KnownHost Vs LiquidWeb (WiredTree) [A Great Fight]

Both KnownHost and LiquidWeb have become a popular web hosting company for providing several VPS and dedicated hosting packs.


Why am I bringing LiquidWeb here though you’re seeing that there’s WiredTree in the title of the post? Because WiredTree has merged with LiquidWeb.


So, KnownHost Vs WiredTree and KnownHost Vs LiquidWeb are all the same.


KnownHost Vs LiquidWeb

Here are the feature according to which I’ll compare the hosting companies –


The server speed of KnownHost is as follows (using the Bitcatcha’s server speed checker) –

speed of knownhost

2 of the US’s speed scores are 1 ms and 2 ms which are quite amazing.


Now, let’s check the server speed of LiquidWeb. The speed of LiquidWeb’s server is here (using the server speed testing tool of PICKUPHOST) –

speed of liquidweb

You can see that the server speed of KnownHost is 1 ms which is really amazing. Another US speed is 2 ms. On the other hand, LiquidWeb shows its speed as 28 ms.


So, we can clearly announce the winner of this part as KnownHost.


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Types of server

KnownHost provides only the Linux-based server whereas LiquidWeb is versatile regarding this. Yes, LiquidWeb has both the Linux and the Windows-based servers.


So, the winner is LiquidWeb is you need more options when it comes to hosting on your preferred server.


Availability of dedicated IP address

KnownHost provides 2 dedicated IP addresses for free with their hosting packs. On the other hand, LiquidWeb doesn’t provide any free dedicated IP address with their hosting packs. If you require a dedicated IP address for your site, then you have the option to buy it on LiquidWeb.


So, KnownHost has become the winner in this part. This is because the hosting company provides some free dedicated IP addresses.


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KnownHost will make you happy in this part because you get a free backup system with all the hosting packs of the hosting company.


On the other hand, LiquidWeb’s backup isn’t free at all. You’ll have to pay for using this feature. The premium backup system must win over a free backup system, but if you compare between paid and free options, then we’ll have to consider KnownHost as the winner here since it has a free backup option.


Disk space

There’s no unlimited storage feature in the hosting packs of KnownHost. The same thing is true in the case of LiquidWeb. The reason for this is that most VPS and dedicated hosting packs don’t provide an unlimited amount of disk space.


So, we can see that both the hosting companies come to a draw in this part.


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All the hosting packs of KnownHost come with an adequate amount of bandwidth, though you won’t get any unlimited option. And LiquidWeb also comes the same feature. The VPS and dedicated hosting packs mostly show this kind of nature.


So, KnownHost and LiquidWeb go through a draw.


Free domain

KnownHost doesn’t provide any free domain with any of its hosting packs. LiquidWeb doesn’t have the free domain providing feature too.


So, you can clearly consider a tie between the hosting companies.


Control panel

You can choose from different options of the control panel if the hosting company is KnownHost. Yes, you can choose either the cPanel or the DirectAdmin.


LiquidWeb has both the cPanel and the Plesk control panels depending on the type of your hosting’s server (Linux or Windows). However, you’ll have to pay for using any of the control panels.


So, we’ll announce a draw between the hosting companies in this part.


This is the comparison between KnownHost and LiquidWeb. Now, it’s your turn to check both of them and pick the most suitable one for hosting your site.

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