iPage SSL Certificate Review ~ Protects from Info Theft

Do you know that iPage SSL certificate is quite necessary to keep your site safe?


Being a powerful web hosting company, iPage provides some types of SSL certificates.


You know the importance of using an SSL certificate on a website. So, you should learn about this great feature of iPage.


In this post, I’ll talk about the iPage SSL certificates.


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iPage SSL certificate

iPage has two types of SSL certificates where from you can choose one as per your need.


Here are the SSL certificates of iPage –

  1. Positive SSL certificate
  2. Extended Validation SSL certificate


To get the certificates, you’ll have to follow these steps –

  1. First of all, Visit iPage.
  2. After landing the homepage of the hosting company, go to the bottom of the site.
  3. You’ll see “E-Commerce” button there. Click on the button and it’ll open another page.
  4. Now, you’ll see the following options for SSL certificates –

ipage ssl certificates

Now, I’ll discuss each of the types of SSL certificates.


Positive SSL certificate

Here’s the Positive SSL certificate of iPage –

ipage positive ssl

You can buy this type of SSL on a yearly basis. There are options for buying it for the period of 1 and 3 years.


You can save some dollars by buying the SSL certificate for a longer period of time. Note that using an SSL certificate on your site can boost the rankings of your posts on Google SERPs. This is because Google has taken this feature as a ranking factor.


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Extended Validation SSL certificate

Here’s the Extended Validated SSL certificate of iPage –

ipage extended validated ssl

You can buy this type of SSL certificate the same way as the previous type of SSL. Yes, there are 3 options for the period of your purchase. You can buy it for 1 or 2 or 3 years.


The longer the period, the lower the fees of the SSL certificate. This type of SSL of iPage has some more benefits than the previous type of SSL. There is the enhanced e-commerce conversion facility with this SSL.


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Also, you’ll get to see the green bar as a trust indicator for your site if you use this type of SSL.


And finally, the ranking boost on Google is expected because the search giant wants to give more priority to those sites that are more secure for their visitors.


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