start strong

There’s a proverb, a well begun is half done, isn’t it?


Always remember and believe this proverb.


So how will you make your start strong?


I gave some tips here:

  • Go to your favorite niche
  • Give your blog a nice name [Suggested: how to come up with a blog name?]
  • Buy your domain at least for four to five years
  • Make a memorable logo for your blog

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  • Chalk out your vision for blogging prior to starting it


#2. Recognize your target audience

Always remember that you didn’t start your blog not because of making money, but because of helping your target audience.


Now if you don’t know who is your target audience, then nothing will happen.


So identifying your key audience is VERY crucial.


#3. Sacrifice everything to help them

Your audience may get the ultimate benefits from you if you let them know the secret sauce of your success.


Since you’ve started blogging, you can never be a selfish guy or girl anymore.


Share with your audience what’s special inside you.


You’ll see that you’ll be paid off soon.


#4. Focus much on your success theories

Firstly, think about your success theories in the cool brain.


Maybe you’re thinking that there’s nothing special in you, but if you can think about it under zero degree Celsius, then you must find out some, very killer theories.


In fact, everyone goes through different, small and big, adversities in life.


Those who can handle their adversities smartly and share the techniques with their audience become popular.


You just need to share your unique techniques for solving a problem.


You’ll see that your audience is gonna grab it as early as they can.


Think about a problem that you faced in your entire life. How did you solve the problem?


Your solving tactics may help thousands of people who’ll become your fans forever.


At least who knows?


#5. Never try to be another blogger

Remember that you could never be popular by copying another popular blogger.


Yeah, you might be viral by copying others, but that won’t make you famous.


Rather you’ll likely to be notorious because of the crime of stealing others’ ideas.


Be courageous. Bloom yourself. Go ahead.


#6. Make yourself liquid like water

To make your blog popular you may need to act upon your audience’s desire.


If you can’t respond to their desires, then the dream of making a popular blog might be a dream forever.


So take a knife and cut your ego from your genius brain. Do it now.


#7. Become as transparent as glass

Be very much transparent like glass and keep wiping the dust that gathers on you and hides your transparency.


If you make 90 cents from your blog now, then never say that you’re making $90K.


That means I wanna make you remember one of your old school sayings again: never tell a lie.


You may think that you’re making your audience fool just by telling them lies, but the fact is that you’re becoming fool every time you tell a lie.


#8. Create a decent amount of content for your blog within the shortest possible time

Don’t forget about your limitations.


After paying attention to your content creation capabilities, try to create as much nice content as you can.


This will help you stand out from the crowd.


This is because most bloggers don’t become ready with their weapons, I mean with their content.


#9. Never be hasty

You may think that working for your blog hastily will make you more productive.


This thinking is totally wrong.


In fact, this thinking is absurd too.


Why is that?


You can’t make a thing look better by your improvising work.


Hasty work always comes with flaws.


#10. Never make your audience boring

Treat your audience like your kids.


If you tell your kids a boring story, then it’s likely that s/he won’t feel any interest in hearing another story from you tomorrow.


The same way, if you make your audience bored with your content, then they’ll try to flee from your blog as soon as possible.


But most bloggers don’t know how they get their audience bored.


If you fill your blog with too much technical stuff, then this might be a reason for that.


Or you might have been too much digital.


Yeah, if you pass most of your time digitally, then chances are that you’re making your audience bored the way you’re getting bored.


Since you’re a human being, you need to interact with water, air, sky, trees, humans etc.


Try to make a great balance between your digital life (blogging in this case) and your physical life.


Don’t just work virtually, take a break, go outside, look at the sky, talk with trees, and spend your time with your friends and family.


#11. Don’t try to be too salesy

You’re becoming salesy to sell more of your products from your blog, but you’re actually getting fewer sales.


Nobody likes the salesy nature of a business.


I always say that making money from blogging is the by-product of your effort.


Whatever valuable you’re giving away to your audience will soon be echoed and come back to you in a much bigger format.


#12. Blog consistently

The #1 reason for failing at blogging is inconsistency.


Believe it or not, you won’t fail as long as you blog consistently.


And if you can survive in the blogosphere for a long time, it’s very likely to be popular.


So make a nice blogging calendar and stick with it.


#13. Increase your blog traffic gradually

Everybody wants to see rapid actions when it comes to achieving something.


Similarly, most bloggers want to drive a ton of traffic within a few days.


They don’t try to realize that driving traffic to a blog is as hard as diverting the current of a river.


There are many ways like guest posting, blog commenting, sharing, paid advertising, ranking etc to drive traffic to a blog, but you can’t expect to see great results overnight.


You’ll need to spend days after days to see a significant number of visitors to your blog.


I had to wait long to drive a lot of traffic to my blog and most bloggers need to do the same.


Follow this traffic generation guide and keep increasing your blog traffic over time.


#14. Don’t expect to see big success shortly

This is another trap where most bloggers fall into.


They expect to see big achievements just in a few months (if not days).


This makes them hopeless because it’s usually impossible to succeed a lot through blogging within a very short time.


You can make you stay motivated by achieving small achievements from your blog sometimes.


If you blog properly, you’re likely to see small successes every now and then.


#15. Dream 100 times, everyday

This is the final and the most effective way to make your blog popular.


Yes, never give up dreaming.


This is because

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.

William Arthur Ward


This words are actually true and here the law of attraction works.


Finally, blogging is a game of beautiful minds.


In this game, you have to play fairly up to a specific period of time and after the period you can get your result whether it’s good or bad.


If you get out of the field by getting booked with a red card or injured anytime during the game, then you can say what the result will be.


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