iPage Vs eHost: Comparison Between Two Fine Web Hosting

In this post, you’ll learn about iPage Vs eHost.


It’s regardless to say that iPage has been providing a lot of exciting hosting related services for its customers for many years.


Also, eHost has become a powerful name in the hosting industry.


This post will reveal the winner when it comes to providing different hosting services to their customers.


So, read the post and check which web hosting company wins over the other one.


iPage Vs eHost

Now, I’ll compare the hosting companies on the basis of different features and benefits.


So, let’s jump into the main comparison parts now.


Good to read this iPage Hosting review in order to learn more about iPage.



I’m starting the comparison with the speeds of the hosting companies.


Here’s the speed of iPage –

ipage server speed

The speed of iPage

This is a cool speed and there’s no reason for neglecting its blazingly fast speedy server.


On the other hand, here’s the speed of eHost –

speed of ehost

The speed of eHost

The server speed of eHost isn’t that bad, but you can’t compare it with the speed of iPage.


Note that I’ve used PICKUPHOST’s speed testing tool to check the server speed of eHost and iPage.


Here, you can see that the speed of iPage is very fast which is 9 ms and the speed of eHost is 39 ms. This proves that iPage is much faster than eHost at the time of comparing their speeds.


So, it’s regardless to say that which hosting company has won the battle of the speed test, it’s iPage for sure.


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Server type

iPage only has the Linux-based server, so you won’t find any Windows-based server in the hosting company.


eHost also goes along with the same road of iPage in this part.


So, we can consider a tie between the two hosting companies in this comparison. 


Disk space

The shared hosting pack of iPage has the unlimited storage feature and eHost also comes up with an unlimited disk space.


So, the result is a draw between the companies when it comes to comparing the disk space allocated by the hosting companies.


Here’s another comparison post where iPage has been fought with GoDaddy: iPage Vs GoDaddy



The bandwidth of iPage shared hosting is also unlimited. Like the storage, the bandwidth provided with the hosting packs of eHost is unlimited too.


So, there’s no way of comparing the hosting companies according to the feature of bandwidth allocation. That means the result is a tie again.


Free domain

Yes, iPage comes with a free domain with its shared hosting plan. On the other hand, eHost won’t disappoint you in this regard. You’ll get a free domain with the hosting packs of eHost too.


So, the result is a draw between the companies once again.


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Monitoring the uptime of two web hosting companies and comparing them is a great way of judging the performance of the companies.


So, in this part, I’ll show you the uptime records of both the companies.


Here are the uptime records of eHost –

February 2017: 99.9%

March 2017: 99%

April 2017: 99.5%


Note that I’ve never hosted any of my blogs on eHost, so I had to request one of my friends to record the uptime of the company. This is because she hosts two of her sites on eHost.


On the other hand, the uptime records of iPage are here:

February 2017: 99.6%

March 2017: 99.7%

April 2017: 99%


These records were recorded by me because I run one of my blogs on iPage.


You can see that both the hosting companies provide good uptime, but it wasn’t very exciting though.


So, we can consider a draw here.


Update: The uptime of both the web hosting companies has improved a lot in 2018, but I can’t show any of the uptime records for this year right now (I’m a little bit lazy! Sorry).


1-Click installer

MOJO Marketplace is the 1-click installer of iPage. This control panel is very handy when you need to install any script for a site.


eHost doesn’t have any 1-click installer, so you shouldn’t expect to have one for the purpose of installing.


So, the winner of this part is iPage. 

visit i page


You have good news because iPage has a complete security suite which is solely for protecting your site from malicious attacks.


eHost has no such suite for giving the ultimate security for your site.


Note that the security of your site should be given the number one priority because without securing your website, you can’t do well in your business.


For this, iPage is my recommended hosting here.


So, iPage defeats eHost regarding this feature. 


Types of hosting packs

iPage has several types of hosting packs. It has one shared hosting pack and multiple VPS, dedicated, and WordPress hosting packs.


The hosting company lacks cloud and reseller hosting packs which might be a great disappointing factor to you if you are one of the seekers of these kinds of hosting packs.


On the other hand, eHost comes up with only a few shared hosting packs.


So, iPage is undoubtedly the winner of this part even though it lacks some types of hosting packs. 


Money back guarantee

There’s the 30-day money guarantee in any of the iPage hosting plans. eHost provides the same time as the money-back period.


So, there’s no winner in this part, that means the result is a draw. 


Final Verdict

This is the part where I’ll reveal the name of the winning hosting company. There are 10 features mentioned in this comparison where I compared both the hosting companies.


Now, let me find the winner.


iPage has won in three of the compared features

eHost has won in zero of the features

In seven of the features, both the hosting companies have made a tie


So, the overall winner of the competition is iPage.


Over to you

Now that you’ve come to know different features of both the web hosting companies, you can take your wise decision at the time of hosting your website.


I hope that you could choose the suitable hosting for your site.

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