iPage Vs DreamHost ~ Check the In-Depth Comparison

There’s no need to talk about the greatness of iPage and DreamHost web hosting companies. Both of the companies provide quality hosting services.


But have you ever thought which hosting company provides better services? This post is all about showing the differences between iPage and DreamHost.


So, read the comparison and decide which hosting company to choose from the 2.


iPage Vs DreamHost

So, let’s start comparing the hosting companies according to different features.



Comparing the speed of different hosting companies is a great determinant to find out the decent ones. So, I try to show the server speed of the hosting companies when I go to show their difference.


Here’s the server speed of iPage which was tested using the tool of PICKUPHOST –

ipage server speed

The speed of iPage

Using the same tool, DreamHost’s speed was –

speed of dreamhost

The speed of DreamHost

From the speed test, you can easily say that iPage is faster than DreamHost. So, the speed test winner is iPage.


Server type

Neither iPage nor DreamHost has the Windows-based hosting packs. So, both of the hosting companies come with the Linux-based hosting packs.


That means, in this part, both the companies go through a tie. 


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iPage has a good support team that’s always ready to respond to their customers. They have the live chat, phone, and ticket submission options. Using these communication methods, you can easily connect with the support team of iPage.



The backup service of iPage isn’t free, so if you wanna use the service, you’ll have to pay for it.



If we talk about the starter plan’s pricing of iPage, then we’ll have to be amazed by seeing the awesome cheap pricing.


The Essential plan of iPage is the starter and the only shared hosting plan of the company. It costs only $1.99 per month because of having a whopping 81% discount.


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Disk space

The starter plan of iPage that means the Essential Plan offers an unlimited amount of storage facility.



Like the disk space, the bandwidth provided by iPage is also unmetered. This means that your website can transfer as much data as it needs if it’s hosted on iPage.


Free domain

iPage comes with a free domain for the first year of its hosting purchase. On the other hand, DreamHost doesn’t have any free domain registration feature.


In this regard, iPage is better than DreamHost.


Website builder

iPage has a website builder that comes with both free and premium. The free version of the builder gives you the room for designing the first 6 pages of your site.


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Control panel

The control panel provided with the hosting packs of iPage is vDeck. vDeck is good enough for controlling a website though you can’t dare to compare this control panel with cPanel.


On the other hand, the control panel of DreamHost is its hand-rolled control panel. That means we can’t compare the hosting companies according to the feature of providing control panels.


Money back guarantee

iPage comes with a 30-day money back guarantee which is enough though DreamHost has a whopping 97 days for the same purpose. So, we can surely consider a win for DreamHost regarding the money-back guarantee.


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1-Click installer

iPage has the MOJO Marketplace as the 1-click installer. This is a good installer. On the other hand, DreamHost has the power of One-click installs.


Since, both the companies provide a 1-click installer other than the most popular tool, Softaculous, we can conclude a drew here.


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So, this is the comparison between the hosting companies.

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