iPage WordPress Hosting Plan Review in 2020 [Updated]

iPage has proved itself as one of the popular shared hosting providers, but do you know that its WordPress hosting plan is powerful enough too?


Yes, in this episode, I’ll be talking about the WordPress hosting plan of iPage.


iPage WordPress Hosting Plan Review

So let’s check the complete review now.


Names of the WordPress hosting packs.

iPage offers two WordPress packs.


Here are the two WordPress hosting packs of iPage:

  1. WP Starter
  2. WP Essential



Currently, the regular price of WP Starter is $7.49 per month, though you’re now getting it at a discounted price of $3.75 per month.


On the other hand, the regular price of the iPage WP Essential is $10.49 per month and because of the whopping discount, you can get it at $6.75 on a monthly basis now.


Discount on the hosting packs.

As said before that the price tags are shown for the iPage WordPress hosting packs are after a whopping discount.


If you follow the link given at the end of this post, you’ll get the maximum discount. So, don’t worry about getting your hosting discounts.


Renewal price.

The renewal price is exactly the same as the regular price. This is normal for all the hosting companies.


When they sell their products, they provide an awe-inspiring discount in order to have more sales.


So you should check the regular, thus the renewal price of a hosting pack because you’ll have to pay at that rate after the first period of purchasing it.


Money-back guarantee.

iPage gives 30 days as its money-back period.


This offer is also valid for any of the WordPress hosting packs.


So you get 30 days to claim your money back at the time of your purchase of the WordPress hosting pack of iPage.


Mentionable Features

Now, I’ll reveal some of the exciting features of both the WordPress hosting packs.



Checking the uptime of a server is quite essential to understand its performance.


So I’m showing you some uptime records of iPage so that you can check them before using their hosting packs:

April 2018: 99.99%

May 2018: 100%

June 2018: 99.97%


So we can consider the uptime of iPage good enough.


Storage and bandwidth.

iPage is very smart when it comes to providing enough disk space and bandwidth.


First of all, let me talk about the storage of the hosting packs.


Both the hosting packs come with an unlimited amount of disk space.


And if you look at the bandwidth of the hosting packs, then this will make you happy too since it’s scalable in both the packages.


This means that your WordPress site run on any of the WordPress hosting packs of iPage can receive as much traffic as it can. This is the case the iPage is telling you that your site’s visitors can be millions since there’s no limitation in them.


Another important feature is the number of mailboxes available per hosting account. Yes, you have the full flexibility here too because of this:

ipage unlimited mailboxes

1-Click installer.

The WordPress hosting packs of iPage are packed with the MOJO Marketplace 1-click installer.


I’ve used the tool and found that it’s as easy as Softaculous. So, there’s no need to worry about using the tool if it seems new to you.


Website builder.

You may desire to design your site as per your wish.


But how will you do this since you’re not a coder or you know nothing about coding?


Well, you have good news and this is the availability of a website builder. A site builder is a tool that comes with the drag and drop facility which allows anyone to create his/her site without the need for coding.


iPage has a website builder that has the freemium feature that means you can use the free version of the tool with some limitations.


Pre-installed themes.

One of the great beauties of a WordPress site is that it can be adorned with so many styles since there are thousands of themes available.


With the iPage WordPress hosting, your joy becomes more because the hosting company provides the MOJO Theme Marketplace.


Your hosting pack comes with a lot of pre-installed themes.


Control panel.

iPage provides its own vDeck control panel for managing the sites hosted by the hosting company. Using the control panel is quite handy, but one problem is that sometimes, it hangs.


Free domain.

Most hosting companies provide this as a promotional offer for the first year only.


iPage also allows their users to register a domain for free with any of the WordPress hosting packs.


Guaranteed super speed.

A website works poorly if the speed isn’t that fast. iPage promises that a super speed is guaranteed with it.


Here’s their claim regarding this –

super speed of ipage wp

Enhanced security. 

A hosting without the proper security means nothing to us.


So more or less, most web hosting companies are aware of this matter.


The security feature becomes much stronger with the premium hosting packs of a hosting company.


iPage didn’t divert from this trend. They also come with an Enhanced Security feature with their WP hosting packs.


You can see that the company provides both the SiteLock and the firewall protections for keeping your WordPress website secure.


Also, iPage provides a daily backup facility for your valuable content. This ensures that even though you lose your content somehow from your site, you don’t ultimately lose them. The backup is there to protect the loss of your content.


Websites are prone to be attacked by malicious viruses. So, there’s the Malware protection feature comes with both the WordPress hosting packs of iPage.



This is another crucial feature of being a decent hosting company.


From my own experience, I can say that the support team of iPage is quite responsive.


The live chat feature works very fast and you can connect with any of the support staffs of iPage within a few minutes.


Note that the time for establishing a chat with the iPage support staff may be different depending on the congestion.


The support ticket option is also very quick to connect with the help team of iPage. I got the reply to my queries from the iPage support ticket within 24 hours.


And iPage offers an expert support for the users of their WordPress hosting packs. So the support is expected to be even better than that of its shared hosting pack.


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Compare the competition

In this section of the post, I’ll compare iPage WordPress hosting plan with some of the WordPress hosting plans of other renowned hosting companies.


iPage itself has shown a comparison on its site, so, let me show you that here:

comparison of ipage wordpress

Now, I’ll analyze the above comparison chart. As seen in the chart, the price of the best iPage WordPress pack (though this is the discounted price) is much less than those of the other competitions. So, iPage is the winner when pricing is the main factor.


The next comparison factor is the money-back guarantee. In this feature, iPage can’t be the winner because both GoDaddy and WPEngine provide better offer than it.


In the next feature, iPage has become the winner by providing an unlimited number of mailboxes. And providing a free domain isn’t offered by any of the competitions. So, literally, iPage wins here again.


We can’t compare the hosting plans according to the feature of providing malware protection because all the hosting companies on the list provide the feature.


And other than Media Temple, all the hosting companies on the list come with the daily backup feature. So, iPage is same here with other three hosting companies.


The section “Number of visits” is actually for giving the idea of bandwidth. iPage wins in this feature because only it provides the unlimited bandwidth facility in its WordPress hosting plan.


And in the next section, iPage wins again because of providing an unlimited disk space. All the other hosting companies on the list come with a limitation regarding the feature of storage.


The last, but not the least feature that’s shown in the chart is the availability of MOJO Theme Marketplace. iPage has this whereas all the other 4 hosting companies lack this. iPage shouldn’t have compared their WordPress hosting plan according to this feature because the mother company of iPage is EIG (Endurance International Group) which owns MOJO Marketplace.


That means MOJO Marketplace is literally an own product of iPage, so the availability of this feature in any of the EIG’s hosting companies is most likely. Similarly, if a hosting company is outside of EIG, then it’s very unlikely to see that the company has MOJO Marketplace.


However, from the comparison chart, we have found that iPage offers so many exciting features that many other companies lack.


Verdict and your decision

Now, I’m on the verge of this review. I’ll have to end the review with a neutral rating and I know that you’re waiting to see the rating.


So without any further ado, I’m gonna rate the WordPress hosting plan of iPage right now.


I’ll rate it with a 4-star rating and I didn’t do it generously. If I had done this, then I would have rated the hosting plan with a 4.5-star.

visit ipage

Now, it’s your turn to be a reviewer like me because before using any hosting pack, you should review it from your own angles.


Wish you get a decent WordPress hosting pack for hosting your site.

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