LiquidWeb SSL Certificates ~ Turn a Site’s HTTP into HTTPS

In this post, I’ll discuss the Liquid SSL certificates.


When someone visits your site, s/he needs to be ensured that all the data pass through your site are secured. If they trust your site, they’ll likely to interact with it for sure.

liquidweb ssl certificates

Having an SSL certificate is such an important thing for your site that it can ensure your site’s visitors that they’re safe to pass their information while they’re on your site. This is the reason for providing this service by almost all the hosting companies.


LiquidWeb isn’t an exception, thus it also provides the SSL certificate along with its web hosting services.


LiquidWeb SSL Certificates

LiquidWeb is full of different hosting related services. If you check the “SERVICES” button of the hosting company, you’ll get the proof of my claim.


By the way, you can check the SSL certificates of LiquidWeb by using the same button. So, first of all, visit the site of LiquidWeb and then hover the mouse pointer over the “SERVICES”.


You’ll get to see SSL certificates under the Security Services heading. Click on SSL Certificates and it’ll open the world of SSL certificates.


Here are the types of the LiquidWeb SSL certificates –

  • Standard SSL
  • Wildcard SSL
  • Organization SSL
  • Organization SSL + Wildcard
  • Extended Validation SSL

Now, I’ll discuss all the SSL certificates one by one so that you can learn about them well.


Standard SSL

This type of SSL is very popular and very cheap indeed. It provides the browser padlock and https in the used URL. There are 2 pricing plans for this SSL certificate of LiquidWeb. If you buy the certificate for a year, then you’ll have to pay $50.

standard ssl

On the other hand, you’ll get a discount of $5 by buying the SSL certificate for 2 years.


Wildcard SSL

The next type of SSL is called the Wildcard SSL certificate.

wildcard ssl

The versatility of this type of SSL certificate is too much because it can secure as many subdomains as you wish. Also, the SSL certificate can be used for an unlimited number of servers.


For the greatness of the Wildcard SSL certificate, it costs more than the Standard SSL. A Wildcard SSL will cost $150 per year. And you can get a discount of $15 if the purchasing period is 2 years. That means the 2-year price of the SSL certificate is $285.


Organization SSL

LiquidWeb Organization SSL is shown here for the ultimate business identity.

organization ssl

If your site has this type of SSL certificate, then it’ll show your visitors more credibility about your site than the other 2 types of certificates.


So, for a strong SSL protection for your site, you should use the Organization SSL certificate. For this reason, this type of SSL certificate is more expensive than the previous 2 types of certificates. The yearly cost of this SSL is $210, though the 2 yearly price comes at $378.


Organization SSL + Wildcard

This type of SSL is the combination of the organization SSL and the Wildcard SSL. And this is for a single domain.

organization ssl plus wildcard

So, if you need the features of both the SSL certificates (Wildcard and Organization SSLs), then you must use this kind of SSL certificate on your site.


Extended Validation SSL

The Extended Validation SSL which is shortly known as the EV SSL. This is the highest standard SSL for the best protection of the information of your site’s visitors.

extended validation ssl

Visit and check LiquidWeb now


These are the SSL certificates in the collection of LiquidWeb. Check all the certificates again and choose which one to use on your website.


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