iPage Shared Hosting Review ~ One of the Popular Plans

Many of you may be confused about iPage shared hosting pack. This is because iPage doesn’t name its shared hosting pack in the name of shared hosting.


Yes, you’ll see that there’s the Essential Hosting Plan shown on the homepage of iPage. In fact, this is the shared hosting pack of the hosting company.

ipage essential plan

And there’s only one shared hosting pack of iPage which is different from most hosting companies. The reason is that most companies come with multiple shared hosting packs. However, the only shared hosting pack of iPage is quite powerful and full of awesome features.


So, you’re not likely to seek any other hosting pack if you check the iPage shared hosting.


In this post, I’ll talk about this hosting plan of iPage.


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iPage Shared Hosting Plan

So, you have come to know about the shared hosting plan and now is the time to mention the notable features of the company.


So, check the exciting features of iPage’s shared hosting pack now.


Unlimited storage and bandwidth. The shared hosting pack of iPage is very cool because the storage and bandwidth of it are unlimited.


Unlimited domains, emails, and databases. The coolness of the hosting pack is more because you can host an unlimited number of domains, databases, and emails on it.


Free domain with the hosting pack. Having a free domain for the first year of purchasing a shared hosting is a trend of most hosting companies. iPage doesn’t go oppositely because it provides a free domain with its shared hosting pack.


An easy to use control panel. The control panel of iPage is vDeck. You may feel disappointing by hearing this name, but you should know that this control panel can dare to compete with cPanel.


1-Click installer for quick installs. iPage has the MOJO Marketplace as its 1-click installer which is available on the shared hosting plan of the company. The tool can easily install any of your required scripts for your website.


Website Builder with a free plan. You can use a website builder with any hosting plan of iPage. So, the shared hosting pack has also the tool.


Also, the iPage website builder can be used for free. Yes, the starter plan comes free using which you can build the first 6 pages of your site.


Responsive support team. Typically, if a hosting company has a good support team, then the reflection of the good support team comes to any of the hosting packs of the company.


Since iPage has a great support team, you can expect good responses to your queries even when you’re using the shared hosting plan of the hosting company.


Long enough money-back period. iPage provides enough time to justify the services of the shared hosting pack. Yes, you’ll get 30 days for as the money-back period.


So, these are the notable features of the shared hosting plan of iPage. One drawback of the hosting pack is that there are no free SSL certificates come with it. Don’t worry as you can buy them directly from iPage.

discount on ipage essential hosting plan

Lastly, I think that you’ll love the hosting pack as it provides a lot of exciting features.

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