Lunarpages Hosting Review

The internet is full of different web hosting companies. Many hosting companies are emerging every now and then, so it’s very difficult to identify the list of reputed hosting companies that have been providing quality hosting services for years.

lunarpages review

So, I’ve brought a very aged hosting company so that you can be assured that the company won’t disappoint you with its services.


Yes, the name of the old hosting company is Lunarpages. Have you heard this name before? I guess you have! Am I right?


However, today’s the time to explore more about this nice hosting company.


So, read on…


Lunarpages Hosting Review

What is Lunarpages?

In most cases, the starting of a hosting company is involved with a big step, but at the time of starting Lunarpages, you’ll hear a different story.


Can you imagine that a brick mason may start a hosting company that’s been surviving for around 20 years (and still continuing…)?


If you think that NO, it’s not possible to start a web hosting company by such type of person, then Ron Riddle will laugh at you.


Ron Riddle! Who’s this guy?


Yes, Ron Riddle (a brick mason by profession) is the man behind Lunarpages who started the company back in 1998. Though he was helped by some other people, he was the master planner behind establishing Lunarpages.


Since then, Lunarpages has grown a lot and now it’s gonna celebrate its 20 years of anniversary soon. Over 150000 clients are there to let you know that you can also take the services of Lunarpages like them.


But is the web hosting company still a good fit for someone who’s gonna start a website using Lunarpages? To get the answer to this question, you’ll have to read the whole review.


Features and Benefits

Since the birth of Lunarpages, the hosting company has been coming up with more and more exciting features. As a result, you can expect to have greater benefits by using the services of this web hosting company.


Let’s start exploring the features of Lunarpages in this part.


Here are the notable features and benefits –

Cheap and straight-forward pricing. Lunarpages comes with a simple pricing scheme. That means you won’t have to worry about how much the price of a particular hosting pack will go up in the next time when you’ll renew the pack.


The reason is that there’s no discounted pricing, so all the prices of different services are all-time constant and at the same time, low. So, you can start your website using this hosting company as there’s no chance of price hiking at the time of renewal.


Disk space. There are 5 shared hosting packs in total in Lunarpages (you’ll learn more about this in the part of hosting plans). Among them, only 2 of the packs offer unlimited storage.


That means the rest of the 3 shared hosting packs won’t provide you limitless disk space. This might disappoint you because many other rival hosting companies are offering unlimited storage with the starting shared hosting plans.


If you wanna forget the lack of storage of your hosting, then go for the Basic Linux hosting for the unlimited option at a cheap price.


Bandwidth. The bandwidth of different hosting packs is shared the same way as the storage. Yes, you will get a limited bandwidth for the starting plan. This is also true for the first 2 business plans.


The Basic Linux and the Enterprise business hosting plans offer unlimited bandwidth. So, if your need is an unlimited bandwidth for your site, then go for any of the 2 hosting plans that offer your desired amount of bandwidth.


Domain for free. This is a common feature of most of the hosting packs nowadays. Yes, you’ll get a free domain to register for your purchased hosting pack (except the Starter plan) for the first year of its purchase.


So, this will cut the cost of buying a domain for your hosting pack for sure.


In this case, I never recommend the Starter Linux hosting pack since it doesn’t have any free domain registration offer.


Domain registration. Note that Lunarpages is also a good domain registrar and for this, you can use the following option to register your domain name (s) –

domain registration

1-Click installer. In this case, Lunarpages will get 100% positive rating. The reason for this is that it provides the best 1-Click installer, Softaculous to install your required scripts for your site.


Softculous provides the easiest way of installing any script for your website.


Website builder. The starter plan of Lunarpages doesn’t allow you to use any website builder, though the next hosting plan has an option to use a website builder for free. The use of the website builder given by Lunarpages isn’t that significant, so this isn’t a beneficial feature of the hosting company.


Free website migration. This feature is very helpful when it comes to transferring your site from one hosting company to another. The good news is that you can migrate your old website to any hosting packs of Lunarpages for free of cost.


SSL certificate. Neither the Basic nor the Starter hosting plan of Lunarpages provides an SSL certificate for free. So, you should go for any of the Business hosting plans in order have a free SSL certificate for your site.


On the other hand, you can buy an SSL certificate for your website at any time from Lunarpages though the buying option isn’t that simple.


Control panel. The Starter hosting plan doesn’t provide any cPanel, but the next plan comes with a cPanel option though this is a paid option. You’ll have to pay $2 per month to use the cPanel using the Basic Linux hosting plan.


All the business hosting plans offer a free cPanel though the plans are comparatively costlier indeed. So, in this regard, Lunarpages provides a poor service.


