Liquid Web Hosting Review

You may have heard about Liquid web hosting, right?

liquid web hosting review

If not, then this is the right time to learn about the company. Yes, the company offers so many exciting web hosting services that hardly any of you may resist yourself from buying them.


Liquid Web Hosting Review

Liquid Web is another robust web hosting company that deals only with several VPS and dedicated hosting plans.


That means you won’t get any shared hosting plan in the web hosting company.


All the hosting plans are bundled with a lot of exciting features and you can expect a smooth service from any of its plans.


Let’s check out more of its exciting features in the next parts.


Features and benefits

Here are all the notable features of Liquid Web Hosting –

Dedicated IP address. Liquid Web allows you to buy additional dedicated IP for your site at a minimal price, so you shouldn’t worry about it anymore.


And there’s a free dedicated IP available with their hosting packs.


Discount. Most of the web hosting packs of the company come with a discount, but the company doesn’t focus much on it.


Also, the starting hosting plan comes without any discount.


Storage. You can choose your required amount of storage from the wide range of disk space options.


Bandwidth. Similarly, you can choose your preferred amount of bandwidth from different options.


Guaranteed uptime. LiquidWeb’s VPS hosting plans have no uptime guarantee though you should have a good impression about it because of the dedicated server hosting’s 100% uptime guarantee.


You could see some uptime records in the recent some months in the part “performance”.


The number of domain hosting. All the web hosting packs allow you to host multiple domains.


Domain registration. In most of the web hosting companies, you’ll see that there’s an easily visible domain registration feature.


But in the case of LiquidWeb, the domain registration feature isn’t that obvious. You’ll have to follow an option come at the time of buying a hosting pack of the company.


Yes, there’ll be an option for registering if the given domain name is a new one (that means if the given domain is a non-registered one).


Control panel. With LiquidWeb, you can choose any of your preferred control panels. Yes, the hosting company allows you to use cPanel (for Linux) or Plesk (for Windows).


If you don’t wanna use any of the control panels, you can do so by not opting in for any of those control panels.


Note that all the control panels are paid.


1-Click installer. Liquid Web Hosting provides the best 1-Click installer and you know what it’s. Yes, it’s Softaculous. You can use the tool to make your script installation super easy.


SSL certificate. There’s no free SSL certificate comes with any packs of the hosting company, but you can buy your preferable SSL certificate for your site. There are many types of SSL certificates available in LiquidWeb.


Backups. LiquidWeb comes with a reliable backup system that’s a paid option. The essence and reliability of the backup worth the cost.


Support. LiquidWeb has a responsive support system combining different methods of contacting.

support options  liquidweb support

The top-right side of the web hosting has a direct call to action for any sort of support. You can also connect with the support team of Liquid Web by following the live chat option.

liquidweb leave message

Not only is that if you wanna leave your message, then there’s a straightforward available in the hosting company.


Money-back guarantee. LiquidWeb doesn’t offer any money-back guarantee now.

visit liquid web

Hosting plans and pricing

This part is a crucial one because here, you’ll get to know about all the hosting plans of LiquidWeb.


First of all, I’ll talk about the Managed WordPress hosting plans of LiquidWeb.

managed wordpress hosting

There are 3 different WordPress hosting plans available on LiquidWeb.

personal managed wordpress hosting  professional managed wp hosting  agency managed wp hosting

You can see that all the 3 WordPress hosting plans offer multiple sites hosting. The bandwidth of all the web hosting packs is the same which is 5 TB.


And there’s a disk space variation in different WordPress hosting packs.


If you intend to start your site on LiquidWeb, then you have good news since there’s also the could hosting pack –

cloud hosting

You can host an unlimited number of websites on the cloud hosting pack of Liquid Web. It can also handle an unlimited of visitors.

liquidweb cloud plan

The storage of the hosting pack is 50 GB which is a huge space indeed. Also, the bandwidth of 1 TB is too much for any site.


Now, I’ll discuss the VPS hosting plans of this hosting company.

vps hosting

It starts from $59 per month and there are multiple VPS hosting plans available in LiquidWeb –

managed vps hosting plans

Without the starting VPS hosting pack, all the other hosting packs of LiquidWeb have the Linux or the Windows-based hosting system.


One good thing about the hosting packs is that you can choose a VPS hosting pack as per your exact requirement by contacting them. So, this is a great option for any of you who wants the taste of a customized hosting pack.


The “NEED MORE?” option will allow you to do so.


Other than all the hosting packs, there are some exciting dedicated-server hosting packs available in Liquid Web.

dedicated hosting

Here are some of the exciting features of the dedicated hosting packs of LiquidWeb –

dedicated server

dedicated server features

Here are the dedicated hosting packs with single CPU –

single processor dedicated plans

And here are the multiple CPUs’ hosting packs –

dual processor dedicated plans

Both the hosting plans (the single CPU and the double CPUs) have 4 different web hosting packs. So, you have a wide range of options for choosing a dedicated hosting plan for your website.


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How well LiquidWeb performs as a web hosting company can be known from this part. Monitoring the uptime of a hosting company is a great way of knowing its performance.


Here are the uptime records of LiquidWeb in some of the recent months –

January 2017: 99.9%

February 2017: 100%

March 2017: 100%


So, the monitored uptime shows that Liquid Web performs well when it comes to the availability of the server.


Now, I’ll show you the speed test of the web hosting company. To do that, I’ve used PICKUPHOST server speed testing tool.


Look at the screenshot where I’ve selected LiquidWeb as the web host as to test its speed –

liquidweb as the host

I selected the server location as the USA.


After that, I got the following speed by clicking on the “Speed Test” button –

speed of liquidweb

28 ms is a great speed and you can see that it’s noted as “Turbo” speed.


Pros and cons


  • Good uptime
  • Very speedy server
  • Varieties of VPS and dedicated server hosting plans


  • No shared plans available
  • There’s no money-back guarantee


The final verdict

At the ending part of this Liquid Web Hosting review, we can clearly let you know that the web hosting company is really very powerful one and it deserves a 4-star rating without any doubt.


For this reason, you can check this hosting company if your need is a good VPS or dedicated server web hosting pack.


And if your need is a shared hosting for your site, then the web hosting company, LiquidWeb will disappoint you as it has no such type of hosting pack now.

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