Is InMotion Hosting Good ~ Yes or NO ~ Know that Now

What do you think about InMotion Hosting – is InMotion Hosting good?


I’ve already written the InMotion Hosting review a long time back where I rated the hosting company with a good rating.


In fact, in my review, the hosting company got a 4-star rating.


Now, in this post, I’ll let you know is InMostion Hosting a good hosting company.


So, read the post and get the answer with a lot of proofs.


Is InMotion Hosting good?

To answer this question, I’ll show the performance of InMotion Hosting from different angles.


Here are the performance tests –

Uptime. InMotion Hosting guarantees an uptime of 99.9%, though we should check its fact. To do so, I’m showing you the uptime records recorded in some of the previous months.


Here are the uptime records –

June 2016: 99.9%

July 2016: 100%

August 2016: 99.8%

September 2016: 99.9%

October 2016: 99.7%

November 2016: 100%

December 2016: 99.9%

January 2017: 99.9%

February 2017: 99.6%

March 2017: 99.8%


So, the uptime records prove that InMotion Hosting’s claim for keeping its standard uptime is quite true.


Speed. In this part, I’ll test the speed of InMotion Hosting using 2 different tools named PICKUPHOST speed test and Bitcatcha’s server speed checker.


InMotion Hosting has been chosen as the host in the tool. I’ve checked the server location as the USA –

inmotion hosting as the host

Then, after hitting the “Speed Test” button, I’ve got the speed score as this –

speed of inmotion hosting

8 ms is an amazingly fast speed.


Then, I tested the hosting company with another tool which is the Bitcatcha’s server speed checker. Here are the speed scores for different locations –

inmotion hosting server response time

You can see that this tool shows better performing result for the hosting company. 1 ms for the US server location is a fabulous speed.


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Cost-effectiveness. The prices of different hosting and domain services of InMotion Hosting are quite cheap and at the same time, you’ll get a huge discount on almost all the hosting packages.


Freebies. Most of the services of InMotion Hosting come with a lot of freebies. You’ll get so many free things such as domain, data backups, SSD drives, 1-Click installer, and more.


Unlimited features. Other than a lot of freebies, there are many unlimited features available with all the hosting packs of InMotion Hosting.


The storage, the bandwidth, the email accounts etc are unlimited with most of the hosting plans of this web hosting company.


Support and money-back guarantee. Whether a web hosting company is good or bad can be judged by inspecting its support team.


Yes, InMotion Hosting has a responsive group of support staffs who’re dedicated to taking care of their clients’ concerns.


You can contact them using many ways available on the site of the hosting company.


Also, there’s an unusual money-back period offered by this hosting company. Why am I saying that the period is unusual? Because it’s 90 days which is much longer than the usual period given by most other web hosting companies.


Finally, all the analysis proves that InMotion Hosting is a good web hosting company that anyone of you can consider when it comes to starting a website using it.


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