15 Kickass Blog Making Formulas for Better Blogging

Every blogger wants to see that his/her blog becomes a kickass blog, but many of them actually don’t know how to do it.

kickass blog

Being a blogger for many years, through trial and error, I came to know how to make a kickass blog by following dozens of rules. As you know that I always share those things that I learn from my life, I’m gonna share my experience of making a better blog.


How to make a kickass blog?

Now is the time to reveal the secrets of making a better blog. I’m gonna elaborate all the steps one by one and you’ll just need to follow them.


#1. Give Time for a Kickass Blog

give adequate time

To make anything great, you’ll need to invest time in that. The same thing goes here when you wanna make a kickass blog. I’ve seen that many bloggers start their blogs, write a few posts on those and then dream to be popular overnight.


The real scenario is quite different. As a result, these kinds of bloggers become disappointed within a short period of time and the end result is nothing other than quitting their blogs.


You can never do a great thing within a day. You’ll have to spend day after day for achieving something big. You’ll also have to give much time to your blogging on a regular basis.


So, first of all, check your daily time and see whether you can manage adequate time for blogging. If you can, that’s great. If the answer is no, then you should be away from blogging because it needs time. Without giving much time in blogging, you can’t expect to get exciting things from your blog.


So, before you jump into blogging, you should manage proper time for it. Otherwise, the end result will be quitting your blogging without having anything.


One thing to add here is that currently, the search giant Google inspects a blog for at least 6 months to consider whether it’s a good or a bad one. So, you should work hard and soul on a regular basis for the first 6 months to see any understandable gain from your blog.


That’s the reason, you shouldn’t expect anything great from your blog within the first 6 months or so. If you can work really hard for your blog from the beginning for 6 months, you could possibly see a great result from it.


#2. Make an Awesome Schedule

Making an awesome schedule is very crucial because it can take you to the right path of blogging. If you can make a nice schedule for blogging, then you can become consistent in it.


And consistency in any work is quite necessary in order to do well in it.


To learn more about the schedule of blogging, read this –

How often should you blog?


#3. Select a Suitable Place

Blogging needs dedication. You need to sit for writing for blogging which, I think, is the most difficult part of blogging. And to sit comfortably for blogging, you need a dedicated place for it.

place for blogging

Well, you can say that a lot of travel bloggers basically blog while they’re on the go, but what about at your home? Can you do the same? I mean can you sit anywhere at your home for blogging? No, you can’t. You’ll see that a lot of distractions are taking you away from your blogging. So, it’s wise to manage a place for blogging and use that when you blog.


You should manage a room where hardly anybody visits. This way, you can avoid many distractions and go for a dedicated blogging.


Having a dedicated place for blogging is also good for seriousness about blogging. If you can have a room or a place that’s solely for blogging, then you could feel like blogging is a business or something formal.


Many bloggers fail due to taking blogging in an informal way.


If you check some professional bloggers, then you’ll see that most of them have a dedicated place for blogging.


#4. Manage Finance

This part is very important, but the main problem is that most people can’t understand this. Yes, most newbies in blogging don’t manage their finances thinking that they could start making money within a very short period of time.


The truth is that blogging isn’t a quick money-making machine. It requires time to grow and start generating handsome amount of money.


Read the importance of managing finance for blogging here. 


#5. Have Necessary Gadgets

I’ve seen that many bloggers don’t pay heed to this matter. Yes, many of them aren’t careful about using proper devices for blogging. You can never do this. To blog, at least you need a PC with decent speed internet connection. A laptop is the best for blogging since you won’t have to stop blogging while you’re on travel if you own a laptop.


A light-weight, small laptop is suitable for blogging. So, when you start your blogging and wanna take it to the next level, you should be ready for every necessary thing with you.


A laptop is the best for blogging

Also, try to choose a laptop that can run for many hours on its battery because sometimes, there might be load shedding or you may need to blog for a long time on the go where charging isn’t available.


So, try to have a mini laptop, a modem, power bank, travel charger etc for risk-free blogging. Also, don’t waste your money by buying unnecessary things for blogging. Spend wisely while you’re buying things for your comfortable blogging.


#6. Choose a Good Hosting Pack

A hosting pack is enough to make or break your online business. Are you surprised to read it? Yes, you read it right. Many bloggers fail to achieve their goals because of hosting their blogs on troublesome hosting companies.


So, it’s highly recommended that you go for a reputed hosting company. You may need to spend a bit more for hosting on a good hosting company, but you’ll get the return in every single day.


Hosting my site on a poor hosting company did a lot of troubles to me when I started my first blog. I went for a cheap rated hosting company without giving much importance to the awesomeness of hosting packs.


It was a regular thing to see recurring downtime and slow speed on my blog. Finally, I became aware of the importance of a good hosting and then switched to iPage and Namecheap.


Here are some powerful hosting companies to choose from –

Bluehost review 

iPage Hosting review 


#7. Professional Logo and Favicon

These are the two things of any blog that grab the initial attention of every visitor. Yes, a favicon is seen when your blog isn’t loaded yet. So, an eye-catching favicon of your blog can give your blog’s visitors a good feel about your blog.


The favicon of this blog is  and I think that the design can easily spread the message of making money affiliate marketing. Yes, my blog helps people succeed gradually in online businesses.


After loading a blog, the first attention grabber is its logo. So, you should make your blog’s logo look professional. The logo of this blog is as follows –


You can design your blog’s logo and favicon yourself if you know how to design them. There are many tools available online to design a logo and a favicon. You can use a decent designing tool.


If your designing skills are ZERO, then you can take help from any other person who’s capable of designing your blog’s logo favicon. To do so, landing a freelancing site and hiring a good graphic designer will be enough.


Visit Fiverr  (Click Here) and hire a kickass graphic designer to design your logo and favicon for as low as $5 to $10.


