iPower Hosting Review: A Through Review of the Hosting

This is another hosting review and it’s on IPOWER. Learn about the hosting company in details so that you can come to know if this will be a promising hosting company for your site.


iPower Hosting Review

IPOWER is a powerful web hosting company that started its journey in 2001.


The birth year of the hosting company proves that this is an old hosting company that has been serving its customers with many types of web hosting services.


Yes, IPOWER comes with tons of exciting services.


You’ll be happy to know that the company provides not only hosting services but also other types of services that are the complement to run a site without missing anything.


More or less, the website interface of IPOWER is similar to the site of iPage.


Features and Benefits

Dedicated IP address. No, this hosting company doesn’t provide a dedicated IP address with any of its shared hosting plans like iXWebHosting.


Reading the previous sentence, you shouldn’t be so much unhappy because most hosting companies don’t offer this exciting feature. However, a dedicated IP address for your site is quite beneficial for more security and better ranking.


So, if you wanna feel that you need a dedicated IP for your site, then buy one for the ultimate satisfaction.


Discount. Almost all the hosting packs of IPOWER come with a huge discount. So, you can enjoy this great offer.


Guaranteed uptime. No, the hosting company doesn’t guarantee any uptime. So, you should check the part of the performance to see how good the uptime of this hosting company.


Storage. Except the Starter shared hosting plan, all the other shared and WordPress hosting plans have an unlimited disk space capability.


So, you can choose any of the hosting packs as per your requirement of the web space.


Bandwidth. Like the storage, in case of bandwidth, the hosting packs behave the same. That means all the hosting plans will provide you an unmetered bandwidth except the Starter plan.


Free domain. The Starter plan won’t provide you any free domain, so the only way to avail a domain for your site is to buy one. The domain cost is very cheap which is as low as $8.99 per year.


And all the other hosting packs come with one to multiple free domains for the first year of your purchase. Yes, the Pro Plus plan provides 3 free domains. NetFirms also offers this type of exciting feature.


The number of domain hosting. The Starter plan is all about limitations. Yes, the hosting pack allows you only one domain to be hosted on it.


On the other hand, you have the room for hosting an unlimited number of domains on any of the other hosting packs.


Domain registration. Like many other web hosting companies, IPOWER is also a domain registrar. That means you can register your required domain using this hosting company.


MySQL databases. None of the shared hosting packs provide the unlimited number of MySQL databases.


The number of email accounts. You’ll disappoint by learning that the Starter plan only allows you to create an email address.


The next hosting plan provides 2500 email accounts opening and the Pro Plus plan has an unlimited number of the email accounts opening facility.


The number of FTP accounts. The hosting company provides the FTP account with all of its hosting packs though it doesn’t disclose about how many accounts you could use depending on the hosting pack.


Control panel. Another disappointing feature of IPOWER is that it doesn’t provide cPanel as your website’s control panel. But don’t be sad since the control panel of IPOWER is easy to use too.


Website builder. You can use your own website builder with any packs of this web hosting company.


Website transfer. IPOWER doesn’t focus on this matter, so I was unable to find out whether the hosting company provides free website migration service or not.


1-Click installer. You can use MOJO Marketplace as the 1-Click installer. I’ve said several times that MOJO Marketplace is a robust one-click installer, but Softaculous is the best for this task.


SSL certificate.  None of the hosting packs offer a free SSL certificate. So, the only way of having an SSL certificate for your site is to buy one from the “PRODUCTS” section of IPOWER.


Buy your dedicated SSL certificate in order to provide the ultimate privacy protection to your website’s visitors.


Since SSL certificate doesn’t cost much, you shouldn’t miss using this on your site.


Backups. All the hosting packs of IPOWER have the backup software included though, for the best service, you can go for this premium backup service.


Security. You’ll get a lot of security features in the “PRODUCTS” section and backup is one of the security measures too.


Other than the backup feature, you should also use SiteLock to make your website fully protected since it provides a lot of premium services at a cheap rate.


Support. IPOWER is too smart when it comes to supporting their customers. For this, you’ll see a lot of support options on the site of the hosting company.


They also claim that there’s a 24*7 support available from their end for their customers.


IPOWER has also a complete segment dedicated to focusing their skilled and responsive support.


Money back guarantee. Most web hosting companies allow from 30 to 90 days as a test period during which you can claim your money back for a poor hosting service.

IPOWER doesn’t provide a very long period like HostGator which gives a 45-day money back guarantee, but it also allows you 30 days for the money back period.


So, you can use the long one month for testing how good the hosting services of IPOWR are.


IPower hosting plans

IPOWER has come with many types of hosting like the shared, the VPS, the dedicated, and the WordPress.


Also, there are several hosting packs under each of the hosting types. One missing hosting type is the cloud hosting which is very popular nowadays.


The shared hosting of IPOWER has three different hosting packs. The Starter plan is the starting hosting plan.


Since this hosting pack has a lot of limitations that I mentioned in the feature part of this post, you should always avoid this pack.


The next shared hosting pack is The Unlimited Pro Plan.


This is the most recommended hosting plan of IPOWER, so you should check this pack seriously.


And the third hosting plan is the Pro Plus Plan.


It’s full of unlimited features.


As said before, IPOWER has also the managed WordPress hosting plan.


There are two WP hosting packs available.


Both the WP hosting packs are bundled with a lot of awesome features.


So if you wanna start a powerful WordPress website of your own, then go for any of the 2 WordPress packs of IPOWER.


The hosting company has also some VPS packs.


You can see that the interface is almost similar to iPage’s site.


You can also select your dedicated hosting plan the same way.


Both the VPS and the dedicated hosting plans come with a huge discount, so you can save a lot of amount at the time of buying your hosting pack from IPOWER.

visit ipower


The uptime is a great factor to judge whether a web hosting company is good or not. So, here are some uptime records recorded in the recent months –

November 2016: 99.2%

December 2016: 99%

January  2017: 99.9%

February 2017: 99.4%

March 2017: 99.7%


You can see that in the last 5 months, the uptime results were very disappointing.


After showing you the uptime records, now, I’ll show you the server speed of the hosting company. To do this, I’ve used the speed test tool of PICKUPHOST that I regularly use.


So, I’ve selected IPOWER as the host in the tool. Then, I selected the server location as the USA.

ipower as the host

After that, I hit the “Speed Test” button of the tool that started analyzing the speed of IPOWER’s server.


Within a few seconds, I saw the speed score of the hosting company. Here’s the score –

speed of ipower

Wow! It’s considered as the turbo speed which means very fast server.


IPOWER has focused much on its responsive support team and they have won the hearts of their customers by providing a timely support system.


Note that the recent live chat establishment needs a long time which is really irritating to any of you.


Pros and cons


  • Environment-friendly power supply (uses wind power)
  • Easy to use dashboard
  • Very good server speed


  • No free domain and unlimited features in the starting plan
  • No Windows-based server
  • Single email account with the starting hosting plan
  • Poor uptime
  • Starting the live chat may need a long time



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Verdict and your decision

This is the final part of the POWER review which is involved with the final verdict too. So, you’ll get to know about the rating and recommendation of the hosting company.


I’m taking much time to let you know the rating of this web hosting company. Yes, the company deserves a 4-star rating and this rating is based on a lot of factors.


There are many good sides of the hosting company, but one thing to add here is that if you want me to rate the Starter plan of this company, then I would rate it with a 1-star. Yikes!


Yes, you should always check all the hosting packs of this web hosting company except the starting plan.


So, what do you think about the hosting company? Can it be your website’s hosting provider? By the way, the decision is yours.

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