Is Grammarly Premium Worth it? A Real Review

Is Grammarly a good grammar checker? To learn this well, you’ll have to read this post where I’ll show you whether it’s a good punctuation checker or not.


So, let’s check it out.


Is Grammarly Worth it?

You know that Grammarly has two versions – one is free and the other one is paid. First of all, I’ll try to analyze whether the software is a good grammar checker or not that comes for free. In the latter part of this post, I’ll also talk about the worthiness of the tool when you use its premium version.


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So, first of all, learn about is Grammarly worth it as a free tool. The free tool offers the following services –

  • Grammar and punctuation issues
  • Spelling issues

And there’s another important service of the tool which doesn’t come as a freebie. This is plagiarism check which is a premium feature of the tool. I’ll talk about this feature of the tool in the next part of this post.


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So, how good is Grammarly when it comes to checking grammatical and spelling related flaws in your writing? Here, I’m discussing the spelling checking service of the tool, first of all. This is because it’ll take little time to discuss the thing.


Grammarly can detect all sorts of spelling related flaws. So, if you write a word with improper spelling, then the tool will detect it shortly and let you know about it. Just by hovering the mouse pointer over the misspelled word, you can have the correct suggestions. From the suggested words, you can pick the most appropriate one for the word. This way, you can easily avoid so many types of spelling issues.


This means that you can get rid of many typos just by taking help of Grammarly at the time of writing your content.


Now, come to the part of the grammatical check of the tool. The grammar of a piece of content is the most important part. So, you should be very much careful in avoiding your grammatical flaws.


Since Grammarly takes care of different punctuation related issues, you can use it to use the punctuation marks in your writing properly. You know how important it’s to use the comma properly. Grammarly can tell you where to use this tiny punctuation mark correctly as to make your writing correct.


The tool also checks the proper subject-verb-agreement. So, if you mistakenly use a wrong verb after a subject, then the tool will detect it so that you can correct it.


One notable feature of the tool is that it can be used on different platforms. Suppose that you’re writing a blog post on your WordPress dashboard. At that time, you can use Grammarly to detect your flaws if there’s any. Also, you can use it with MS Word.


So, whether you’re writing a blog post or an email for your client, you can get Grammarly beside you almost all the time.


Finally, I can say that it’s very easy to use. You won’t have to learn rocket science in order to use this tool which is a big plus for its users. Learn how to use Grammarly.


Is it worth the cost?

As you’ve learned that the tool has its paid version too now is the time to explore – is Grammarly premium worth it.


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Grammarly claims that the premium version is capable of correcting over 250 kinds of grammatical issues. In addition, the plagiarism checking feature is only available in the premium version.


You can learn about Grammarly plagiarism checker here.


So, you’ve seen that it costs only $11.66 per month and just by paying this small amount of fee, you’re getting hundreds of features that can fine-tune your writing skills for sure.


To learn more about the tool, you can read the review.


Now, it’s your turn to check the tool and decide whether to use it or not. I hope that you could find both the positive and the negative sides of the tool from your own perspective. For this, now I wanna ask you a question – is Grammarly worth it?

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