Can You Make a Living from Affiliate Marketing [Must-Read]

Most newbies ask one common question which is this – can you make a living from affiliate marketing.

make a living affiliate marketing

They’re too much skeptical about it. Therefore, they ask this type of question.


So, let’s check it out whether you can make a living affiliate marketing or not.


Can You Make a Living from Affiliate Marketing?

To understand this, you need to learn about the affiliate marketing model well.


So, what’s affiliate marketing and how does it work?


Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing where you’re promoting your targeted companies’ products.


Since you’re promoting products, it’s very likely that you’ll get sales.


But, will the sales can bring the bread and butter to your table?


This is the burning question and to dig deeper into this, I’m gonna clarify this even further for you.


You can promote digital and/or physical products. Digital products provide more commissions than physical products.


Let’s say a digital product offers $20 commission for per sale.


Now, if you can sell the product 10 times a month, then your total commission comes to $20 x 10 = $200.


Similarly, if the number of sales is 50, then the affiliate earning is $20 x 50 = $1000.


This way, if you can sell as many of the products as you can.


So, you can make $5000 if the number of sales is 250 ($20 x 250 = $5000).


Also, you’re not limited to sell only one product. You can sell multiple items which can easily increase your affiliate income.


Now, let’s talk about whether making $5000 per month is doable or not.


You’ll glad to know that many affiliate marketers are even making 7 figure income per month.


So, making $5000 per month isn’t impossible.


But, one thing to keep in mind that affiliate marketers grow gradually. That means it’s not a get rich quick scheme.


You’ll need to invest a lot of time to do affiliate marketing. If you can give proper time in affiliate marketing, you’ll start increasing your income over time.


So, you can make a decent amount of money doing affiliate marketing if you can do it properly.


Since many affiliate marketers have already made a living affiliate marketing, you shouldn’t have any doubt about it.


Look at me. I’m an affiliate marketer who’s giving full-time to this business. Though I’m still not a 6-figure earner, I’m slowly going toward that.


Finally, I can say that you can make a living only doing affiliate marketing, but to do so, you need to do everything properly.


And to do things properly, you need to learn more and more about it.


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