iSkysoft Audio Recorder for Windows Review: Amazing Tool

You won’t find anybody who doesn’t love music. Nowadays everyone has a collection of music stored on the micro SD card of their smartphones. They have also a list of music for downloading.


If you want to download or record your listed or desired music during music streaming, then you need an audio recorder which will help you to record a noiseless, clear audio or music.


If you search an audio recorder in Google or other search engines, you will get a huge number of an audio recorder. That makes you hesitated.


One day, while watching Youtube, I liked a song which was attached to a music video.


I wanted that song only as in audio format.


Then I felt the need of an audio recorder. I Googled and got many audio recorders on the Internet. After suffering many hassles, I found my expected software from the list of audio recorders.


It’s iSkysoft Audio Recorder for Windows (since I’m a Windows user) that I had chosen that day.


Today, I’ll talk about the software as it’s gonna be a thorough review of the tool.


iSkysoft Audio Recorder Review

After using iSkysoft Audio Recorder to record that audio from Youtube, I became a fan of it.


Since then, I use this software to record audio. It’s reliable software for audio recording.


If you want to get a clear audio clip from an audio recorder, you can use iSkysoft Audio Recorder

This software is supported in Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7,8,10 PC. It is created particularly for these Windows versions. It has another version that is also supported in Mac PC, but I won’t go for detailing that version because this review is only on the Windows version of the tool.


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Benefits of iSkysoft Audio Recorder for Windows

It’s very fine audio recorder software. You can record audio from both audio and video files from different websites like Dailymotion, Metacafe, Hulu, Vimeo, Youtube etc.


You will get super quality music by using this software since the recorded audios will seem like the original music. This software can record any type of sound from your PC.


You will be able to customize audio quality range (from low to high) of that recorded file and save them as the mp3 audio format.


During your audio recording, this software can automatically add information of that audio or music like as Title, Artist, Genre, and Album.


Visit iSkysoft Audio Recorder



This amazing software has some great features. It supports more than 550 websites for recording.

Users can record audio or music from the various online radio like XM Radio Online, iTunes Radio, Slacker Radio, Sirius Radio, BBC Radio, Radio Blog Club, Mixcloud, Spotify, Pandora, AOL Music, RDIO, GUBA, Sound Cloud, Yahoo Music, LAST.FM, MySpace, Rhapsody, Deezer, Napster, Grooveshark, 8 Tracks, Xbox Music, NPC, Google Play and iHeart Radio etc.


As a user, you can record music and turn this off with a single click.


For recording purpose, this software uses a virtual sound card.


For this user get high-quality and clear sound when an audio is recorded which will be as amazing as original music or audio.


The excellent features of the iSkysoft audio recorder are that using it you can record music or audio from an audio or video file.



Among a lot of positive sides of the tool, here are some of the noticeable things of the tool –

  • Playing (streaming) music or videos from hundreds of websites can be recorded
  • It is very easy to operate this software
  • It filters ads automatically.



iSkysoft Audio Recorder isn’t free from flaws. Here are some negative sides of the tool that I’ve found in it –

  • It provides only two audio formats. Those are MP3 and M4A.
  • Sometimes it cannot manage or add the information of audio like the Title, Artist name etc.
  • Sometimes its recording speed becomes slow.
  • To get all the benefits of the tool by unlocking its premium features, you need to purchase its premier version.



As you’ve learned that I’ve been using this tool for many days. I didn’t stop using the tool since I started using it.


Now, I use it for recording my favorite songs from Youtube. It is very easy to use. With only one click, you can record your desired audio or music and turn them easily into MP3 format.

Pricing and Rating

The price of the iSkysoft Audio Recorder is changeable. Sometimes you can get it with discount.


So, to know the current price you should go to its official site. Click Here


I like it for its great performance. You can use its trial version for justifying.



From my angle, it’s a reliable audio recorder.


It is very suitable for getting clear audio or music. The iSkysoft Audio Recorder is one of the best and amazing software among many other audio recorders.


If you need an audio recorder, you can purchase it for getting more control and better experience while recording your preferred audio.

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