IPOWER SiteLock: For the Ultimate Protection of Your Site

IPOWER provides the SiteLock which is very popular in keeping your site secure. In this short blog post, I’ll discuss the IPOWER SiteLock.

sitelock features

Using the SiteLock makes your site completely secured. So, you should use this great service on your site.

automatic fix

SiteLock works automatically and fixes everything of your site in no time. So, this is a great way of making your site a safe place.

malware prevention

IPOWER SiteLock has 3 different plans which are shown here –

sitelock plans

So, the SiteLock has the Find, the Fix, and the Prevent plans.



This is the cheapest plan of SiteLock which works for finding for different types of malware. This plan costs only $1.94 per month.


This plan includes daily scanning of your site for various malicious malware. So, through the thorough scan of the tool, you could come to know whether your site is attacked or not.


Note that this plan is only for detecting malware on your site, so you can’t expect the fixing using the Find plan of the SiteLock.



This plan costs more than the previous one and your site’s malware (if there’s any) could be automatically removed using the plan. So, the extra cost of this plan worth it.



If you wanna have the complete SiteLock features, then you’ll have to go for the Prevent plan of the tool which costs $38.75 per month.


The price of this plan may seem a bit more than those of the previous plans, but if you look at the features, you’ll agree that it’s quite normal.


Note that SiteLock and IPOWER are two different companies. SiteLock works with many web hosting companies and people buy it as a security product with their hosting plans.


However, if you feel that you need to protect your site from different types of viruses (and who doesn’t feel!), then you must buy the SiteLock with your web hosting pack.


Read the IPOWER review and Visit IPOWER now in order to buy the SiteLock plan for your site.

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