iPage Vs GoDaddy ~ Who Knows Which One is Better

Today, iPage Vs GoDaddy will be discussed.


Comparing a web hosting company with another might be a daunting task though I’ve been doing this for many days as to let you know which web hosting company wins over another.


This will help you to pick up a decent hosting company for your website.


So, this is gonna be a great battle between GoDaddy and iPage. Let’s see who becomes the winner of this fight or there might be a tie between the companies too.


iPage Vs GoDaddy

Now, I’ll start comparing iPage and GoDaddy on the basis of some important features that are very crucial for running a site.


Using the PICKUPHOST’s speed testing tool, here’s the speed of iPage –

ipage server speed

The speed of iPage

On the other hand, here’s the speed of GoDaddy using the Bitcatcha’s server speed checker –

speed of godaddy

The speed of GoDaddy

Here, you can see that iPage has only one score whereas the GoDaddy’s speeds are there depending on different locations.


Note that the speed of iPage was got using the server location as the US, so here, we should compare the US’s server speed for both the companies.


iPage’s speed is 9 ms and the speed of GoDaddy is 11 ms. That means the speeds are very close to one another.


So, iPage wins the speed test battle with a little difference.


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Types of server

iPage only has the Linux-based hosting packages, but GoDaddy has both the Windows and the Linux-based hosting packs.


So, the winner of this part is GoDaddy since it has varieties of types of servers.

Server response time

This is a great way of checking whether your hosting’s server is working normally or not. You can use Google’s PageSpeed Insights in order to check this.

pagespeed insights

I’ve tested 2 sites with the tool and the result was all the same. Here’s the common result of my tests –

server response time is okay

If there were any issue with the server response time, then it would have detected here.



GoDaddy has a great support team that can be connected to the phone call, joining the community, and live chatting.

GoDaddy chat

On the other hand, iPage is comparable with GoDaddy when it comes to providing the support to their customers. Yes, the live chat option of the company can take you to any of the support representatives of iPage in no time. If your concern isn’t that much serious, you can also contact them by using the ticket submission option.


So, we can be safe to announce a draw between the companies here. 



Now, I’ll compare the prices of the starting shared hosting packs of the 2 companies. Note that the starter plan of iPage now costs only $1.99 per month whereas GoDaddy’s shared hosting pack costs $3.99 monthly.


This means that iPage’s hosting pack is less costly than that of GoDaddy.


So, the winner of pricing is iPage for sure.


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iPage provides the backup service though it’s not free. The fee for the backup service of iPage costs a little, not it can be negligible.


Similarly, GoDaddy has a backup service that’s not free too.


So, there’s a tie between the 2 hosting companies.

Disk space

The disk space provided with the hosting pack of iPage is unlimited and this is also true for GoDaddy.


So, we can conclude a tie between the hosting companies. 



In the case of bandwidth, iPage also comes with an unlimited feature. On the other hand, there’s no need to worry about GoDaddy as the company also provides an unlimited amount of bandwidth for its hosting packs.


So, the comparison result comes to a tie. 


Free domain

Both iPage and GoDaddy have this awesome feature on their hosting packs. Yes, they offer a free domain when you buy their hosting packs on a yearly basis.

ipage domain registration

So, again, the result is a draw. 


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Website builder

The website builder of iPage has both the free and the premium plans. The free plan of the tool can design up to 6 pages of your site. So, if you wanna design more pages of your site, then you’ll have to buy the premium plan of the tool.


GoDaddy also has a website builder that can be tried for free.


So, both the hosting companies go through a tie in this part. 


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Control panel

iPage doesn’t have the cPanel control panel, but you’ll get another powerful control panel called vDeck.


On the other hand, GoDaddy provides the most popular control panel. Yes, the hosting company allows their users to use cPanel as the control panel for their sites.


Since GoDaddy provides cPanel, we can consider it as the winner of this part.


1-Click installer

iPage doesn’t provide Softaculous though there’s the MOJO Marketplace comes with the hosting packs of the hosting company.


And GoDaddy has the 1-Click Install which is almost similar to other tools like this one.


So, both the companies come to a tie. 


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iPage has a powerful security suite to protect the websites hosted on it. You can’t underestimate GoDaddy regarding this because this company also comes with 3 different security packs.


So, the only result of this part is a draw between the hosting companies.


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Money back guarantee

iPage provides 30 days of the money-back period. This is long enough to test the hosting services of the company.


On the other hand, GoDaddy gives a longer period of time for the same purpose. Yes, the company provides the whopping 45 days as the money-back period.


So, GoDaddy is the winner of this part for sure. 


Final Verdict

This is the final part which will let you know the final verdict. Now, I’ll find out the winner of this comparison by counting several things.


I’ve compared the hosting companies according to 13 parts in total.

iPage has won in 3 of the parts

GoDaddy has won in 3 of the parts

Both the companies have gone through a draw in 7 of the parts

visit i page

So, we can see that overall, there comes a draw between the 2 hosting companies. This result is expected because both the companies are very popular in terms of providing different domain and hosting services.

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