iPage Vs Bluehost ~ Finding Out the Winner Between the 2

Let’s check out the fight of iPage Vs Bluehost.


Choosing a perfect web hosting company for your site might be a daunting task if you’re a beginner.


There are thousands of web hosting companies to choose from and from the skyscraping list, you’ll have a hard time finding out your preferred hosting company for sure.


But don’t worry as I’m consistently publishing hosting review and hosting comparison posts on a regular basis to make the task of choosing your hosting easy.


This post is on iPage Vs Bluehost to let you know which one hosting company wins over the other. By seeing the comparison of the hosting companies’ different specs, you could easily take your perfect decision about which one to choose.


iPage Vs Bluehost

You’ll be surprised to know that both the web hosting companies (Bluehost and iPage) are under the same group named Endurance International Group (EIG).


Both iPage and Bluehost have earned a great reputation by providing reliable web hosting services. Thus, when it comes to reliability, a beginner can easily take the services of any of the hosting companies.


Still, you should check some of the similarities and differences between the services of the two web hosting companies. This will give you a clear idea of how effective the hosting companies will be for running your website.


Here are the factors that you should check for the similarities and the variances –


First of all, check the server speed of the web hosting companies. I’ve already shown the speed of Bluehost in its review post.


In case you have forgotten the record or haven’t read the review, here’s the speed test result that I’m showing you again –

bluehost server speed test

server speed of bluehost

On the other hand, here’s the server speed test of iPage –

ipage speed test

ipage server speed

Fabulous! This speed is considered as the “Turbo” speed by the PICKUPHOST tool.

turbo speed

Note that I’ve used PICKUPHOST’s tool to check the server speed of both the hosting companies.


Here, you can see that the server speed of the companies is –

iPage: 9 ms

Bluehost: 48 ms


So, the speed of iPage is much better than that of Bluehost.


#Speed test winner: iPage


Server response time

In this part, I’ll test the server response time for both the hosting companies.


To do so, I’ll use 2 tools – one is Pingdom Speed Test and the other one is PageSpeed Insight.


So, let’s start with Pingdom Speed Test.


Here’s the test of iPage –

pingdom speed test for ipage

The load time is 1.23 seconds which is a good score indeed.


On the other hand, the Bluehost gave the following result –

pingdom speed test for bluehost

In this case, the load time is 1.57 seconds which is more than the load time of iPage.


You can also notice that the page size was more at the time of testing iPage’s load time.


Now, I’ll show you the speed of both the companies using PageSpeed Insights. I’m not going for the detailed elaboration of the test, so you’ll just see the message that I got from the tool.

server response time

This is the common test result that I got with both the hosting companies. If there were any issue with the server response time, then I would have got some suggestions to make that okay.


As you can see that “Your server responded quickly” message, there’s no issue with the server response time.


#Server response time winner: iPage


Server type

Both Bluehost and iPage have the Linux-based server.


None of the companies still has the Windows-based server for their hosting services.


So, if you’re a seeker of the Windows-based server, then both the companies will disappoint you.


#Server type winner: Draw as both of the servers are Linux-based. 


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Maybe you have already seen the uptime of Bluehost in its review post. Here’s the uptime record of the server of Bluehost –

uptime of bluehost

So, the uptime of this hosting company is very promising.


On the other hand, the uptime of iPage hasn’t been mentioned in the iPage review, but now I’m showing the recent uptime record for a couple of months.


Here are the results –

February 2017: 99.6%

March 2017: 99.7%

April 2017: 99%


The uptime record of iPage is also good, but the uptime of Bluehost was better.


#Uptime winner: Bluehost



Backups secure your hard work and for this, the availability of this important feature is a sought after thing for many of you.


Yes, both iPage and Bluehost have the backups facilities. With iPage, you’ll have to pay a little amount of money to have this backup feature for your valuable content.


Bluehost offers a free backup service, though the premium backup isn’t free. In this case, I can tell you that you have the free backup option with Bluehost, but with iPage, there’s no free option for the service.


#Backups winner: Bluehost



A well-responsive support team is a must-have thing for a good hosting company that’s why most of the reliable web hosting companies try to have a support team ready for taking care of their customers’ queries and problems.


Bluehost has the phone, live chat, and ticket submission options for contacting their support team. The responsiveness of Bluehost support team is promising enough. In fact, Bluehost focuses a lot on their responsive support system.


iPage is also dedicated to replying to their customers’ queries in a timely manner, thus they have several options for contacting like the live chat, phone, and ticket submission. I’ve tested their support several times and I’ve no complaint at all.


#Support team winner: Draw


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Pricing (after discount)

Bluehost and iPage give a huge discount on all of their hosting plans. The starting shared hosting plan of iPage now sells at $1.99 per month after giving a whopping 81% discount. The regular price of the hosting plan is $10.95.


On the other hand, the discounted price of Bluehost’s starting shared hosting plan is $2.75 – $3.95 per month which regularly costs $7.99 per month.


So, here the cost of the starting plan of iPage is more (the regular price) than that of Bluehost though you’re getting that at a lower rate because of a huge discount.


One important thing to add here’s that you can buy iPage’s hosting pack for any period or year you want. That means you can buy the iPage starting plan for a year at $1.99 per month.


But in the case of Bluehost, you’ll have to buy their starting hosting plan for at least 3 years. So, the buying flexibility and the pricing of iPage’s hosting plan are better than those of Bluehost.


