How to Make Money on KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing)

Kindle Direct Publishing which is shortly known as KDP is the self-publishing platform of the eCommerce giant, Amazon. Many people from all over the world have already become established by publishing their eBooks on the platform.

kindle direct publishing

So, the platform, KDP, has a huge potentiality to make you a self-proclaimed author within a very short time.


The platform offers a very straightforward way of publishing eBooks there. So, you won’t have to worry about publishing your own writing.


The best part of the publishing is that you can make thousands of dollars by selling your eBooks on this platform. Today in this blog post, I’ve intended to write on this matter.


Yes, there are many ways you can leverage Kindle Direct Publishing and from this, you can make a living publishing on KDP.


How to Make Money with KDP?

Now, I’ll start telling the main part of this blog post which is related to making money with KDP. First of all, I’ll point out the main steps of doing this and then I’ll also elaborate all the points too.


Here are the steps –

  1. Sign up on Amazon for a KDP account
  2. Then, start writing an eBook
  3. Once you have written an eBook, now is the time to upload and set up that on Amazon KDP
  4. Select the price of the eBook and set that in the KDP Dashboard
  5. After that, you can publish the eBook which will be visible on Amazon eBook store
  6. You can also go for Amazon KDP Select for a rigorous free eBook campaign which will make your eBook popular
  7. From the KDP reports, you can check the performance of your eBook from time to time.


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