iPage Vs SiteGround ~ There Might Be a Great Fight

Here in this post, I’ll show you iPage Vs SiteGround – comparison between the two web hosting companies.


iPage and SiteGround are two renowned web hosting companies.


So, it’s very hard to determine which one web hosting company is better.

ipage or siteground

You may be confused whether to use iPage or SiteGround whenever you wanna create your website.


I hope that after reading this comparison post, you’ll be able to take a wise decision when it comes to choosing a perfect web hosting company.


iPage Vs SiteGroud

Here are the features for the comparison of the 2 companies –


Testing the speed of a web hosting company is a great factor to check its performance. So, first of all, check the speeds of both the hosting companies.


The speed of SiteGround using the same tool that means the tool of PICKUPHOST is this –

speed of siteground

The speed of SiteGround

And the speed of iPage using the same tool is this –

ipage server speed

The speed of iPage

You can see that the speed difference between the hosting companies is around 90 ms. So, iPage performs better than SiteGround when it comes to their speed.


That means the winner of this part is iPage.


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Server type

Both the web hosting companies offer only the Linux-based hosting packs.


So, we can’t compare the web hosting companies with this feature.


As a result, the result is a tie between them. 



I always feel very happy to talk about the iPage Essential Hosting Plan because it’s very cheap after having a whopping discount on the hosting pack.


The usual price of the hosting pack is $10.95 per month, though you’ll get it just for $1.9 after having a whopping discount of 81 – 83%.


So, regarding the cost-effectiveness, it’s very hard to defeat iPage because its powerful hosting pack is now selling at a very low rate.


On the other hand, SiteGround also comes with a whopping discount where you can get the starter shared hosting pack just at $3.95 per month.


So, you can see that iPage will be the winner of this part at times of comparing their prices.


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Disk space

iPage knows the importance of the storage for a website, so it provides an unlimited amount of disk space with its starting hosting plan whereas SiteGround isn’t so much generous regarding providing its web space. It provides 10 GB of space in the starter pack.


So, the winner is iPage for sure.


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You don’t know when your website needs more data transfer, so iPage provides an unlimited bandwidth facility with its Essential Hosting Plan. And, in the case of SiteGround’s starter pack, the bandwidth is limited to 10,000 visits per month.


So, comparing between the unlimited and the limited feature of bandwidth, we must award iPage as the winner.


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Website builder

iPage provides a website builder and there’s a free plan available with the tool that can design the first 6 pages of a site. SiteGround has also a free website builder.


So, we can conclude that both the companies come to a tie in this part.


Learn more about iPage website builder here.


Control panel

vDeck is the control panel provided with all the hosting packs of iPage. This means that you’ll have to be unhappy if your goal is to use cPanel as your website’s management tool.


In this regard, SiteGround will make you happy because it offers cPanel. So, SiteGround has become the winner in this part.


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Money back guarantee

iPage has an obvious 30-day money back guarantee for different types of its hosting packs.


On the other hand, SiteGround has also a 30-day money back guarantee in all of its shared hosting packs, but this refund offer isn’t that obvious.


So, you can see that both the companies have a draw on the basis of the money-back guarantee.


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Final verdict

Now, it’s time to check who actually won the battle of providing different web hosting services.


To decide the winner of this comparison, I’ll have to check the parts and the maximum parts’ winner.


I’ve brought eight different parts in order to compare the hosting companies.


iPage won in four of the parts where SiteGround did it in only one of the parts. Both the companies made a tie in the rest of the three parts.


So, here we can consider iPage as the winner of this comparison.

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