iPage Vs HostGator ~ Have Found Out the Winner Here

This comparison post is all about iPage Vs HostGator.


HostGator is a powerful web hosting company that’s regardless to say. On the other hand, iPage is such a hosting company that can dare to compete with HostGator.


Read the post in order to learn which web hosting company should be a perfect choice for starting your website.

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iPage Vs HostGator


The first factor for comparing the web hosting companies is the speed. So, check the speed of both the companies and see which one wins over another.


To do the tests, I’ve used PICKUPHOST’s speed testing tool in both the cases.


Here’s the speed test result for iPage –

ipage server speed

The speed of iPage

And HostGator comes with the following speed –

58ms speed

The speed of HostGator

Here, you can see that the speed of iPage is much better than that of HostGator.


So, we can conclude that iPage has won the battle of the speed test.


Server type

iPage only has the Linux-based hosting packs whereas HostGator has both the Linux and the Windows-based hosting packs.


In this regard, HostGator is much better than iPage.


So, HostGator is the winner in this part.

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Comparing the uptime of two hosting companies is another great way of knowing which one is better.

uptime of hostgator

uptime of ipage

From the above records of uptime of both the hosting companies, we can see that iPage wins over HostGator.


This means that iPage is the winner in this part.



iPage has a backup feature which isn’t free. So, you’ll have to spend a little amount of money for having this important feature with your hosting pack.


HostGator’s hosting packs also don’t come with any free backup service, though you can have the option of buying one as per your need.


So, the result comes in a tie. 



iPage has a lot of support options like phone, ticket submission, live chat, emailing etc. All of the support options are very effective in contacting one of the support staffs of iPage within a very short time.

fabulous support team of hostgator

HostGator is also a good hosting company that takes care of its customers’ queries and concerns. Thus they provide a 24/7/365 support through which any of you can connect with the support team of them.


So, we can’t bring any of the hosting companies as the winner regarding the matter of support. That means the result is a draw. 



iPage is very cost effective when it comes to hosting on its shared hosting pack. The name of the shared hosting pack of iPage is the iPage Essential Hosting Plan which costs at a cheap discounted price.


You’ll see that the discount is available at the time of your first purchase of the hosting pack. Now, it’s costing only $1.9 per month, but the actual price of the pack is $10.95 per month.


This means that you can save a lot of money starting your website on iPage.


On the other hand, the starter plan of HostGator is named as the Hatchling plan that costs $3.95 now after a whopping discount.


So, we can easily conclude that iPage wins the battle of pricing by offering lower fees than HostGator. 


Number of domains per hosting account

iPage gives you the room for hosting as many websites as you want in its Essential Plan whereas the comparable hosting pack of HostGator called the Hatchling Plan has the capacity to host only 1 website.


So, the winner of this feature is iPage. 


Website builder

Both iPage and HostGator come with the same website builder that allows you to design a site up to 6 pages for free.


So, there’s no way of comparing the hosting companies according to the feature of the website builder.


That means the result is a draw. 


Disk space

iPage is very smart when it comes to providing the disk space with its web hosting packs. Yes, the starting hosting plan provides an unlimited storage facility.


All of the hosting packs of HostGator the unlimited storage feature.


So, we can determine a draw here. 



Like the disk space, the bandwidth of iPage hosting pack is also unlimited. HostGator goes the same way as iPage in this feature because you’ll get an unlimited amount of bandwidth in all the hosting plans of HostGator.


So, here’s another tie again.


Free domain

iPage offers a free domain with its hosting pack. This is available only for the first year. So, from the next year of using your domain, you’ll have to pay for it.


On the other hand, you should know that Hostgator is notorious for not providing any free domain feature.


So, regarding a free domain with the hosting pack, iPage defeats HostGator. 


Control panel

iPage provides its own vDeck control panel which is quite prevalent in most of the EIG Group’s hosting companies.


HostGator provides the cPanel, so you can expect a better website management due to having the great control panel.


So, I’m considering HostGator as the winner of this part because of its cPanel.


1-Click installer

The 1-click installer provided with the hosting packs of iPage is MOJO Marketplace. This isn’t as handy as Softaculous though you can carry on the task of your installation without any problem using the tool.


On the other hand, the 1-click installer of HostGator is QuickInstall.


Since Softaculous is more popular than QuickInstall, we should consider iPage as the winner of this feature. 



Though iPage comes with a fully integrated security suite, Hostgator completely lacks this feature.


So, the winner of this part is iPage.  

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Types of hosting packs

HostGator is smarter than iPage here regarding the types of hosting packs that they provide. This is because HostGator offers 2 more types of hosting packs than iPage does.


Yes, iPage provides neither the cloud nor the reseller hosting and both of these types of hosting plans are provided by HostGator.


So, the winner of this game is HostGator without any doubt. 


Money back guarantee

iPage has 30 days period for the money-back guarantee and during the period, you can claim your money back if you’re not satisfied with their hosting services.


On the other hand, HostGator has a longer money back period than iPage. Yes, the hosting company provides 45 days for the money-back guarantee.


So, HostGator will get more preference since it gives more time for the money-back option. As a result, HostGator is the winner here.


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Final verdict

This is the final part of this comparison post where I’ll mention the name of the winner. So, let’s check it out who wins this battle of two hosting companies.


There are 16 parts in total which have been brought for the comparison. Now, we’ll have to check what’s the exact results of those parts.


iPage won in 8 of the parts

HostGator won in 4 of the parts

Draw in 4 parts


So, the statistics show that iPage has become the winner of this great battle. Still, you should check which of the features of a hosting company you need badly.


If you see that your required features are better in HostGator than iPage, then you shouldn’t mind choosing the hosting company to host your site.


Similarly, consider iPage as the hosting company of your site if you feel that the features where iPage has won are essential for you.

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