#8. Clean Layout

Always try to make your blog neat and clean and to do so, there’s no way other than keeping fewer widgets with legible fonts.


So, you should use some necessary widgets on your blog. Also, the fonts of your blog should be easy to read. Not only is that your blog’s theme should be cleanly coded. All these things could combinedly show up a nice blogging layout that will be loved by any of your readers.


#9. Niche Blogging

To win in blogging, you should be in a niche. Without choosing your preferred niche, you can never blog comfortably. And how can you make a better blog if you struggle to blog smoothly?


So, it’s a prerequisite to select your blogging niche and then go accordingly to that. Ask yourself what topic (s) you’re passionate about. Listen to your heart and choose a suitable niche for your blog.


After selecting the niche, start blogging. So, you should invest some time in choosing your blogging niche long before you start your blog.


Read the following two posts for further details –

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How to choose a profitable niche for affiliate marketing?


#10. Monetization Method

You need to figure out the major money making method of your blog from the very beginning. This will help you go through a planned way.


You can see that I teach how to be a smart affiliate marketer on this blog, so it’s clear that to me, the best monetization method is affiliate marketing.


#11. Relevant Affiliate Products

To most bloggers, affiliate marketing is the best monetization method. If you don’t wanna make any product of your own or go for AdSense, then nothing can defeat the money-making opportunities of affiliate marketing.


So, if you plan to join in some affiliate programs, you should choose the relevant affiliate products for your blog. This is important because of organizing blog posts on your blog.


You can choose either separate affiliate products or combined affiliate marketplaces for having a lot of products in the same place.


I always recommend Commission Junction when it comes to choosing an affiliate marketplace. There are many products available on Commission Junction, so, you should pick the products for your blog carefully.


Choose those products that are relevant to your blogging niche.


#12. Target Suitable Keywords

SEO starts with targeting suitable keywords. The more suitable keywords you target, the better search visibility you can expect to get.


I’m talking much about this matter here now. You had better read the following two posts in order to learn about it clearly –

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And How to find low competition keywords using SEMrush? 


#13. Write Great Content

If you do all the things, but your blog’s content is poor, then you could be nowhere with your blog. That’s content is king. So, you should learn how to write irresistible content for your blog.


To make a content great, you’ll have to work both for human and robot. Yes, you’ll have to please your readers and at the same time, search engines will have to give your content some value. Otherwise, you couldn’t rank your blog posts on SERPs.


So, you should learn how to write persuasive SEO content. If you can learn the craft, then you could be a blogging hero for sure.


Targeting keywords, which I’ve already mentioned earlier, is one of the important points of maintaining SEO. Some other crucial SEO factors are as follows –

  • Maintaining keyword prominence.
  • There should a decent keyword density in your blog posts.
  • Proper use of tags and categories.
  • Using relevant multimedia.
  • Properly optimized images.
  • Having relevant and quality internal, external links and backlinks.
  • The length of your posts should be decent.
  • Well-structured blog posts.


You should learn where your targeted keywords need to be placed in your blog posts. This is called the keyword prominence. You should give much attention to this stage because the keyword prominence has a great impact on ranking a post.


Many bloggers are very liberal in maintaining a keyword density in their post, but you should be very careful in maintaining the right density of keywords in every blog post that you write.


The keyword density of 0.2 – 0.4% is enough I think and you should never cross this density. You should emphasize more on writing every blog post naturally by maintaining the keyword prominence well.


Using tags and categories in your blog posts has a great role in exploring them when somebody searches with the relevant keywords. So, learn and utilize how to use tags and categories.


Multimedia like images, audios, videos etc can also make your content more impressive which is crucial for ranking it. Also, make sure that the images of your blog posts are properly optimized.


Links have a great value in ranking on the web. The internet is called the web for linking one web page to another. So, you can see how important it’s to link relevant pages.


You should link to all the relevant internal links with proper anchor texts. At the time of outbound linking, you must pay heed to both relevancy and quality.


And when it comes to building backlinks for your blog posts, make sure that they’re relevant and quality full. You should know that poor backlinks are bad for your blog posts’ ranking. So, if you see that somebody has linked to your blog posts with poor backlinks, then you should disavow them.


One important thing about your blog posts is their structures. Yes, the structure of your blog posts should be perfectly written. The structure of a blog post is made with header tags (H1, H2, H3….. etc).


Also, the length of a blog post matters a lot. If your posts are lengthy enough, then those could rank better.


These are some of the SEO factors that will surely rank your posts on top of SERPs and better ranking means that you’re gonna have a kickass blog shortly due to the surge of organic traffic from different search engines.


To learn more about SEO, read the ultimate guide to SEO now.


#14. Make Your Blog Speedy

Never let any of your readers flee from your blog due to its slow speed. So, make your blog speedy enough so that your readers never feel that they’re depriving of their required speed.


I usually hit the back button on my browser when I see that a blog is taking too much time to load. So, you should have a great lesson from this.


So, check your website’s speed as soon as possible.


If your site isn’t speedy enough, then learn how to speed up your WordPress website in 9 simple steps here.


#15. Make Your Blog Responsive

Making your blog responsive is quite necessary because your site needs to be adapted to different screen sizes. So, check whether your blog is responsive or not.


If your blog isn’t responsive, don’t panic because you can solve the problem just by using a responsive WordPress theme.


You can see that my site is responsive because I use one of the prominent themes named Schema that I’ve already mentioned.


So, these are the 15 ways you can make your blog a kickass one. You’ll have to learn the ways and apply them properly to your blog.


And remember one thing once again that nothing great happens within a short period of time. You need to invest ample amount of time and stick to your regular work for your blogging.


Soon, you’ll see the success of your blog. Wish you all the best.


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