KnownHost Review

Web hosting for a site is such valuable that it can make or break the success of it.


So, you should pay much attention when you go to select your website’s web hosting company.

knownhost review

KnownHost Review?

KnownHost is a VPS and dedicated hosting focused hosting company. It has fully functional several VPS and dedicated hosting packages.


KnownHost offers its different web hosting related services at an affordable price. To learn more about the hosting company, keep reading the post.


Features and benefits

This part will let you know the different features and benefits of KnownHost. Note that it’s almost impossible to mention all the features in short though I’ll try my best to talk about all the notable features.


Discount. You may have read the KnownHost discount post where the discount related thing has been discussed. However, know that again that KnownHost doesn’t offer any flat discount though you could get 2 discounts at the time of buying any of its hosting packs on a quarterly or yearly basis.


Guaranteed uptime. KnownHost doesn’t give any guarantee, but it shows a proven uptime record which, I think, is better than the uptime guarantee.

knownhost proven uptime

Here, you can see that there’s a proven uptime record of 99.996%.


Storage. Different hosting packs come with different storages, but none of the packs has an unlimited storage capability. In fact, VPS hosting packs usually come with a limited storage.


Bandwidth. You won’t get any unlimited bandwidth provision in the hosting packs of KnownHost, though there’s a huge bandwidth facility with each of the hosting packs.


Free domain. No, you won’t have this facility. So, the only way to register a domain is by buying one.


The number of domain hosting. You’ll be happy to know that you can host an unlimited number of domains per hosting pack of KnownHost.


Domain registration. KnownHost doesn’t have any direct domain registration option which is really a drawback of the hosting company since most hosting companies provide this feature.


Dedicated IP address. This is another feature that’ll make you happy for sure. You’ll get 2 dedicated IP addresses with your hosting pack which is really an amazing feature.


Control panel. You have the full control of choosing your preferred control panel as the hosting company provides both the cPanel/WHM and the DirectAdmin.


Website transfer. The website transfer feature is free in KnownHost. So, you can use this free feature to migrate your site from another host to KnownHost easily without any cost.


1-Click installer. The web hosting company does provide a 1-click installer, though I couldn’t figure out whether this is Softaculous or not. By the way, this is good enough to know that there’s a 1-click installer available.


Note that the dedicated hosting packs come with the Softaculous pre-installed.


Backups. The backup service of KnownHost is totally free. So, you can use this free service to backup your content for further recovery.


Security. All the hosting packs of the company are DDOS protected, they’re completely optimized, this secured.


Support. KnownHost has a smart support team who’s always ready to serve the best for their users. You can use the Live Sales Chat which is on top of the website.


Other than this support feature, you can contact them by using their phone number or email address. If you want more, you can visit the KnownHost forum, Wiki, and blog too.


Money-back guarantee. All the VPS hosting packs come with a 30-day money back guarantee though you won’t get this offer in any of the dedicated hosting packs of KnownHost.

 knownhost money back guarantee

Hosting plans and pricing

There are 3 types of hosting plans available in KnownHost. Now, I’m gonna discuss all the hosting plans one by one.


Managed VPS

This is the first type of hosting available in the hosting company. There are 7 different managed VPS hosting packs from VPS-1 to VPS-7 available under the Managed VPS.

managed vps

The price varies from $25 to $120 depending on the hosting pack.


Managed SSD VPS

There are also 6 Managed SSD VPS hosting packs available in KnownHost which come with dozens of exciting features.

managed ssd vps

You can see the hosting packs here which must attract any of you at the time of starting a website on a VPS hosting.


Managed Dedicated Servers

Under the Managed Dedicated Servers, there are 4 powerful hosting packs available –

dedicated servers

Using the cPanel along with Softaculous will make your website’s management super easy for sure.



This is a crucial part of any product review as it reveals the performance of the product. Monitoring the uptime and the speed of a hosting company is very effective in checking the exact performance of it.


So, here are the uptime records and the speed test of KnownHost.


The uptime records of the hosting company in a previous couple of months are here –

January 2017: 99.9%

February 2017: 100%

March 2017: 100%


So, the uptime shows a marvelous result indeed.


Now, check the speed of the hosting. To do that, I’m gonna use Bitcatcha’s server speed checker tool.


Here are the results depending on different locations –

speed of knownhost

Wow! Amazing! The hosting company got A+ in its speed test. Some of the speeds such as 1 ms and 2 ms are quite amazing too. So, the hosting company is very speedy locating in both the US and the UK.


Pros and cons


  • Great uptime
  • Amazing server response time
  • Powerful hosting packs included so many features



  • No direct domain registration facility
  • No free domain registration facility


Verdict and your decision

Now is the time to show you the final verdict which will help you take your wise decision. After the thorough discussion, you can see that KnownHost has a lot of great features which are helpful in running a site smoothly.


By analyzing all the features of the hosting company, I’m confident to give it a 4-star rating. Now, it’s your turn to check the hosting company and decide whether to use it or not.

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