LINKCheetah Review: Analyze Backlinks The Right Way



The weight is huge!


If you’re an online business owner or if you’re trying to harness the power of the internet through a web property, then you perhaps know the weight of backlinks.


But building backlinks isn’t the only task a webmaster needs to do. S/he needs to monitor backlinks from time to time to check their health.


Yes, if you just build backlinks for your website without monitoring them, you’re actually losing a lot.


A question comes: is monitoring backlinks easy?


Not that easy, but using backlink monitoring tools, you can make this complex job super easy.


LINKCheetah is such a tool that can monitor your backlinks in no time.


And this post is all about reviewing the tool.


So let’s jump into reading the detailed review now.


LINKCheetah Review

Hi reader, before I go any further with the review, I should tell you a few sentences from my blogging career regarding backlinks.


After some years of blogging, I found that some of my blog posts weren’t ranking well. So I wanted to figure out the exact reasons.


Then, after a lot of hard work, I found that those posts got some poor backlinks.


So I went to remove them and within a few days of the actions, I started seeing the expected rankings of my blog posts.


I didn’t know about LINKCheetah then, but if I had known about it at that time, I wouldn’t have to do that amount of hard work.


By the way, let’s start the review without any further ado.


Features and Benefits of LINKCheetah

The tool is ready with over 10 types of backlinks’ monitoring features.


Here are all the different types of features:

Link overview

This feature will give you an overall information about your website’s backlinks. You’ll get to know important information and issues of your backlinks from this highly efficient knowledge graph of LINKCheetah.


Google index check

You know that Google takes time to index content and when it comes to indexing backlinks, it does the same.


So it’s quite important to know whether your hard earned backlinks have been indexed or not. No matter what you can learn about this from the Google index check feature of the awesome tool.


Monitor changes

The internet is a place where frequent change is a common thing. Who knows your previously built backlinks are okay or not?


Don’t worry the Monitor Changes feature LINKCheetah has done this task much easier.


Remove bad links

What have you learned about poor backlinks from my story?


You got a slight pain after hearing about poor links!


You can be nice to Google just by removing your spammy backlinks because you now know about them on a timely basis using the Remove bad links feature of the tool.


Faster insights

LINKCheetah claims that they provide blazingly fast insights at the time of monitoring backlinks and we’ll justify their claims in a latter part of this review.


Do-follow/no-follow backlink analysis

The tool can also tell you whether your backlinks are do-follow or no-follow ones. This will surely help you understand the power of your existing backlinks.


Link distribution

Through this feature of LINKCheetah, you could learn about the top linked pages of your site.


Anchor text distribution

It’s not uncommon to hear that web pages get penalized because of wrong anchor tagging.


For this, it’s quite necessary to learn whether your anchor texts are okay or not.


This feature of the tool is too handy to use regarding this.


Auto import backlinks

This feature will let you know the updated information about your new backlinks.


Manage multiple websites

If you run more than one website, you can still manage them from the same place if you use LINKCheetah.


So these are some of the notable features of the tool and you have already got a solid understanding about the awesomeness of the tool.


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How to use LINKCheetah?

Using the tool might be one of the easiest tasks on earth. This is because of the live demo of all the features of the tool.


Yes, you’ll get this exciting feature if you want to learn and see how the tool works.


Now, I’ll show you the use of the link monitoring tool.


First of all, visit LINKCheetah [Click Here].


After the landing the homepage of the tool, you’ll see the START TRIAL button at several places. This enables you to try the tool for free. The trial period lasts for 14 days.


Hit the button which will open a signup form. So sign up with all the required information.


Once your free account is ready, you can start monitoring any website’s, whether it’s yours or your competitor’s, backlinks.


To do so, just type the URL of your desired site in the box and start checking.


On top of the backlink analysis page, you’ll see some boxes like this:

LINKCheetah backlink monitoring

I guess you can recognize all the features of the boxes because I’ve already mentioned them in the feature section of this review.


By tapping the boxes, you can go to your desired backlink analysis page.


The first box, Overview, comes with a lot of information like this:

LINKCheetah backlink analysis

So this is the overall backlink analysis of my tested site.


Can you see that you have eight crucial information about your website’s backlinks?


Under the boxes, you’ll get to see a long list of pages for more in-depth backlink analysis information.


This way, you can analyze any of your required websites.



The overall performance of the tool is top-notch.


The tool comes up with almost all types of backlinks analysis information without making you delay.


The speed of the tool is very fast and it doesn’t lag.


LINKCheetah Price

Now I should talk about a bit about its pricing.


You’ve already come to know that LINKCheetah isn’t a free tool, though you can use it for free for some days. This is because it has a free trial version which will let you use the tool for two weeks.


Once the trial period is over, you might want to use it further because of leveraging its great power.


That time, you’ll have to buy its premium plan.


So I’m here to inform you about its plans.

LINKCheetah plans

So the tool has four different premium plans.


You can purchase any of the plans on a monthly basis, but if you go for the annual purchase, you can save up to 25%.



LINKCheetah doesn’t just provide insightful analysis about backlinks, it remains beside its users almost all the time. This is because the live chatting option is always on the right side of the tool.

LINKCheetah chat box

You just need to hit the chat box and it’ll bring a support staff to answer or solve your questions or issues respectively.



We are in the ending part of the review.


After the thorough review, you have found that the tool is too much handy at times of analyzing backlinks of any website.


The tool serves some services that can’t be denied because working on backlinks has a great importance when it comes to ranking your content.


So start giving it a try right now.

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