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This is another great tool for checking grammar that’s why I’ve included this in this list.


Language Tool Review

language tool

The tool is a self-explanatory one which will show you how it works at the time of checking grammar. Just after landing the homepage of the site of Language Tool, you’ll see a box, but this time, it’s not empty.


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Yes, like many other tools, this tool shows a sample text in the box so that the users can easily understand the corrections of the tool.


Now come to the grammatical corrections of the tool. Note that all the flaws are shown in different colored marks.


The first detected issue is related to not using uppercase at the beginning of the sentence. The next one is for not using to instead of too. So, you can see that this subtle mistake can’t pass through this awesome tool.


The next problem is with the proper use of the article (a/an). Repeated words are irritating to read which can also be taken care of this nice tool.


After that, I’ve seen that the tool can also detect the misspelled words in your text. The subject-verb-agreement is at the core of proper grammar and this tool takes care of this nicely.


So, these are some of the great corrections that have been corrected by Language Tool which was shown in the sample text.


Another exciting feature of this tool is that it supports more than 20 languages. So, other than the common English language, you can also try this tool with your native language. Check whether your native language is available in the tool or not.


In addition, the tool supports not only the widely used American English but also works with British, South African, Australian, and more English formats.


To change the language and the version of the English in the tool, you need to follow the buttons available below the checkbox.


Another fabulous feature of this tool is that it can work directly with Chrome. So, if you use Chrome as your browser, then you can use the power of Language Tool with it. What’s more? Wow! You can use the tool for Firefox too.


Not only is that you can use the tool with your Google Docs. All these facilities can make your life much more comfortable when it comes to checking the grammar of your text.

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