Customer support. Though Lunarpages claims that their customer support is ready for 24/7/365, but in reality, there are many complaints about their support services.

lunarpages support lunarpages customer supportlive chat

You have different options for contacting their support team like phoning, live chatting, and emailing. There’s also the option of submitting support tickets which are very effective in getting exact answers.

phone support

Guaranteed uptime of 99.9%. Lunarpages guarantees with a decent uptime facility with all its hosting plans. 99.9% uptime is the most common uptime guarantee that you see industry-wide.

lunarpages uptime guarantee

You shouldn’t always believe the guaranteed uptime claim because many hosting companies fail to maintain their claim when it comes to the real-life scenario. So, check the uptime records mentioned in the performance part of this post.


Free backup and restoration. A website’s CMS is prone to different types of anomalies. So, you may lose your valuable content within a moment of time. Here comes the importance of the backup facility.


Yes, Lunarpages proudly focuses on its nightly backup facility that takes the backup of your crucial content on a daily basis. If your site gets any problem, then you’ll get a free restoration service from Lunarpages.


This is a great benefit that you shouldn’t miss.


Long money back period. 30 days is a long time to test whether a hosting company is good or not. Since Lunarpages gives you a 30-day money back guarantee, you should utilize this great opportunity to check if it is really a good fit for your website.

lunarpages money back guarantee

So, I always recommend that you check the hosting company yourself since there’s the money back option.


All these features are just the notable ones. There are tons of exciting features that you may experience when you’ll really start your site with Lunarpages.


Lunarpages hosting plans

Lunarpages is fully packed with all types of web hosting packs. They have the shared, the VPS, and the dedicated types. Also, there are multiple hosting plans for each type of hosting.


Shared hosting plans

As said before, there are 5 shared hosting packs available in Lunarpages.


Here are the hosting packs –

Starter Linux hosting

starter linux hosting

This hosting plan has a lot of limited features, so you should avoid this plan.


Basic Linux hosting

basic linux hosting

Yes, this is the most preferred hosting plan of Lunarpages and you can start your site on this hosting pack without any hesitation. The reason is that almost all the features are unlimited on this hosting plan.


Again, the price is cheap.


Business hosting plans

Here are the business shared hosting plans that come with the ultimate power of hosting –

business shared hosting plans


All the there business hosting plans are loaded with a ton of awesome features.


VPS cloud hosting

Lunarpages isn’t a mediocre web hosting company that will only provide you some shared hosting packs. In fact, you’ll also have some VPS hosting packs in this hosting company.

vps cloud hosting

You can also go for private VPS as per your wish.


Dedicated hosting plans

You may have bored by seeing the lack of a dedicated hosting plan in a previous couple of reviewed hosting companies!


Good news! Yes, this time, you can be introduced to some exciting dedicated server hosting plans.


Here are the dedicated hosting plans of Lunarpages –

dedicated hosting plans

So, choose your dedicated hosting pack as per your exact requirement.



This part is very important as it’ll discover the performance of Lunarpages.


The first performance test that I’ll show is by using PICKUPHOST’s speed testing tool. So, check the server speed test of Lunarpages.


You can see that I’ve selected Lunarpages as the host to check its speed –

lunarpages as the host

The server location was selected as the US.


Then, I hit the “Speed Test” button which started analyzing the speed of Lunarpages. After a while, I got the speed test result which is here –

speed of lunarpages

Great! The speed is super fast and this means that the hosting company can provide you a speedy experience at the time of running your website.


Now, I’ll show you the uptime records of Lunarpages. To show you the exact uptime of this web hosting company, I’ve recorded the uptime results in the last couple of months.


By seeing the uptime results, you could determine whether the guaranteed 99.9% uptime is real or not.


Here are the uptime results –

January 2017: 99.9%

February 2017: 100%

March 2017: 99.9%


So, Lunarpages is really authentic in its claim regarding uptime.


From this part, you have come to know some of the performance tests of the hosting company. This will help you to take a wise decision at the time of choosing or rejecting Lunarpages as your website’s hosting company.


Pros and cons


  • Very fast
  • Good uptime
  • Nightly backup with free restoration
  • Free domain
  • Free website transfer
  • Simple pricing


  • Average support
  • cPanel isn’t free
  • No cloud hosting plans


Verdict and your decision

I’ve come a long way by discussing many aspects of the hosting company. Now, I wanna rate the hosting company so that you can come to know the overall rating for the company.


By reviewing so many services of Lunarpages, I can give the web hosting company a 4-star rating. I’ve cut a 1-star because of the lack of some essential features like the cPanel, free domain, unlimited storage and bandwidth with the starting hosting plan.


Still, the hosting company deserves a good rating because of its fast server, a decent uptime guarantee, and so many other exciting features.


However, what’s your decision now? Have you liked or hated the hosting company? You can go for any of the decisions, but in my honest opinion, you should never touch the Starter hosting plan of Lunarpages.


If you do so, you’ll always repent. The Basic hosting plan is a nice hosting pack that you can choose for your website.


Above all, you’re your own boss since you’re running your personal online business and here, at the time of choosing your hosting company for your website, the decision is yours.


I honor your valuable decision. Wish you have a nice online business with a nice website.

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