#Pricing winner: iPage


Disk space

Web space provided by a hosting company brings a great value to their users. So, you should need to know how much storage you’re getting in a hosting pack.


The starting hosting pack of iPage allows unlimited disk space whereas Bluehost’s starting hosting plan comes up with 50 GB of storage only.


Here, you can see a big difference between the 2 web hosting companies and iPage wins this battle for sure.


#Disk space winner: iPage



Both the web hosting companies allow unmetered bandwidth for their users. So, you can’t compare this service since both iPage and Bluehost are providing the same value.


#Bandwidth winner. Draw


Free domain (1st year)

Both iPage and Bluehost allow you to register a domain for free for the first year of your hosting purchase. So, there’s no dissimilarity in this service between the 2 hosting companies.


#Free domain winner: Draw


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Website builder

iPage provides its website builder for free up to the first 6 pages of your site whereas Bluehost has a full-free website builder.


I should say that if you’re gonna use WordPress, then the need for a website builder has little to zero. If you wanna use a website builder, then I would recommend Bluehost as its tool is free of cost.


It’s also notable that a premium website builder is better than a free one. So, you’ll again get better website building experience by using iPage’s premium website builder.


However, in the debate of free or premium, Bluehost wins here for sure.


#Website builder winner: Bluehost


Control panel

The control panel of a site is very important to manage the files and other things of it comfortably. Bluehost offers the industry-leading control panel, the cPanel.


So, your site controlling power using Bluehost is high enough.


iPage doesn’t allow you to use cPanel though you can use their vDeck control panel which is an alternative to cPanel.


It’s regardless to say that cPanel is easier to use than that of vDeck.


#Control Panel winner: Bluehost


1-Click installer

Using a 1-Click installer is very handy when it comes to installing your required scripts on your hosting.


iPage offers MOJO Marketplace which is the product of its parent company, EIG’s. Using MOJO Marketplace to install any scripts is easy enough though I prefer Softaculous the most.


On the other hand, Bluehost has its own 1-Click installer which isn’t that good like MOJO Marketplace.


#1-Click installer winner: iPage



Bluehost has no security suites and for this, your site won’t be scanned for finding any malware or something like this.


But iPage is very smart in this sense. They offer security suites that can scan and detect any sorts of threat that your site is having.


#Security winner: iPage


Number of domains per hosting

Many website owners want to run multiple sites on the same hosting pack, thus if your hosting pack offers multiple sites hosting, then that’s fine.


With Bluehost’s starting hosting pack, you can host up to 5 sites whereas iPage starting pack has the ability to host unlimited sites.


So, if your need is to host more than 5 sites on the same hosting pack, then buying the iPage Essential plan is the wisest decision.


#Winner in this part: iPage


Number of email accounts

You can use up to 5 email accounts on the starting hosting pack of Bluehost and on the starting pack of iPage, the number is unlimited.


So, if you wanna use hundreds of emails accounts with your domain name, then you should use iPage as it offers an unlimited number of emails accounts.


#Winner in this part: iPage


Number of databases

The number of databases is unlimited in both the hosting packs. So, here, you can’t compare this service of the 2 hosting companies.


#Winner in this part: Draw


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Types of hosting packs

Though this part may seem odd to this hosting comparison because this comparison is between the 2 shared hosting packs of iPage and Bluehost, you should learn about this to get a clear idea.


Bluehost had started their hosting services with only shared hosting though now they offer different shared, VPS, dedicated, and cloud hosting packs.


Learn about Bluehost Basic plan.


Bluehost has also an eCommerce web hosting plan.


iPage has shared, WordPress, VPS, and dedicated hosting plans, but it still doesn’t have any cloud hosting plan in its hosting services.


The winner in this part: Bluehost

eCommerce web hosting

Bluehost has its innovative eCommerce web hosting plan. This is a great idea to attract more and more customers those who wanna start selling their products online.


iPage also offers the online selling services with its starting hosting pack and it’s totally free of cost. Though Bluehost has the eCommerce hosting, iPage is better in this sense.


The reason is that iPage isn’t focusing this point and to use the online selling facilities, you don’t need to use another hosting plan.


#Winner in this part: iPage

visit i page

Money back guarantee

Both the web hosting companies offer a 30-day money back guarantee. So, you can praise both the companies for this awesome feature.


The winner in this part: Draw


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So, who wins?

After the long comparison between the services of iPage and Bluehost now is the time to conclude which hosting company won the battle.


It’s very tough to place any of the hosting companies in the first place because both of the companies offer loads of exciting features to their customers.


But due to reviewing different parts, we can recognize the winner hosting company. I’ve done the comparison using 20 parts in total.


In 6 of the parts, both iPage and Bluehost made a draw. In 9 of the parts, iPage won whereas, in 5 of the parts, Bluehost was the winner.


So, by counting the number of parts that a hosting company won, we can decide which of the web hosting companies is today’s winner.


iPage won: 9 parts

Bluehost won: 5 parts

Draw: 6 parts


So, the winner web hosting company is iPage. This doesn’t mean that iPage will do always better than Bluehost.


You’ll have to check all the parts and if you think that the parts where Bluehost won are very important to you, then you should use Bluehost as your site’s hosting provider.


Analyze the same way when it comes to choosing iPage. If you think that the 9 parts where iPage won are very important to you, then go for iPage without any hesitation.


In fact, both the web hosting companies are reliable enough to start your site on any of them.

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